3 Reasons to Get This UGREEN 65W GaN Charger

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Let’s be honest: we buy a lot of chargers for our gadgets these days. Thanks to tech brands that either put slow chargers or no chargers at all, it is essential to get one with multiple ports. This is why I’m happy that there are companies like UGREEN that give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to charging and other accessories. It actually isn’t my first time to encounter this brand since I already use one of its multi-port chargers. I recently got this GaN fast charger that can provide up to 65W of power for laptops with USB-C. Here are 3 reasons to get this small charger.

Disclaimer: UGREEN Philippines sent me the mini-size 65W GaN charger and a 2m USB-C to USB-C cable.

It’s Really Small!

I bought a 4-port UGREEN 65W GaN charger earlier this year. As much as I like using it, it can still be bulky. The new mini size makes it way more portable and I can shove it in a small bag along with long cables. It also looks cleaner than the big charger which can easily get scratched. Like the big one, it has a foldable plug making it more friendly for travel.

Two Powerful USB-C Ports

Like the big one, this mini 65W GaN charger from UGREEN has two USB-C ports with up to 65W of power. (Note that if you use both ports, they won’t reach that magic 65W number.) The big charger did have a third USB-C port but it can only provide up to 18W of power. (You can’t fast charge an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 with that.) That said, I rarely used that third port. Just having two USB-C ports is enough for my needs.

Besides, a port that matters to me more is a…

USB-A Port for Old Gadgets

Yes, a USB-A port. Despite a lot of gadgets now using USB-C, you’ll probably still use stuff with USB-A ports. That’s why I’m glad to see even just one USB-A port. It’s also useful for Apple users who probably have an Apple Watch cable or an old iPad cable lying around. Heck, it’s even useful for portable USB fans!

All in all, I gotta say that losing a less powerful USB-C port to get a more portable charger is a really good buy! For around You can get this mini-size UGREEN 65W GaN Charger at Lazada or Shopee.

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6 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Get This UGREEN 65W GaN Charger

  1. From the reviews I’ve read, thecgadget seems to good value for money. Rather than having to keep multiple chargers around our house or having to tote them around when we’re travelling in order to keep all our phones, wireless earbuds, laptops and everything else charged, the UGREEN 65W GaN charger is able to charge all our gear at their rated maximum speeds in one compact form factor while supporting almost every conceivable fast charging protocol available from almost all major phone brands that include Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple. I think I’ll buy this before the year ends.

  2. Someone as traditional as me and non-techie too, I always learned something new on technology and gadgets here. This one looks very useful and convenient. You don’t need to worry to bring a lot of charger for your one and laptop – like all-in-one charger.

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