Realities of a Cebu Tech Blogger.

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I’ve been trying to make this post for a while now. Despite best efforts to make meaningful content, there are things that bum me out. There are some things that tend to annoy me sometimes. I know that blogging itself is hard, but tech blogging has its own challenges. There’s even a greater challenge when you’re a Cebu tech blogger. I really love what I do, but there are certain things I experience that really brings me down to reality. Here are some of those:

I Buy Most of the Tech I Review.

Let’s face it. I’m just starting out in blogging about tech. I may have won an award because of it, but I feel that I really lack resources to review most of the latest tech out there. I can barely afford the phone I’m using right now (an iPhone 7). In a span of a year, all the tech I bought is already outdated (except the Globe LTE Mobile WiFi). I know I may sound whiney and overreacting. However, you can only go so far based on pictures and thoughts from others.

Cebu is NOT Manila.

In case you didn’t know, tech reviews now usually come out early. They usually pop up a week before or at the same time as the product comes out. I don’t really know if that’s the case with the Philippine counterparts.

A big reality that I usually face as a Cebu tech blogger is that I am from Cebu. Here’s how far it is from the capital of the Philippines, Manila:

As you can see, the pin in red represents Cebu. Manila is quite a distance from Cebu. This means that bringing stuff from Manila to Cebu is hard. It’s really hard for tech companies to send stuff from Manila to Cebu. I’m constantly trying my best to break that mold though. (More on that soon.)

Not Enough Tech Events in Cebu.

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I have to admit: I understand why there isn’t a lot of tech events in Cebu. Sometimes it wouldn’t make sense marketing-wise to do a tech event here. There are fewer people here in Cebu than in Manila.

Despite that, I still want tech companies to have events here. Cebu is becoming a big market for gadgets especially now that more and more people get jobs in the call center industry. I’m not saying that people will be buying new phones every year. What I’m saying is good word-of-mouth still helps despite all the new ways of promoting products.

Despite these realities, I’m so glad to be a Cebu tech blogger! I love what I’m doing and I hope to share more of what I know about technology with everyone here. Just so you know, I also love taking photos with my iPhone. The header photo you see up there is what I took with my phone.

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Since I managed to fail miserably in my 30 for 30 challenge, I’m restarting it TODAY! More info on my motivations in the post HERE. Anything you would like to ask me about tech blogging? Leave them in the comments below!

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One thought on “Realities of a Cebu Tech Blogger.

  1. Seems very costly but understandable. It would mean less opportunities that you live far from Manila but the passion you have for blogging is very evident. I think as long as you continue more doors will open.

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