Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 2: See-Thru.

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Welcome to the Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 2! This is a post in a series where I feature different kinds of iPhone X cases from Capdase. I already did one for the Luxury & Stylish case. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

One down, three more to go! #CapdaseiPhoneX

I’m really enjoying my Capdase iPhone Xperience so far! The Black Style Luxury & Stylish case really gave me a lasting impression! After trying that out, I’m now trying another one. Without further ado, here it is:


I just love how clean the iPhone X’s back looks like!

This is the Capdase Crystallitic See-Thru case. Unless you can’t see the picture above, it’s a clear case. I really prefer these kinds of cases. You can really see the beauty of the phone that you spent wiht your hard-earned money! It’s especially true with the iPhone X with how clean the back looks. (Wow that dual-camera setup really stands out!)

I honestly did not like the size at first. The case makes the phone look way bigger than it is! After using it for a week, it didn’t bother me as much anymore.  It felt like I could grip the phone more with the case. Sadly, I dropped my phone with this case on! *gasps*

Did it Survive?

Thankfully, my iPhone X survived and the Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 2 can go on! Good thing the case has shock-resistant corners to prevent damage from spreading from the corners of the phone. Usually, cracks from the corners tend to spread faster towards the rest of the screen.

This case has more space for me to get to the mute switch.

Unlike the first case, this one lets me get to the mute switch easily! The buttons are kind of hard to press but I also got used to it.

I like how the area of the Lightning port is bigger than most cases. It helps when you use a Lightning dock since it won’t wobble as much. The holes for the bottom microphone and bottom speaker are enough to get the job done.

I also like how the case’s design makes the dual camera stand out A LOT MORE than without a case. It also has some form of elevation in the front to help protect the display. Another thing I noticed is that it has a part where it’s flat and aligned with the camera. This is probably to help with taking photos with the flash on.

Despite the added bulk of this case, I really like this one! It maintains the beauty and allure that the iPhone X has. It can also withstand the daily grind (including drops!) based on my experience with it. This is my favorite of the bunch so far, but we’ll see what the other two cases can offer.

That’s it for the Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 2! I’m really enjoying my time with these cases so far! In what aspect of the cases would you want to see in a future post? Do you want one of these cases? Let me know in the comments below!

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