What Powers You, Jean Yu?

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What Powers You? is a new post series featuring people from different walks of life. It’s been months since I featured someone on my blog. This will be my alternate post series along with TechBytes. I want to feature more and more bloggers and more creative people here. On this one, I talk about Jean Yu!

I first met Jean Yu as the sister of my batchmate in college, Charles. Eventually, I started asking advice from her about what she uses for her to blog. I am so grateful that Jean helped me in starting my blogging. She was recently awarded as the Best Cebu Personal Blogger during the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016! I was happy to know that during the event and informed her about it. I was so proud to know a blogger like her.

Anyway, here’s my interview with Jean Yu!

Q&A with Jean Yu:

What’s your blog all about?

My blog, LifeOnAFlavoredRunway.com is a lifestyle blog. It started out as a fashion blog and later on evolved into a lifestyle blog because of the different events and collaborations.

How does your blog represent yoU AND Where do you usually get your ideas for your blog?

A blog is something very personal. I share my thoughts and personal experiences on the things that I love be it related to fashion, beauty, food, or travel. When it comes to outfit posts, I usually share personal styling tips which I believe will work for my readers as well. When it comes to restaurant or product review and events, I share personal thoughts and experiences and also information useful for my readers.

What gadgets power you in blogging and in everyday life?
jean yu gadgets :)
Fujifilm X-E2, iPhone 6, Huawei P9, and Macbook Pro
How has technology changed your life?

Technology makes our lives a lot easier as it saves time, simplifies things, gives us access to information which can be used for both work and entertainment.

#TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid? Why are you on said team?

I have been an iOS user ever since. I personally find it very user-friendly and can save time as it simplifies things, which means you won’t need to go through a lot of steps to accomplish something. Its clean and minimalist user interface also makes it so much easier to navigate and look for files or favorite apps. #TeamiPhone

Thanks to Jean Yu for taking the time to do this interview! She was from

Please please please check her out on her blog and on social media!

jean yu - life on a flavored runway


Blog: www.lifeonaflavoredrunway.com
Facebook: Jean Yu
Twitter/Instagram: @jeancyu

8 thoughts on “What Powers You, Jean Yu?

  1. I started reading her blog when they organized Pen Meet Cebu 2 years ago I think. Love her personal style. 🙂 Would love to purchase Fujifilm cam in the future.

  2. I met her two years ago at the BCBA 2014 Awards Night. She actually won that night. Right after that I followed her blog which was then jeanyu.com or jeancyu.com, I forgot! Haha. But yeah, she is one of the best lifestyle bloggers in town.

  3. I know her distantly because we have some mutual friends, mainly from CFB. She seems pretty cool! This is a great series that showcases a lot of awesome folks. Looking forward to more features in the future! 🙂

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