macOS High Sierra Announced!

Besides iOS 11, Apple also announced the newest version of their desktop operating system at WWDC 2017. It focuses more on refinements to the Mac experience and technologies that set us up for the future of computing. Apple appropriately (or inappropriately?) calls it macOS High Sierra!

macos high sierra intro

Here are some things that YOU need to know about the latest version of macOS:

Now on macOS: APFS and HEVC!

You may be wondering right now. WHAT ON EARTH ARE APFS and HEVC? How can they help make my Mac experience better? Well, I’m here to explain both of them to you!

For many years, Apple adopted HFS+ or the Hierarchical File System Plus in the Mac and iOS devices. The problem is that most of those devices have SSD or flash storage inside. In order to make better use of flash storage, Apple decided to create a new file system called the Apple File System. It’s also known as APFS. Despite it feeling a bit intimidating, it actually helps in making your Mac or iOS device faster and more efficient.

If you were able to install iOS 10.3 earlier this year, then you’re already reaping the benefits of APFS. I’m sure you’ve seen people jumping for joy because they gained some free space. This, for me, is the biggest advantage of APFS over the previous technology.

Since videos and images are getting heavier and more feature-rich, Apple also wants to move forward with the next generation with the HEVC technology. HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding and it mainly helps in reducing the file size of photos and videos.

Also know that this technology is also available as part of iOS 11!

Metal 2 Brings VR to the Mac!

When people think of virtual reality, they always think of PCs and Windows. They really shrug off Macs as a viable virtual reality platform. It didn’t help that Apple ignored this section of the industry for a long period of time.

In macOS High Sierra, Apple adds support for Virtual Reality development thanks to Metal 2! It helps in better access to the GPU in Macs. With support for external GPUs (or eGPUs), MacBook Pros can also join the party!

App Refinements Galore!

I’m sure you got tired of all those tech mumbo-jumbo that I’ve been saying through most of this post. Don’t worry! macOS High Sierra also has refinements for some of the apps that you use everyday!

One example is the plethora of improvements to the Photos app! You can now have external editors of Photos such as Pixelmator and Photoshop. You can also edit Live Photos to have looping effects!

Another example is Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari which helps in blocking those pesky site trackers! Now you are sure that privacy is taken care of by macOS itself.

Despite the number of things I mentioned here, there are still MORE that macOS High Sierra has to offer! You can head on over to Apple’s preview page for more details on some of these features and more!

Are you excited for this new version of macOS? Let me know in the comments down below!

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