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It’s THAT time of the year again!

We are going through a series of phone releases lately! First, ASUS released the ZenFone 4 series! LG was next with the V30. Then Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8. Apple then announced three new iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Vivo just announced the V7 and V7+! In a few weeks, Google will announce the next generation of Pixel smartphones on October 4. Huawei will also announce the Mate 10 on October 16. What I’m really trying to say is:


Let this be a reminder to you: YOUR CURRENT PHONE WORKS GREAT! If you have a broken phone right now, then it makes sense to get a new one right away! It’s the only time where getting one now is rational.

Other than that, your phone is perfectly fine! I know, I know. I’m the last person you should listen to regarding this. Unlike before, it’s harder to know if getting a new phone now is worth it. It’s getting rarer to find a bad smartphone these days.

I’ll use the current iPhone lineup as an example. Despite its first release in 2015, the iPhone 6s is STILL in the lineup! It doesn’t make a lot of sense that the iPhone 7 is STILL in the lineup! I honestly think that there is a small difference between the 7 and 8 that you can get away with just the 8 in the lineup.

This lineup just proves to me that the iPhone 7 I have now is good enough that I don’t need to upgrade. Apple clearly aims this lineup to more and more people who want an iPhone.

All I’m trying to say is: UNLESS YOU BROKE YOUR PHONE, DON’T GET A NEW PHONE NOW. You’ll thank me for this in the long run.

What do you think about this cycle of buying new phones? How often do you buy a new smartphone anyway? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “DON’T BUY A NEW PHONE NOW.

  1. When it comes to the iPhone, one does not have to keep upgrading to the new models. Unless one is rich and can buy a phone anytime they want to, others should resist the urge. As a rule, one that I follow is that the time to upgrade is when a new version of iOS is no longer supported.

    Others in the household have the later models, but I am still using the iPhone 5. In fact, it is here, but I rarely use it. With the new iOS dropping support for 5, it follows that I should follow my advice and go for the new ones. BUT I thought about it. The new ones are not going to make phone calls better. So, I decided to do as you said, hold off.

  2. I am still very much happy with my phone so I definitely have no plans on upgrading soon! As soon as my phone is working, I’ll keep it. What I am saving for to upgrade now is a new fridge. lol! It’s my target for next year. 😀

  3. agreed 100%!! Haha. I remember trying to save my 5S even though it was really broken until I’ve decided to upgrade to 6S. Works fine, very convenient. I don’t know why I’m not hyped up with the new phones that are releasing. As long as it still works, then save your money for something else. 🙂

  4. To be honest, I don’t buy phones very often. I usually buy a phone whenever I get an upgrade on my phone contract, which is every two years. I just got my new phone last year, a Samsung S7 edge which I really love. I could have traded it for an S8 but I didn’t feel the exchange value was advantaging me so I skipped the offer. Luckily for me I can get the latest model of a phone when my contract ends, and it’s always free (well, included with the contract which I pay anyway every month).

  5. I am happy at least you told it.’Don’t buy a new phone unless you have a broken phone’! I am not a person who upgrades phones with latest versions.I still use iPhone 5s.But do you know sometimes I really feel shy to take it out to capture a photo as most people use the latest phone models.But still my phone works nice for calls and other basic apps… 🙂

  6. Really ironic post. Hahahaha! And yes, this is what I usually do- not buy unless I NEED to. The only time I had to let go of my iPhone 4s which I had for 3 years is the reason that there’s no more parts LOL. And buying a new one would really depend on your needs, unless you’re SUPER rich hahaha New great phone models are like little mushrooms that spring during the rainy season lately…

  7. For someone like me who is very frugal.. i never buy or replace my phone unless i really need to.. like you said.. it’s working perfectly fine not unless the upgrade is truly great and overwhelming

  8. Aaaahhh! There’s always temptation to buy the newest models as I work for an IT company, and in our environment, knowing and experiencing the latest phones are part of the job (to make better apps). Of course, my iPhone is still working amazing (6s) so I’m also not as determined to buy a new model this year. I did shriek at the price of the X though. Pretty steep.

  9. I absolutely agree with you that there is no need to buy a new phone unless one’s phone is broken or one’s phone really needs to be upgraded into a smartphone. They only made minor changes to the phones and our phones are still perfectly fine. Like you, I also use an iPhone 7 which I ended up buying only because my iPhone 5s is no longer working. Also, what is the sense of buying a great and expensive phone if it won’t last us at least two years. So, yes, thanks for being brutally honest. People needs to be practical.

  10. I don’t change phones so often. I am not crazy about iPhones either, but then as technology advances there is some improvement in these gadgets. But I figured out I don’t need these little improvements in my daily life. 🙂 I like how you stress on the fact: UNLESS YOU BROKE YOUR PHONE, DON’T GET A NEW PHONE NOW ! (Y)

  11. I am someone who doesn’t buy new phones yearly. I actually usually wait for the rewards from the network that I use. As long as my phone is working, I don’t see the need to upgrade. But, I make sure that I am able to use the features that I often use like for texting, calling, taking photos and videos and checking my email.

  12. I don’t usually buy a new phone just because it’s the new one out in the market. It’s either I broke or lost mine before getting a new one. I’m using an iPhone 6s plus until now and I don’t see or feel anything wrong about my device. I guess I would stick to this until I really need to buy a new one. So yeah, don’t buy a new phone for the sake of being “in”, consider it as a need rather than a want.

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