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Despite the current situation we have now, students and parents are preparing for a different kind of school year. Most schools are gearing towards holding online classes and many students don’t have the right tools. Good thing realme has a lot of devices that will be on sale starting on 12MN of July 15, 2020! Here are the realme Lazada Midyear Sale Offers!

realme Brand Mega Offers on 12MN – 2AM!

With the launch of a lot of realme’s AIoT products, getting them could get really costly! Good thing the company has Brand Mega Offers from 12MN to 2AM on July 15! Here is the list of devices:

ModelVariantSRPBrand Mega Offer Price
12MN to 2AM
realme 5 4+128₱9,990.00₱7,990.00
realme XT8+128₱16,990.00₱13,210.00
realme C22+32₱4,990.00₱4,590.00
realme C33+32₱5,990.00₱5,490.00
realme 5i3+64₱6,990.00₱6,590.00
realme 6i3+64₱7,990.00₱7,390.00
realme 6i4+128₱9,990.00₱9,390.00
realme 64+128₱11,990.00₱11,490.00
realme 68+128₱13,990.00₱13,490.00
realme 6 Pro8+128₱16,990.00₱16,590.00
realme X312+256₱24,990.00₱24,790.00
realme Buds 2/₱690.00₱590.00
realme Buds Air/₱3,990.00₱2,790.00
realme Band/₱1,390.00₱990.00
realme Buds Air Neo/₱1,990.00₱1,590.00
realme Powerbank/₱1,690.00₱990.00
realme Powerbank 2/₱1,190.00₱990.00
realme Adventure Backpack/₱1,490.00₱1,190.00

Whole Day Offers

If you can’t stay up at night for that, there’s always the regular realme Lazada Midyear Sale Offers. They last throughout the rest of July 15, 2020. Here are the discounts to expect:

ModelVariantSRPMidyear Sale Price
2:01AM to 11:59PM
realme C22+32₱4,990.00₱4,790.00
realme C33+32₱5,990.00₱5,690.00
realme 5i3+32₱6,490.00₱6,290.00
realme 5i3+64₱6,990.00₱6,790.00
realme 6i3+64₱7,990.00₱7,690.00
realme 6i4+128₱9,990.00₱9,690.00
realme 64+128₱11,990.00₱11,790.00
realme 68+128₱13,990.00₱13,790.00
realme 6 Pro8+128₱16,990.00₱16,790.00
realme Buds 2/₱690.00₱620.00
realme Buds Air/₱3,990.00₱3,590.00
realme Band/₱1,390.00₱1,250.00
realme Buds Air Neo/₱1,990.00₱1,790.00
realme Powerbank /₱1,690.00₱1,520.00
realme Powerbank 2/₱1,190.00₱1,070.00
realme Adventure Backpack/₱1,490.00₱1,340.00
realme Watch/₱3,990.00₱2,990.00

“With the right tech-lifestyle companion, Filipinos will be better armed at adopting a highly digital lifestyle. We at realme Philippines are confident that our devices, both smartphones, and accessories, bring the right features and technology that best fit the evolving dynamics of communication and interaction. We are happy that through our midyear promos, we’ll get to be part of more success stories of the Filipino realme squad,”

Austine Huang, realme Philippines Vice President for Marketing

Excited to get the latest that realme has to offer? Then head over to their Official Online Store in Lazada and ADD TO CART NOW!

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