Experiencing Bataan with the HONOR 90

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One of the hottest new phones in the market today is the HONOR 90 5G. It’s the latest phone in HONOR’s N Series of phones whose main feature is its 200MP Flagship Camera.

While I did enjoy taking photos of a lot of things with it, I had a lot more fun taking photos and videos during our Bataan trip for the HONOR 90 launch! I wasn’t able to share those photos in my full review, so I decided to share them here! I’ll also share even more thoughts on how the overall camera experience is for me. Without further ado, here are the photos!

Click on the photos for full resolution versions!

A Small Aside for the Front Camera

I know it’s weird to start with selfies, but I just wanna highlight the fact that it’s nice to have a 50MP front camera. This is usually the camera that gets less love than the others, but HONOR really gave more attention to it on the HONOR 90. I didn’t take a lot of selfies with the front camera though since you couldn’t put the watermark on photos taken with the front camera. (Just add it in the next update, HONOR! It’s not that hard to do…)

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Thanks to this phone’s 200MP camera, I was able to capture decent zoom photos at 2x and 5x. While it doesn’t really boast an “in-sensor lossless zoom”, it still does a good job to let you see things you normally wouldn’t be able to see. (Don’t get any ideas!)

That High-Res Mode!

HONOR 90 Experiencing Bataan - High-Res Mode

When you feel like capturing as much detail as possible, you can use the Hi-Res Mode of the HONOR 90 5G. While the dynamic range takes a hit, you can take advantage of the full 200 megapixel photo. Zooming into that high resolution with no hit on the detail is possible here. You can check below for another photo of the same scene but using the normal mode.

HONOR 90 Experiencing Bataan - High-Res Mode Comparison

A Focus on Low Light

HONOR 90 Experience Bataan - Low Light

As I mentioned in the start of this post, the Bataan trip was for the launch of the phone itself! I didn’t take a whole lot of photos using the phone, but I did manage to take some photos after the launch.

What really surprised me was the quality of the low light shot using the 12MP ultrawide camera. Its dynamic range may be different than the main camera, but I honestly thinks it looks just as good! The better quality and dynamic range of the 200MP main camera really shows though.

The main camera can struggle if there isn’t much light though. It crucially does not have OIS, meaning it couldn’t hold the shutter for longer to bring in more light. (A weird omission, to be honest.) I thought the photo below was shot with the ultrawide camera, but it was just a blurry photo from the main camera.

HONOR 90 - Night Shot with Less Lights
Another night shot from the 200MP main camera

A More Detailed Morning View

HONOR 90 Camera Test - Morning View
Shot using the 12MP ultrawide camera

Had some time to kill before the morning activities of Day 2 began, so I took some photos of the scenery inside La Jolla. If you give the HONOR 90 enough light, it’ll give you really good results! Even the shot above taken from the 12MP ultrawide camera has more detail than other phones using an 8MP ultrawide camera.

More of the Outdoors

Day 2 was a really heavy day outdoors and the sun was very generous with its light! Here are more photos during the outdoor activities:

Beach, Please

It was during the chill beach moments leading to the sunset where I had the most fun using the HONOR 90. Having all that detail in my disposal helped me take a lot of good shots of the sunset, among other things.

All in all, I really really enjoyed using the HONOR 90 and experiencing Bataan through the lens of HONOR’s latest upper-midrange phone. If you want one for yourself, it can be yours for P24,990. It’s available offline in HONOR Experience Stores and authorized retailers nationwide. If you prefer buying phones online, you can get one at HONOR’s official online stores in Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.

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