Globe’s ThePLAN, Apple’s WWDC. (TechBytes)

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TechBytes is a weekly dose of tech in one post! I put the relevant tech news, podcasts, videos, and more that you need to know!  This week, it’s about Globe’s ThePLAN, Apple’s WWDC, and more rumors for upcoming smartphones this year!


Globe’s ThePLAN!

Two years after Globe offered the myLifestyle Plan, it now has a new postpaid plan: ThePLAN! Despite keeping the same set of payment price points to choose from, Globe’s ThePLAN gives you more!

Compared to the myLifestylePlan, Globe’s ThePLAN gives you:

  • Bigger data allowances
  • More flexibility to mix and match different services to fit your needs
  • You can partner the plan with a device (comes with 24 months’ contract)
  • More consumable amount when you avail the SIM-only version

Whenever Globe puts out their latest postpaid plan, I instantly get jealous! This is because the new plan is already better than what I have now! Alas, this is a reality I have to deal with.

Here are the available price points for ThePLAN:

globe's thePLAN choices

For more details on Globe’s new postpaid plan, head on over to their site!

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WWDC 2017!

Last week, Apple announced initial details of this year’s WWDC. Apple’s yearly developer-focused event goes back to the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, USA in June 5-9, 2017. The said venue was the original home of the WWDC since it started until 2002. Apple moved the event to the Moscone Center in San Francisco and they have been there through the birth of App le’s successful products. Going back to San Jose may seem like a weird move but it makes sense for Apple to have it closer to their new home, the Apple Park. Despite moving to a lesser-known city, Apple already attracts a lot of attention that they can do anything they want.

I expect Apple to have their opening keynote to be filled with new releases of their platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS). If no March event will happen, then maybe those new iPads will come out during this time.

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The Galaxy Note 7 Rises from the Dead! (Sort of)

After the insanity that Samsung went through thanks to the Galaxy Note 7, I find the move to bring it back really odd. According to reports, Samsung plans to reuse the unused parts from the Note 7 and use a new casing and battery to sell at a lower price. As long as they use the same battery tests they promised they would do moving forward, then I guess it doesn’t hurt. They still need to remove all that excess inventory of parts, you know.

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Instagram Lets You Post Multiple Photos at Once!

Instagram finally updated its iOS and Android apps to include support for posting up to 10 photos and videos in one post! You can edit each photo that’s included in the post and even tag people! It’s a great new way to share more photos of a certain moment without ruining the core experience. Even though there are some users who don’t like this change, it’s one that I can embrace and use regularly.

What’s Up on The Blog

smartphone features 2017 header

What does a phone maker have to do to compete in the smartphone market? In this post, I give the 5 features that I think a smartphone MUST HAVE in order to keep up.

Stories from the Web

I’m gonna try something new for this segment: a Theme! To start, let’s go with next week’s big tech event: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain!

LG’s G6 has a wide-angle dual camera for the perfect Instagram shot

LG was one of the first phones to bring back the dual camera setup on a phone, so it makes sense.

Huawei’s P10 will be announced in MWC!


I’m actually excited for this one! This is one of my most anticipated smartphones for 2017 and I expect nothing less after their successful P9 smartphone.

Xiaomi “Pinecone” SoC to be fully revealed at MWC 2017

After rumors were swirling about Xiaomi making their own chips, we may see them announcing their first one at Mobile World Congress!

Why is Android Studio still such a gruesome embarrassment?

I’ve tried out Android Studio when it was still new. The fact that it’s still slow speaks volumes as to why developers choose to make apps for iOS first.

Beats X Review: Apple’s Neckbuds For The Everyday

Beats now has an “affordable” wireless option aimed at people who weren’t too keen on getting Apple’s AirPods.
(In case you didn’t know, Apple owns Beats.)

Apple Opens Its New Campus, Apple Park, in April!

Apple Park sounds catchy. The theater in Apple Park will be named after Steve Jobs. September event in Apple Park, anyone?

The next iPhone could have a bigger display and more battery

If there’s anything that would make me buy the new iPhone this year without any ounce of care in the world, it’s this. Good luck, wallet.

New Podcasts!

(Blogger Banters is STILL currently on hiatus until we can provide a better and more meaningful podcast for you guys!)

the vergecast

On the latest episode of the Vergecast, the crew talks about what happened in Code Media 2017, Verizon’s “unlimited” plans, Sonos audio, and something called Caavo. Just listen! Hehe.

Apple Byte Extra Crunchy!

Here’s a new one for all the Apple lovers out there! On the latest Apple Byte Extra Crunchy podcast, they talk about the latest iPhone 8 rumors and Apple TV getting 4K support.

techbytes madebygoogle ctrl-walt-delete

On the latest episode of Ctrl-Walt-DeleteNilay and Walt talk about the future of TV in Code Media 2017 and Caavo. Yes. Caavo. Look it up guys.

On this week’s Too Embarrassed to Ask, they tackle this nagging dilemma of dealing with multiple cloud services.

New Videos!

That’s it for this week’s TechBytes! Are you excited for the phones that will come out of Mobile World Congress? Is Globe’s new postpaid plan enticing to you? Do you want to use a refurbished phone with parts from the Note 7? Sound off in the comments section below!

12 thoughts on “Globe’s ThePLAN, Apple’s WWDC. (TechBytes)

  1. The bigger, the better! Haha. But I’m a Smart user, maybe I’ll try it when I get tired of Smart’s walay-klaro service. Haha.

  2. WWDC is just plain awesome. I think the startup community here in the Philippines must emulate it. The programmers need the perspective of the people in the field. They cannot just be in their own world. There are real problems that need new solutions but since most of the devs are not aware of it, they just get stuck in making “shallow” apps. It is time to connect to more people.

  3. Does this mean that Globe’s myLifestyle plans are no longer available for new and re-contracting customers? And speaking of re-contracting, if we are to choose the SIM-only plan, can we still retain our old number on the new sim?

  4. I might consider having a Globe plan now. Yep! The plans are more affordable na. I am also happy with Instagram’s latest news. Instead of posting individual photos at a time, we can now do it in bulk! Call me a happy social media manager! 🙂

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