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TechBytes is a weekly dose of tech news gathered into one post! I will be putting articles that I’ve written from the past few days, related articles from various sites in the web, and tech videos! Since I was too busy doing a normal TechBytes, I decided to do something different. Here’s the TechBytes Supersized Edition!

Top Stories

madebygoogle pixel phone

Pixel Review Roundup

The Google Pixel came out last week. Before people got their hands on it, reviews from different news sites were released. Most reviewers praised Google’s Apple-like move and the Pixel’s camera. Some reviewers are not pleased with the Google Assistant and even the camera. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Google comes up with next. If this is the phone that Google builds its foundation on, then I think we may have a company who gives Apple a run for its money.

techbytes supersized edition nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch!

After more than a year of teasing it out, Nintendo has released a 3-minute video of their newest console: the Switch! It’s a handheld/home console hybrid that does a lot when you need it to. If you just wanna play at home, you can use the “JoyCon” grip with the two JoyCon controllers. If you want it to be a handheld console, you can remove the Switch from its dock and attach the JoyCon controllers. Long story short, it can do many things. You can just watch the video below and see it for yourself. If you need to know more, look at this article from The Verge.


techbytes supersized edition mi mix

Smartphones these days are boring. They now have a common shape and a common feature set. It’s hard to please current and new customers now. Good thing this phone popped up. The Mi MIX is basically a smartphone concept that is made into reality. This is no joke, guys. This phone has a 6.4″ screen but the body just has the size of an iPhone 7 Plus or a Pixel XL. It’s INSANE! A phone with 91.3% screen-to-body ratio? This is unheard of in the smartphone world before.

Here’s a video from a very famous YouTuber for more about it: (You’ll know who when you watch it.)

If you’re more in the wordy side of things, check out this article from Ars Technica showing more about the Mi MIX.

New MacBook Pro Leaked!

techbytes supersized edition macbook pro

In case you live under a rock, Apple has an event on October 27th. It’s insane to me that something this major gets leaked! We actually get a look at the new MacBook Pro with the “Dynamic Function Row” and apparently, a Touch ID sensor! I just hope we get more than just a customized OLED touch bar and a tweaked design. You can do better than this, Apple! Go for it!

By the way, here’s what to expect from that October 27 event. Hoping for more Macs, Apple.

Featured Podcasts

techbytes supersized edition blogger banters

In the newest episode of Blogger Banters, we get all crazy about what happened during our weeks. You may also notice that we eat a lot during this. We look back at what we did and look forward to what’s coming.

techbytes madebygoogle ctrl-walt-delete

On the latest episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete, Nilay Patel and Walt Mossberg talk at length about their reviews on the Google Pixel and how it now affects the whole smartphone landscape.


In the newest Vergecast, Nilay and a bunch of people from The Verge talk about the Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and Tesla’s new goodies!


On What’s Tech? this week, Chris Plante and his guest Sean O’ Kane talk about smartphone cameras and how far we’ve come since the first iPhone in 2007.

Featured Tech Videos

I’m dedicating more videos to every single thing that was announced during Microsoft’s event awhile ago. Want to know what got announced in a nutshell, READ THIS.

If you’re a person who’s into watching a summary more than reading, watch this video from The Verge.

Windows 10 Creators Update sure brings a lot of things to the table for creators out there. It may just be the push Microsoft needs to steal some creative people from Apple. Anyways, check out what the Surface Studio and Surface Dial can do in this video from CNET.

If you’re looking for the best Windows laptop that Microsoft has to offer, then check out the new Surface Book with the Intel Core i7 chip! Here’s the video from TechnoBuffalo!

Do you miss the Galaxy Note 7? No?
Regardless, here’s a phone that will surely remind you of it: the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

This ends this oh-so-insane TechBytes Supersized Edition! Do you want me to do a bigger version of TechBytes but twice a week? Or just the same old shorter format? Leave your thoughts on the comments below!

14 thoughts on “TechBytes Supersized Edition!

  1. Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX are cool stuff from Xiaomi. This company is doing great in delivering quality products ha nga fraction of a the Samsung price. Hahahaha. Awesome news kaayo for tipid people like me. (But no plans yet. Huhu)

  2. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 was the one I drooled when I first saw the specs. My officemate has Mi phone and it really delivers what it promised. The design is somewhat sleek and the big selling point is the price. It really was a value for money but I was eyeing for macbook too. 😀

  3. A lot of new devices popping up right now and everything is equally competitive as the other. I’ll yry to check out the google phone and Xiao Mi note 2..both look promising.:)

  4. Aggghhh! So hyped for the Switch! Although a part of my brain still calls it the “NX” because of reading and talking about it using that name for quite a while. It really looks like Nintendo’s gonna hit it out of the park this time, compared to the relative disaster that was the WiiU. Really wanna grab one for myself!

  5. I’m not really that much of a tech person so I’m not really up to date very much when it comes to these type of news! The Pixel looks quite decent and as I’ve said previously, I wouldn’t close my doors on opting for it as a phone. Specially since the camera is pretty great and would do well para pang-IG! Hahaha

  6. I just had information overload. All these are proof that technology is rising in exponential rate. I wish I was as fast when knowing these. hahaha

  7. New tech always come in this season and I am expecting some of it will be buggy due to the tight deadlines. Black Friday is coming up and I hope my relatives in the States can score some good stuff for me.

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