Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0: Why Go?

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I was fortunate enough to join Cebu Blogging Community earlier this year. Despite my busy schedule, I managed to meet people who taught and inspired me to blog more. Some people really don’t get that chance. With that in mind, I pose these questions to YOU:

Are you a blogger who wants to improve their skills?

Do you want to start blogging but don’t know how?

Do you want to find new and exciting ways to promote your blog?


If you said YES to any of these questions, then join the Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0!

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What on earth is the Cebu Blogging Summit?

The Cebu Blogging Summit is an annual non-profit event for up and coming bloggers and social netizens that aims to round-up top and best bloggers of Cebu to share to these newbies:

  • blogging strategies
  • ideas, tips and techniques in blogging and social media
  • other technical and non-technical skill sets to ensure that they sustain blogging as a medium for social good.

When and where will this take place?

It’s happening on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at iiOffice Cebu, Capitol Site, Cebu City! Here’s their Facebook page to get a sense of the place. 🙂

You mentioned 3.0. Why is that?

Glad you asked! This is because the Cebu Blogging Summit is on its third year! This year’s theme is “The Rise of the Millennial ePRENEURS: Responsible Social Media Influencers”.  The theme aims to encourage millennials to bring their passion online and at the same time be able to sustain it and their community cause.

Are you sure this is for me? 

Yes it is! Anyone can blog! This summit is not just for experienced bloggers who want to improve their blogging, but also people who just want to get started with their blogging journey!

But the registration is CLOSED! How on earth do I follow this event?

Don’t worry! Despite that, the organizers have prepared a livestream that will be up on Saturday! Go to the Cebu Blogging Summit Facebook page for the livestream!

Are YOU excited? I sure am! Hope to see you there in the event!

Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0 is Co-Presented by Globe. iiOffice Cebu is the Official Venue Partner.

9 thoughts on “Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0: Why Go?

  1. I had a great time during the summit and so happy to rekindle friendships with other bloggers that we don’t see often. I’d say it was a successful event. Thanks for your support Jullian!

  2. I had a great time during the summit. The last time joined was still in 2014 so it was good to be back and meet other bloggers and aspiring bloggers. Looking forward to the next CBsummit. 🙂

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