Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 1: Stylish.

Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 1

Let me start by saying this: I didn’t particularly like Capdase at first. I found their accessories subpar back during the early stages of the iPhone. I even heard from some people that their accessories aren’t as good as others. Recently, I got a hold of 4 of Capdase’s iPhone X cases. A lot of time passed by to the point where I can give them another shot. With that in mind, I give to you:

The Capdase iPhone Xperience.

Get it? Because it’s an experience of Capdase iPhone X cases! Sheesh, never mind.

I really wanted to share my experiences in using these 4 Capdase iPhone X cases. By sharing them, I hope to let you know whether Capdase is a reliable brand you can count on or not. I’m dedicating one post per case for this feature. Without further ado, here’s the Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 1:


I normally don’t like cases because they cover up the back of the phone. I love appreciating the hardwork that a phone maker puts in making the phone look pretty. A lot of case makers tried to make nice cases with different designs. Sadly, I would dismiss them because I didn’t want to cover up my iPhone X.

I’m happy to report that for the first time ever, I love having this case on. It really looks so sleek and it feels good in the hand. The color scheme really fits with the aesthetic of the Space Gray iPhone X.

One of the reasons why I love this case is the back design. The back has multiple strips that consist of different materials. There’s the black (probably faux) leather material on the sides for better grip. A dark gray strip that has the Capdase logo really goes hand in hand with the stitched light gray part. It has a three-tone look going on.

The cutouts for the bottom mic, bottom speaker, and the Lightning port are okay. They just manage to be just right without the annoyances of the usual case cutouts. There was one time where I had problems with the Lightning port cutout because it would get in the way of the Lightning dock. I didn’t find any problems when using this case while charging through the Lightning dock.

Another thing that I liked about this case is how it doesn’t really add to the weight of my iPhone X. Surely this would really help with my Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 1 thoughts. Hehe.


If I could think of one major downside of this case, it’s how the case protects the front. As you can see above, there’s barely any case bezel on the front. I’m sure the tempered glass can help against cracking the screen but there’s not much to go on in the corners. I wish that Capdase could make good looking cases that have some form of protection in the front of the phone.

Another downside I noticed while using the case was how easily the dark gray strip gets chipped off. I know it’s just a case but it’s so weird that it happened just more than a week of use.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I really like the Capdase Luxury and Stylish iPhone X case! Despite the downsides, I really like how this case looks and feels in the hand! So far, I really like my Capdase iPhone Xperience Part 1! I hope the other cases can live up to the Capdase name.

Do you like how the case looks? Do cases annoy you? Do you want an iPhone X? (DON’T ANSWER THAT. I DON’T HAVE MONEY!) Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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