OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition First Impressions!

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Alongside their Cebu press event this year, OPPO brought us a surprise: the OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition!

YES! They actually brought some OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition phones! Several other bloggers and I managed to take a look at the phone and see how beautiful it looks like in person!

First Impressions



OPPO really went for it with this FC Barcelona Edition! Since they experienced making the OPPO F3 Red, it didn’t take much for them to add the appropriate logos. I think that the FC Barcelona logo really fits the F3 look. Despite seeing a lot of red phones, I like how the FC Barcelona color scheme fits with OPPO’s packaging!

Although it really looks good, OPPO says that they won’t sell these limited edition phones. In fact, they even held a contest on their Facebook page to give away these phones! Honestly, I think this is a great campaign for them. It boosts OPPO as an international brand that can hopefully get into the Western markets sooner rather than later.


It also helps that OPPO itself already makes great looking phones! I’m not really a fan of red phones, but I really fell in love with OPPO’s A71 smartphone! I just love how there are no clear antenna lines that surround the phone! If they manage to keep making phones like this and the OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition, I might just try one as my daily driver!

All in all, the OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition smartphone beat the hell out of my expectations! Even though I’m not a red phone fan and FC Barcelona doesn’t ring a bell to me, I find it beautiful! I just wish they didn’t use big text at the back of the phone.

What do YOU think of the OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition phone? Is it a beauty or am I blind? Haha. Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for bringing this phone along with you, OPPO!

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