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Instagram Opens Up Through the Mobile Web!

Jullian Robin Sibi 1

Instagram recently put out an update to their mobile website. The BIG thing to take away from it is you CAN upload photos through the mobile site! Instagram opens up the floodgates! I got happy when I found out about this. What it meant for me is that Instagram can reach MORE people and change their lives!

instagram opens to mobile web screenshot

What’s better is that they made the layout look exactly like the one in the iOS and Android apps. Despite how basic the stuff are in the mobile website, it’s good for everyone who do NOT have access to the Instagram app. (For example, BlackBerry phones before the ones with Android DO NOT have Instagram.)

What can you do with Instagram on Mobile Web?

Right now, all you can do is crop the photo to a square photo and flip around the photo itself. There isn’t a hint of filters on this version of Instagram. Despite that, just having photo uploads is a big thing!

It’s really surprising that Instagram made this move. In order to get more users into Instagram, they needed to do this. With the rest of Facebook’s other apps already reaching 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has to reach even those without the app.

I actually think that this is a fresh and light take on Instagram. Despite using some of the newer features, I find them utterly useless lately. It’s a good thing that Instagram now has a new way to put new technologies.

Should You Use It?

I think people who use Instagram on other devices still need to load something before running. The mobile website is better because there are lesser resources to load compared to the app. Even those with the Android and iPhone apps, users can use the mobile website to upload some photos.

Are you excited for this? As an Instagram user, does this matter to you? Sound off in the comments section below!

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