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Globe Prepaid Home WiFi Review!

Jullian Robin Sibi 88

In the past year, Globe provided a lot of ways to make internet access more affordable to more people. They first made the LTE Mobile WiFi and 4G Mobile WiFi devices cheaper. Earlier this year,  they also made their postpaid plans more friendly to people who only want mobile data with ThePLAN.

Late last year, they also gave us the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi. It is basically a WiFi router that connects to the internet using mobile data. Globe claims that it has 50% faster WiFi than any Globe mobile WiFi device. Since there were no telephone lines in our new place, I decided to buy one.

Review Scenario

globe prepaid home wifi review scenario

As I mentioned, we still didn’t have telephone lines at our place. This means we couldn’t get any kind of wired broadband. Good thing I thought of this device!

As of writing this, I used the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi for more than 2 months. I actually prefer to review products meant for the home after using it for a long period of time. Unlike pocket WiFi devices, home devices stay put in one place. Dropping them happens less often at home, so I have to know whether it can withstand the trials of being in that environment.

Setup and Installation

Globe also claimed that their Prepaid Home WiFi is easy to install. Well, they’re right! People say that you don’t need to read a manual if a gadget is easy to use. For me, this device is easy to install and use. Maybe people who aren’t so tech-savvy need to read the manual for network-related instuctions. Besides that, the installation and setup of the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi is simple. It would only take a few minutes to set it up.


globe prepaid home wifi performance

I expected the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi to do well. It’s a home WiFi router, so it should do better than those pocket WiFi devices out there.

I can confidently say that this device has a significantly better WiFi signal than those pocket WiFi devices. If a pocket WiFi has a weak signal when I’m in the bathroom, the Prepaid Home WiFi does a lot better. (YES. Don’t deny it. You use your phone there too.) Sadly, it only reaches within the top floor of the house. The WiFi signal disappears when I’m downstairs. If you have a big house, I think you need a WiFi extender for that.

LTE Speed

Well, how about the LTE internet speed? I don’t need to explain further. Here are some speed test results:

As you can see, the LTE speed is great! Still, it depends on where you are. If you live in a place that doesn’t have LTE yet, I suggest you just get a Globe 4G Mobile WiFi for just P995. You can get a pocket WiFi from Smart if their signal is much better than Globe’s. For me though, the speed on this device is great!


If I were to end my review without this segment, I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to you! Sadly, there is something I wanna share.

The adapter on my Globe Prepaid Home WiFi suddenly became intermittent. There are times when the adapter works, and there are times when it doesn’t. It really got annoying to the point where I just used an adapter that so happened to fit on this device. Still, I went to Globe to know if I could get it replaced.

They actually just told me that no such issue happened and even if it was really broken, THEY COULD NOT DO ANYTHING since it is past the 7 DAYS REPLACEMENT! This is INSANE! I can’t believe that Globe would just shun me like that. I didn’t even say that the device itself was broken. JUST THE ADAPTER. And they COULD NOT FIND A WAY! I am so disappointed with how they handled this ordeal.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you should at least give this device a try. The setup is easy and the WiFi signal is better than any pocket WiFi device I’ve tried. If Globe’s LTE is strong in your location, you should strongly consider this device. I would recommend against getting this one if you don’t like buying load.

If you’re planning on getting one, I suggest you REALLY TAKE GOOD CARE of the device and its adapter. If you’re the type of person who’s careless with stuff like this, then DON’T BUY THIS. You will just end up disappointed with your purchase.

Review Score: 7/10

  1. Philip Philip

    Does it accept other Globe sim card aside from the one that comes with it?

  2. Dave Dave

    Using a different prepaid LTE sim does not void the warranty. Seriously, stop being a know-it-all piece of sh*t!

  3. Dave Dave

    This review also missed to mention Globe’s data cap. The lte speeds are amazing almost everyone falls to the trap of the data cap

  4. Sadly, the same thing happened with my adapter. It died on me on only its 5th day from purchase. Returned it to Globe in hopes that theyd have it replaced to no avail. Turns out voiding the warranty by removing the sticker on the device itself also includes the adapter. Fair enough. Fortunately, I have a spare adapter that came with another a Netgear router which works just fine.

    Cant complain anyway. This device gives me 35-40 mbps consistently. Had to tweak it of course to arrive at that speed as it was only giving me 3 mbps on average upon purchase. Set it up with unlimited internet too. Its been just two weeks since I bought this device and it has downloaded 42 GB of data and still counting!

    Overall, id highly recommend this product!

    One weird thing though, there was a power outage here in our area the other night and to my surprise, the device stayed on! I wonder if it charges itself? Couldnt see it mentioned on the manual though. It stayed on for 4 freaking hours till the power came back on. Weird.

    • Good thing that you like the device despite their weird ass adapter and customer service issues. Haha

    • Melvin Melvin

      “Set it up with unlimited internet too.”
      Sir, you mean the regular rate? no subscription to any promo?
      This means, it’s not restricted to GoSurf?

      • No. Set it up with a VPN service so it bypasses the 1GB limit a day. It’s all over. Check around. Many people have been using this VPN service to enjoy TRUE unlimited internet.

        • renee renee

          I am truly curious with how this vpn service works. I am not that techy I hope you can help me out. I googled and there are a lot of infos and I dont know which are the right one. thanks!

          • VPN is basically your computer connecting to a network that connects you to a network in another country. Thus, it seems like you’re in that country. Don’t get a free VPN because your data is what they sell others.

    • Diana Abegail Dulce Diana Abegail Dulce

      Para saan po yung micro port na nasa ilalim at what type of adapter did you used?

  5. Mine has been running for 5 months without any issues, at least with the device itself. The adapter, on the other hand, killed itself only after two weeks of use, ending up in me buying a better adapter. Took it to Globe center too and they were quite adamant in telling me that they havent been receiving similar complaints about the epicfail adapter. Sinong niloko nyo!?? Lol. Points for keeping a straight face though.

    The device itself though has proven to be sturdy. Being the clumsy person that i am, it has had about 5 or 6 falls from our window where i mount it on then falling onto our wooden floor without any issues, not even turning itself off after the impact, as is the case with most gadgets.

    Overall, you wouldnt regret having this device. Gives great speeds, even in non-LTE areas like ours. What Globe needs to improve on however is their customer service! Oh yeah!

    Rant over.

    • Raymond Baludio Raymond Baludio

      hi, will it work even on areas without lte coverage? because in our area it wont receive signal because we have no lte coverage? do you think it has something to do with the settings?

      • I think by default it only accepts LTE coverage. Check the setting that lets you change it to Auto Network Search or 3G only

  6. Kevin Kevin

    Sir can i connect my ps4 and play online?

  7. Melvin Melvin

    Weird-ass adapter?
    Planning to grab one but kinda turned-off with that comment. LOL
    Anyone know the specific model of this device or which manufacturer?

  8. Just so you guys know, Smart has just released their version of this device at the same price with 10GB of free data too! I wonder if you could do a review of it and let us know. Im too eager to switch to Smart as they are by far better than Globe specially in terms of after-sales support.

    • I’m really planning to try out Smart’s LTE devices as well since I wanted to compare the two. 🙂 Will let you know once I get them in my hands.

  9. Jam Jam

    Did you tamper your warranty and change your SIM? can you use a Postpaid SIM on this thing? also, what is the functionality of the microUSB on this router? the one beside the SIM slot? can it be power by a powerbank?

    • I did and you can. I haven’t tried using the microUSB port. It can only be powered by the adapter though.

      • sal sal

        Did you use a postpaid sim for the prepaid Home LTE? How is it working out for you?

  10. Nicol John Nicol John

    Hi there… Kakabili ko lang nito kanina. Ang nabili ko is different sa model mo.. Yung Logo sa device ay printed na at saka iba narin yung adapter. I hope okay na itong adapter..

    • I hope so too because the adapter of the first model is really crappy to be completely honest.

  11. Joseph Joseph

    Pwede po ba lagyan ito ng telephone port?
    gusto ko kasi i-connect yung phone sa wifi router kaso
    wala syang telephone port LAN port lang
    pano gagawin para malagyan ng telephone port yang Home Prepaid Wifi Router??
    thanks in advance

    • Buybuy Buybuy

      You need a voip adapter like magicjack, although may separate subscription yun

  12. James James

    Pwede po kaya ilagay yung SIM nito sa ibang devices like pocket wifi? Planning to buy this pero yung SIM lang talaga sana ang habol ko. Gusto ko din sana ilagay yung SIM sa pocket wifi para pag on-the-go ako magagamit ko sya. Thank you!

  13. Dang Dang

    Isa lang naiisip ko, how can i make this thing go mobile?!?! Hahaha! Definitely want this pero i want to carry this wherever. I have globe’s pocket lte but who wouldnt want an additional 50% better speed?! 🙂

    • I agree but the device was made for the home and there’s no battery compartment. Unless you have a battery pack that can support the power needed, I’d recommend that you stick with your pocket lte

  14. Jomi Jomi

    pano to iturn off sir binasa ko manuals pero wala nakalagay, dun sa bandang last part sabe turn off the device before plugging out pero wala sinabi kung panu iturnoff tska dun sa wps button parang di nag wowork sakin lang ba?

  15. Salvador Salvador

    Just bought it last Sunday Model No.B310As-938 at JrMemoExpress. na set na sya at na activate na ung free10gb. pag uwi ko sa bahay kulay red and indicator. on next day i brought to Globe Center but wala silang nagawa at ang advice na papalitan dun sa JRMemo Express.
    The Issues:
    1. Walang signal sa lugar namin pero dun sa tindahan mayroon.
    2. After na ma activate ang Free10GB di pa rin ma access kahit na anong site.

    • Ganyan talaga sa FREE10GB. You have to wait a while.

      As for signal, mag iba-iba talaga yan depende sa device din.

  16. Raymond Baludio Raymond Baludio

    Sir, will it work on areas without LTE coverage?
    we have globe signal in our area but non-LTE, the signal indicator doesn’t show any signal.

    • Yes it does. There’s a setting for that. I mentioned it in my reply to your previous comment 🙂

  17. Ivy Cortez Ivy Cortez

    Hello i just bought this last night in Sm north sm business booth. I didn’t know that it has capping, 1gb only a day? Omg i think i made a mistake buying this for that haha. We need a wifi that has no capping or not that very low cap. Heavy user kasi kami at home. *sigh*

    • If you’re looking for pocket wifi without capping, I think you need to go for wired broadband plan with a wifi router. Both Globe and Smart have data caps to ensure quality for ALL subscribers, not just the 1-2%.

      Also, that 1GB just costs P15 through HomeSurf on Globe Prepaid Home WiFi.

  18. Lionell Lionell

    Hi Sir, Can I use the promo GOTSCOMBODD90 for this device? Thanks

      • Al pascual Al pascual

        Sir, Can we use the same crack codes or unli surf packages that Globe does offers? Ang mga nakikita ko kasi ky limited lang like homeSURF50 1 GB for 1 day lang. Please help

  19. Just finished reading your review of the mobile LTE of globe. I’m glad you took a picture of the product and the stuff that came with it kasi ayaw buksan sa globe unless binili mo na daw. Haggard.

    Also, I’m glad I went through the comments section kasi I thought may rechargeable siya na battery. So pag-iisipan ko mabuti.

  20. Atom Atom

    Pwede po kaya yung GOSAKTO promos dito?

  21. jonathan siason jonathan siason

    ilang bars nasasagap u at ilan yung speed nya.

    • Actual speed and signal is dependent sa location mo. I get around 20 Mbps sa cebu city po

      • jonathan siason jonathan siason

        thank you..additional question..max registrtion sa homesurf15..

        • Max registration? I think you can register as much as you want. Just type HOMESURF15 to 8080 with the sms feature of the prepaid home wifi 🙂

          • jonathan siason jonathan siason

            thank you..so much..

          • jonathan siason jonathan siason

            pwede bang gamintin sa homesurf15 gosurf99 na add on?

          • jonathan siason jonathan siason

            ah ganun ba..ok salamat

          • jonathan siason jonathan siason

            active paba ang promo na

          • jonathan siason jonathan siason

            ok.thanks for the info

        • jonathan siason jonathan siason

          ask lng.anong brand at model ng modem na ito.supported ba ang 700 mhz frequency.

          • Walang brand whatsoever. I believe hindi supported ang 700MHz sa model na ito.

  22. jonathan siason jonathan siason

    ok.thanks for the info

    • jonathan siason jonathan siason

      ngeh halos lahat ng device may gumawa so may brand name.ung counterpart nya na smart home wifi,supported ang 700 mhz.tumatagos sa wall signal nun.

  23. jonathan siason jonathan siason

    ngeh,lahat ng device my gumawa.so may brand name.. ung counterpart nya na smart.ho
    me wifi supported na ang 700 mhz..tumatogos sa wall signal nun.

    • Di naman assurance na kung may 700 mhz ang smart ay meron sa lugar ninyu. Baka mahina ang smart sa lugar ninyo so walang saysay yung pagbili ng smart na wifi

      • jonathan siason jonathan siason

        nakabili na me.globe home wifi (my antenna port sya.model,Huawei B310AS-938.

  24. Mark Mark

    how about data cap? subject for fair use policy din po ba ito?

      • Mark Alvin Luces Mark Alvin Luces

        So babagal po ba sya after maubos ang 15g or everyday dapat 800 mb lang tlaga?:(

  25. Juralyn Juralyn

    Sayang, gusto ko pa naman magpurchase nito, kaso disapppointed ako sa adapter. And saan din makakabili ng antenna para rito?

  26. Molant Molant

    Pwede po bang siyang e connect directly sa laptop? Pwede po ba ito sa online teaching?

    • May ethernet port po ang prepaid home wifi device so pwede naman. 🙂

      Depende talaga yan sa lugar ninyu. Kung walang LTE ang globe dyan, then sure ako na mahina ang internet mu.

  27. sheshe sheshe

    maayong adlaw brad …. hinay ang signal sa maguikay sa globe sim ma apektuhan ba ang signal ana? home pocket wifi?

  28. JM JM

    I’m an online tutor so i need a backup internet during power outages, would you recommend this? Another thing, with the cap that they have can it support 4 hrs of video calling?

    • Since you mentioned that this is just a backup, it is viable but just keep this in mind: their data promos are only up to 10GB for 30 days (P999). Yes there’s the HomeSurf 15 but it’s mainly for short term use. I would rather just get a backup postpaid SIM in that case or a wireless Globe broadband plan since that has bigger data allocations.

  29. Diana Abegail Dulce Diana Abegail Dulce

    Para saan po yung micro port na nasa ilalim

  30. Robert Robert

    Hi. Have you tried connecting to another router to bypass the 5 wifi user limit and connect more devices?

    • I haven’t, and it’ll probably be too slow at that point. It only says “up to 42 Mbps”. Realistically, it only reaches around 15-20.

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