Infinix Tops Charts w/ LARGEST YoY Shipments Increase in 2023!

Infinix Tops Charts with Largest Year-on-Year Increase Header

Infinix announces its thrilling performance for 2023, particularly in smartphone shipments and success on TikTok. The brand achieved a huge milestone in terms of worldwide smartphone shipments. Infinix tops charts by boasting an increase of over 13 million units. That surpasses all smartphone brands in 2023, which translates to an impressive 64.1% growth rate compared to 2022.

The Keys to Infinix’s Success

According to Tony Zhao, General Manager of Infinix, the company achieved its success through a multifaceted marketing approach, technological innovation, and strategic collaborations with key industry players, such as TikTok. Thanks to the latter’s platform, Infinix got to connect with its target audience and help them unlock their full potential.

“Infinix focuses on catering to youth preferences, providing tailored-made technological innovations, and recognizing the pivotal role of strategic partnerships. By leveraging TikTok as a creative platform, Infinix effectively reaches our target users, enabling them to conquer their limits and become the best versions of themselves.”

Tony Zhao, General Manager of Infinix

Infinix Receives TikTok for Business Overseas Marketing Award

Infinix Tops Charts - TikTok Award

Thanks to the brand’s marketing prowess, Infinix recently earned the TikTok for Business’s Overseas Marketing Award for being the “Innovator”. This award recognizes their standout efforts in international markets. From embracing various gameplay options to collaborating with influencers, Infinix was able to grow its brand to produce tangible results. Infinix tops charts not only in terms of shipments, but also how it showcases the power of creative marketing.

Since 2013, Infinix established a strong presence in international markets. The brand consistently engages with its audience through compelling content and e-commerce platform sales success. Campaigns like Infinix Super Brand Day and the “Capture Your Own Story” Vlog Contest are highlights to Infinix’s position as an innovative leader in the tech industry.

Game-Changing Innovations Unveiled at CES & MWC 2024

Infinix isn’t resting on its laurels as they showcased game-changing innovations at CES and MWC in 2024. The brand unveiled three of them at CES: AirCharge, Extreme-Temp Battery, and E-Color Shift. These concepts promise hassle-free charging, smooth device performance, and customizable display panels respectively. At MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Infinix turned heads with its flagship mobile gaming concept. Said concept promises a new era of mobile gaming with top-notch performance and graphics. The brand has more groundbreaking innovations on the way, so stay tuned!

For more updates and information, visit Infinix Philippines’ official website, Facebook page, and TikTok. Be an XFan today and join the Infinix Facebook Community page.

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