iPhone 7 in the Philippines!

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Apple is releasing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the Philippines on November 11!

Are you excited? So excited that you want one when it comes out? I’m here to give you details on how you can!

Get one from Globe!

iPhone 7 Philippines Globe offers

Globe is now promoting their iPhone 7 offers today! Their best iPhone 7 offer is just P2,599/month with a standard 24-month contract (myLifestyle Plan 1999 + P14,400 cashout or P600/month) for the 32GB model.

Here is the list of what you get with your myLifeStyle Plan 1999 when you get the iPhone 7:

  • 499 Unli Call & Text to Globe/TM
  • GoSURF 999 (10GB Data Allowance)
  • All Net SMS 299
  • P202 Consumable
  • Netflix for 1 month
  • Spotify Premium for 3 months
  • HOOQ for 3 months
  • Disney Channel Apps for 6 months
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS for 6 months
  • A choice between Navigation Pack, Explore Pack, or Fitness Pack for 1 month FREE
  • FREE 1 month Gadget Care
  • FREE 1GB Globe Cloud

If you’re looking for that Jet Black color or you want to have more storage in your iPhone, here are the cashouts for all iPhone 7 models:

iphone 7 philippines globe cashout

I’m planning on getting the iPhone 7 128GB, so it sucks that I have to pay more. It’s a good thing that Globe is offering that 10GB data. I hope I get to keep the Data Rollover feature I just got from them last month.

If you want to get a new plan for the iPhone 7 from Globe, go HERE!

Get one from Smart!

iphone 7 philippines smart offers

Smart has also started taking reservations for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus! Unfortunately, they currently do not have any pricing information. They do say that they will have the “best data offer”. We’ll see when they put out pricing.

(UPDATE: October 29) Smart has posted their best offers for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone 7 philippines smart best offers


You can get an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus without cashout from Smart! They offer the iPhone 7 without cashout at Plan 2499 and the iPhone 7 Plus without cashout at Plan 2999. Both plans are locked for 30 months (for the 32GB model, so no Jet Black for this offer). More info of other plan options when they update their site with more info.

(UPDATE: November 4) Smart has just posted their full list of cashout prices of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for their different plans and what is included in the plans.

Cashout Prices of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iphone 7 philippines plan matrix

Plan Inclusions

iphone 7 philippines smart plan inclusions


Get an Unlocked iPhone 7!

5 reasons iphone 7 water resistance

If you get an unlocked iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you have the flexibility to switch to other networks here in the Philippines. You can also bring it abroad and use a SIM from a telecom provider that is supported by the iPhone 7 (which is basically most of them). No pricing has been shown in the Apple website.

(UPDATE: October 29) Beyond the Box has posted their pricing for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus! Since Beyond the Box is an Apple Premium Reseller, expect the prices for other resellers to be the same.

Here is the pricing:

  • iPhone 7
    • 32GB: P37,990
    • 128GB: P43,990
    • 256GB: P49,990
  • iPhone 7 Plus
    • 32GB: P44,990
    • 128GB: P50,990
    • 256GB: P56,990

Currently, those are the ways you can get an iPhone 7 in time for their launch! I hope you find this post informative. Are you getting an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Does Jet Black appeal to you? Sound off in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “iPhone 7 in the Philippines!

  1. It seems almost every year they have a new model for iPhone. I like Apple products but they are too pricey for a student like me. I guess, I have to watch out for iPhone 8 next year?

  2. aarrgggghhh.. another iPhone version again. My iPhone 6s Plus was just about to turn one year few months from now. I got mine from Smart that came with allocated 15GB data for streaming and unlimited browsing and social media access. Despite the 15GB cap, it’s good as no data cap at all since the anti-bill shock of Smart is at 2,500 and I got the plan for 2499.
    When I reached my 15GB limit I just add 1 peso and BOOM, unlimited data! 🙂 And oh, I only have the 16GB coz I can’t afford the 128GB (these are the variants available at that time) and just use i-flash for extra storage.

  3. Huhu! Why so mahal. Priorities first. Maybe a day will come that I get to buy the “want” without worrying the “need”. if that time will come I will get the iPhone 7..haha!

  4. Wow…Iphone7 🙂 Love the features and all. As much as I love to get one but can’t afford. My wallet will cry if I will buy one.hahahaha 🙂 Hope someone will give me one…lol

  5. Giveaway na yaaaan! Hahaha. Pero seriously though, can’t wait to upgrade and get my hands on one, although not sure pila pa ka decades before na mahitabo. Hahaha

  6. I’m still fine with my iPhone 6s though. All I really need is already in my hand. So, getting an iPhone 7 would be more like of a luxurious investment. 🙂

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