5 Reasons to Get an LG V30!

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Last week at IFA 2017, LG announced the latest smartphone in their V series: the LG V30! Although the V30 succeeds the LG V20, LG created a simple yet sophisticated smartphone! Gone are the bells and whistles that the V20 had. Instead, this smartphone has the elements that made the G6 a good phone and made it WAY better!

Here are 5 reasons to get the LG V30:

6-Inch OLED Display!

The LG G6 seems to be under the radar. Despite being the first mainstream smartphone to have an 18:9 display, the Galaxy S8 took the spotlight from the G6. That is no longer true with the V30.

Even though we saw the Galaxy Note 8 and all its beauty, I can’t believe that LG made a phone that actually looks better! With the curved back and that huge 6-inch OLED FullVision display, the V30 sure seems immersive!

Experience Better Sound with the Hi-Fi Quad DAC!

One would think that smartphones would lose the headphone jack after Apple did it with the iPhone 7. Alas, not all of them followed. Good thing LG didn’t just put a headphone jack in the V30. They also connected it to a High Fidelity Quad DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)! This means that you can use nicer headphones and take advantage of the amazing sound quality!

If that wasn’t enough, the LG V30 includes a set of earphones from B&O PLAY!

Improved Dual Camera!

Dual cameras are all the rage these days. Even Samsung went and put dual cameras on the Galaxy Note 8. LG already had dual cameras on the G6 but cameras on the S8 and the Pixel still took better photos despite having just one camera! With the V30, they improved the quality of both cameras!

The LG V30 has a 16MP standard angle camera and a 13MP wide angle camera! Both cameras are smaller than those in the V20 which results in a barely noticeable camera bump. The standard angle camera has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), unlike the Note 8 which has OIS on both cameras.

Content Creation Machine!

As a fellow content creator, I understand that starting out is really difficult. All you have is your laptop and your smartphone camera. There may be people who disagree with this, but most people use their smartphones more to take those great photos and videos! With that being said, the LG V30 claims to be the perfect companion of a content creator!

Besides the enhanced photo capabilities, LG added a lot of video enhancements as well!

The LG V30 has a new video mode called the Cine Video mode. This mode uses two new features: Point Zoom and Cine Effect. While typical cameras only allow one to zoom in on the center of the frame, Point Zoom allows users to zoom in on any subject smoothly using the zoom slider, regardless of its position in the frame, another industry first. And Cine Effect provides a palette of 15 presets to give videos a unique movie-like look, from romantic comedy, summer blockbuster, mystery, thriller and classic movie, among others.

I’m sure that a new generation of content creators will pop up thanks to the power of the V30!

Multiple Colors! (including BLUE!)

Let’s face it. At the end of the day, the look of the phone matters. Some people even buy a phone because of the color! LG really paid attention here as the V30 comes in a variety of colors! My favorite happens to be the blue one! LG calls it Moroccan Blue. It really looks cool without being too offensive. If you’re not much of a blue person, you can also get the LG V30 in three other colors. Those are Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, and Lavender Violet.

Those are my reasons to get an LG V30! In case you need a quick look at the full specs of this phone, head over HERE. No word yet as to when this phone will come out in the Philippines. I’ll keep you guys updated!

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