Holy Week Offline: 5 Tips to Remember.

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The annual tradition of Holy Week in countries with Catholics. This tradition lasts for a week and it is before the celebration of Easter. In the Philippines, people usually go to the province and stay with their relatives. They usually reflect on what they’ve done. There are some parts of provinces where there is weak or even NO cellular signal! This is a problem for those living in the digital age, especially those who were born into it.

Believe me, I’ve tried being in those situations. It actually gets boring if you don’t do anything! The obvious activities aside, I don’t think those who only know the internet would last a full day without it. With that in mind, I have 5 tips for you to remember when going offline for holy week.

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Tips on Going Offline on Holy Week.

Download Offline Mobile Games

Try checking your phone if the games work offline. Chances are that most of them don’t work. The Mobile Legends game you keep playing? WON’T WORK ONLINE! Even those games from big game developers won’t work unless you have an internet connection! (Case in point: Tekken Mobile.)

Since internet might be bad where you are (unless you’re just in the city), it’s best to get some offline mobile games! Wordscapes and Threes are my offline go-tos right now. 

Save LONG Articles or eBooks

If you’re into reading stuff a lot, you should download eBooks or save long articles! There are SO MANY things to read about on the internet that sometimes you could forget about it! Good thing offline readers are there to save the day!

Since the iPhone has iBooks, I could just get some eBooks there. For most people, just download the Kindle app to get eBooks from Amazon’s WIDE catalog. With regards to offline readers, I recommend Pocket and Instapaper.

Get Spotify Premium / Apple Music

Let’s face it: we barely download music files anymore. Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are taking over. You no longer need to get your music through shady ways since you can get most of the music you listen to already.

That being said, it’s nice to be able to listen to music without connecting to the internet all the time. Spotify has a Premium tier where you can skip songs for unlimited times and download offline. Apple Music is a subscription-only music streaming service which lets you do the same. You only have to pay around P129 a month for either Spotify or Apple Music. If you want to share the love with more people, you can opt for the Family plan at around P199 a month for either service. Whichever service you choose, you’re sure to enjoy 

Here’s a taste of Apple Music with a song from Ramzyrizzle featuring Malaya Macaraeg!

Download How-To Videos from YouTube

You probably know what YouTube is by now. It has become a staple of every millenial’s stroll through the internet! But what can you do when you’re offline? Before cutting yourself off, make sure to be productive by downloading how-to videos! YouTube already has a feature where you can save videos on the services for offline use! Videos can be played offline as long as your phone connects to the internet within 29 days. 

You can be productive and watch those videos WITHOUT ADS when offline!

Go Outside!

Sometimes we have to relax. We have to just empty our minds and disconnect from the world around us. Take this moment in your life to go outside, see the view, or even read a book outdoors! Better yet, talk with people! Don’t just look down and stare at your phone. Live your life!

Those are my 5 tips to remember to utilize your Holy Week offline. If your country doesn’t even have holidays, then use these tips for when you need a break. Either way, I hope you get rejuvenated for the challenges that life has in store.

Before I end this, I wanted to share with you guys a new wallpaper! I call it Dark Sun. It’s basically the bright sun shining despite the darkness around it. It certainly fits what Holy Week means to me. You can get it for your various devices! Hope you enjoy it as much as I made it.

Download the Dark Sun wallpaper!

Enjoy and be safe during Holy Week guys!

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