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Just when you think vivo’s phone releases are over, they still have MORE IN STORE! The brand recently released two Y-series phones: the vivo Y35 and vivo Y16. Earlier this year, it also launched its first vlogging smartphone with Photochromic Technology: the vivo V23. This time around, vivo is once again bringing premium phones with color-changing designs paired with strong imaging capabilities. Get ready as the vivo V25 Series is coming to the Philippines!

Standout Features of the vivo V25 Series

vivo V25 Series - Colors of the vivo V25

Unlike previous V-series smartphones, the vivo V25 Series will come in three variants! Those are the vivo V25e, vivo V25, and vivo V25 Pro. If this is true, this is the first time that the Pro model will be sold in the Philippines.

All of these phones will have very good selfie capabilities, but the vivo V25 stands out with its 50MP Eye AF Selfie front camera. The other phones in the series are no slouches with their 32MP Eye AF Selfie front camera. Because of this, only the V25 gets that rare 4K / 30fps video recording feature that even some flagships seem to lack.

Whichever V25 Series phone you choose, all of them will carry the same 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing main rear camera! This will surely make every photo and video shine brighter whether taken during the day or the night. All the phones will also have Hybrid Image Stabilization that takes advantage of both OIS and EIS capabilities to produce better low-light photos and less shaky videos.

If you worry a lot about running out of storage, vivo got you covered there! Rumor has it that all V25 series phones will get 256GB of storage so you can store all of those wonderful photos and videos! Other notable specs include the V25 Pro getting a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processor to support those cool new night camera features! These include Real-time Extreme Night Vision, Super Night Mode, Super Night Portrait, and Super Night video.

If you’re curious when the Vivo V25 Series will be available in the Philippines, then you have to watch out for them this month! vivo will most likely announce these details on its official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels. Stay tuned!

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