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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) showcases the exceptional skills of Filipino gamers. Infinix has partnered with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) to support these players by providing high-performance gaming phones. Following the success of the Infinix NOTE Series in MPL-PH Season 11, the Infinix GT Series has generated excitement among gamers. The GT 10 Pro served as the official tournament phone for MPL-PH Season 13. Now, Infinix introduces the GT 20 Pro, designed for aspiring gamers seeking a professional experience for under P16,000.

The Official Tournament Phone of MPL Philippines

In MPL Philippines Season 13, professional players used the Infinix GT 10 Pro, delivering outstanding performances in MLBB. Infinix continues to innovate with the GT 20 Pro, a powerful gaming device tested rigorously for hardware, performance, and daily use by pro players. These tests, conducted by the Infinix GT Gaming Lab, ensure the device meets MLBB standards, optimizing the gameplay experience for all users.

Featuring a Dual-Chipset Architecture

Infinix GT 20 Pro - Cyber Mecha Design

The Infinix GT 20 Pro features a dual-chipset architecture. This includes the 4nm Dimensity 8200 Ultimate Processor with 24GB RAM and the X5 Turbo, a dedicated gaming display chipset. This combination ensures a stable frame rate, enhancing gameplay significantly. Its 6.78-inch 120FPS HD display offers a stable frame rate. This allows players to react quickly to enemy attacks and enjoy detailed visuals in the MLBB environment.

Tests from the Infinix GT Gaming Lab show the GT 20 Pro maintains an average FPS above 120 and a response delay under 55ms, minimizing lag. After extended gaming sessions, the device’s temperature remains at a safe 42.3 degrees Celsius. Players can activate eSports Mode and enjoy the immersive JBL sound system. With eSports Mode, you can ensure uninterrupted gameplay with enhanced resources for MLBB plays.

GT 20 Pro Coming to PH Soon

Priced under P16,000, the Infinix GT 20 Pro is a fast pro-level gaming phone. It enables players to showcase their skills in every match. These impressive specs allow gamers to play MLBB comfortably and confidently. The Infinix GT Series, including the GT 20 Pro, served as the official tournament phone series for MPL Season 13, solidifying its reputation for outstanding gaming performance.

The GT 20 Pro officially launches on June 10. To stay updated, follow the Infinix Philippines Facebook page and Community page.

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