MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ Now Official

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Building on what the Dimensity 9300 started, MediaTek launched its latest flagship mobile chip in its Dimensity portfolio: the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+. It offers increased clock speeds for better raw performance. This chip also accelerates on-device generative AI processing thanks to having a broader support for LLMs.

“The Dimensity 9300+ will help us continue to build a rich ecosystem of generative AI applications thanks to the chip’s broad LLM support and on-device LoRA Fusion. To enhance these AI experiences, the Dimensity 9300+ offers impressive performance and enhancements to speed up LLM inference, running tokens much faster for a better user experience.”

JC Hsu, Corporate Senior Vice President at MediaTek

Enhanced for Generative AI

Like its predecessor, the Dimensity 9300+ features 4 Arm Cortex-X4 cores and 4 Cortex-A720 cores. The difference is that the fastest Cortex-X4 core goes up to an operating frequency of 3.4 GHz. Another standout difference is MediaTek’s new NeuroPilot Speculative Decode Acceleration technology found in the chip’s APU 790 AI engine. This AI engine supports large language models (LLMs) with up to 13 billion parameters and can scale up to 33 billion parameters!

Improved Ray Tracing

In terms of graphics performance, MediaTek uses its 2nd-generation hardware ray tracing engine with the Arm Immortalis-G720 GPU. This combination offers fast ray tracing experiences at 60 fps along with “console-grade” global illumination effects. The MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ also uses a host of MediaTek’s latest HyperEngine technologies for next-level gaming experiences.

Better Imaging Capabilities

The Dimensity 9300+ features the MediaTek Imagiq 990 ISP that offers 18-bit RAW processing. This enables users to take even better photos and videos, especially in low-light environments. Its built-in AI Semantic Analysis Video Engine supports advanced AI videography features for better video capture with reduced noise, increased brightness, and better color reproduction.

This chip also features MediaTek’s MiraVision 990, which has advanced AI depth engine technologies to enhance smartphone content.  

Great for Various AI Applications

With the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+, you can run a wide range of AI applications such as:

  • Support for on-device LoRA Fusion and NeuroPilot LoRA Fusion 2.0 so developers can quickly bring to market new generative AI applications with text, images, music, and more.
  • Support for the latest LLMs including 01.AI Yi-Nano, Alibaba Cloud Qwen, Baichuan AI, ERNIE-3.5-SE, Google Gemini Nano, and Meta Llama 2 and Llama 3.
  • ExecuTorch Delegation for ecosystem deployed on-device inferencing.

The Latest in Cellular Connectivity

Being part of the Dimensity lineup of chips, the Dimensity 9300+ includes a 5G R16 modem designed with AI situational awareness. The modem supports 4CC-CA Sub-6GHz with up to 7Gbps downlink.

To know more about the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+, check out the product page on MediaTek’s website.
For more information on the Dimensity line of chips, head over to https://i.mediatek.com/mediatek-5g.

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