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Realme Band Philippines Pricing and Availability

Jullian Robin Sibi 0

Alongside the realme 6i, realme Philippines launched the realme Band. It’s the company’s first attempt with a fitness tracker. For a first try, it packs A LOT!

Realme Band in Yellow

It boasts a large color screen that can display up to 65,000 colors. At the bottom of that screen is a touch button that helps you navigate the user interface. You can charge the device directly with its built-in USB dongle.

Realme Band, Your 24/7 Health Assistant

Of course, the main selling point of the Band is its slew of health features! It has a Real-Time Heart Monitor that helps you track your heart rate. A Sleep Quality Monitor is also included to help you track the quality of your sleep. It also has Idle Alert that reminds you to stand up or even drink some water!

An Intelligent Sports Tracker As Well

The realme Band supports 9 sport modes! The modes are running, yoga, spinning, walking, weights, hiking, climbing, biking, and an exclusive Cricket mode for India. Note that you can store only up to 3 on the Band itself. To change the modes, you need to access the realme Link app.

Be Smart with Notifications

Since it’s a fitness tracker connected to a smartphone, the Band can also show you Smart Notifications from specific apps. Those include Gmail, TikTok, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, and Facebook.

The Band can be used with not just realme smartphones, but any Android smartphone with the realme Link app.

Philippines Pricing and Availability

The realme Band will cost P1,390 and will be available in Lazada. Speaking of, you can get it for P990 on May 23 and 26 in Lazada! It comes in three colors: Black, Yellow, and Green!

What do you think of realme’s first attempt at a fitness tracker? Are you looking to get one? Sound off in the comments below.

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