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After weeks of explosions, recalls, and being on fire, Samsung has stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7. It has been bad news after bad news for Samsung. Not only did they screw up the recalls themselves, they also screwed up in informing us! It is a nightmare scenario for a phone that was once touted as the best smartphone on the market. Samsung is in a bad spot that most manufacturers want to avoid. Worst of all, they have nothing to show for this holiday season save for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Until Samsung gets its act together and explains what on earth is going on, it’ll have to suffer at the hands of Apple’s “boring” new phones and Google’s best. It sucks to be Samsung right now.

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In the latest episode of Blogger Banters, we let Mexican food get in the way of being legitimately serious on our topics! Hehehe. Anyways, we talk about the Galaxy Note 7 (duh), Luke Cage, Westworld, and more! We hope to have a more streamlined experience soon. Watch out for that!

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On the latest episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete, Walt and Nilay discuss about how Siri is lagging way behind Google’s new Assistant and other AI assistants out there. Oh, did I mention that they also talk about the Galaxy Note 7?

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Do you listen to Ctrl-Walt-Delete? That was a serious and in-depth look at tech topics today. The Vergecast? Well, more craziness shows up here. A group of people from The Verge talk about recent news on their site and go bananas with it. Hehehe. On the latest episode, they talk about their Galaxy Note 7 coverage and Samsung’s fight with Apple in the Supreme Court. Sounds serious? Be careful. Hehe.

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Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi Unboxing!

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18 thoughts on “TechBytes | RIP Galaxy Note 7.

  1. After all what Samsung has gone through, I would still think that they would gain back their reputation as one of the leading smartphone being on top of people’s choice for the past 10 years. Sorry to hear about their biggest downfall, but they will certainly get up and fix all the issues arises.

  2. Yah, sucks to be Samsung at this time. But it’s really time to let go of their faulty Note 7. I hope next time they will be able to produce a non-explosive gadget. Basin mahadlok na mga taw mugamit haha. Anyway, will listen to the podcasts pa diay! Wala pajud ko kadungog. Nindot sya paminawn samtang ga code at work haha!

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  3. I will definitely vouch for the reason that enabling fast-charging to a very thin Li-ion battery caused the Note 7’s demise. Heat generated by excessively fast thermic reactions in the battery is definitely a suspect.

  4. Haha.. I’m not a fan of Samsung though since I just like the design but not impressed with the look of the screen and so on. But sadly, I heard about exploding and thanks to Samsung since they pull-out products of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Hopefully they will find it as a lesson.. Sorry to say but not a fan of iPhone too.. haha

  5. Rest in peace indeed, Galaxy Note 7, as well as the Note brand for that matter. It’s quite a tragedy really, because it was a pretty nice model, aside from the whole, potential explosive in your pocket deal. It will be an interesting thing to witness how Samsung is going to recuperate from all of this, or if they ever do manage to. But I really hope they do in good time.

  6. It sucks to be Samsung right now but people forget easily so…it’s a lesson learned for everyone. 😀

    Which kind of makes me think just what the devs and the testers are going through right now. Hahaha. Oh, I remember my dev days. What fun. 😛

  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been noted as the worst PR catastrophe or the worst thing that ever happened to Samsung. By the way, the RIP part got me laughing. Maybe the brand will eventually die. Maybe it won’t. If the public will give Samsung to make amends or improve on their bad stuff, I think Samsung will stay afloat. Good thing none of the CBC members experienced exploding smart phones! That is crazy! Hahaha!

    By the way, the Blogger Banters podcast is so much fun! I’m a new fan!

  8. It will be good for us. Samsung will come out with a flagship phone for under 20,000 to reward the loyal costumers. Even the biggest Apple fan boys would buy one. 😉

  9. My friend once wanted to have the Note 7 instead of iPhone, good thing he doesn’t pursue his plans.. Lol. Anyway, I really hope that samsung would come back with a good offer. This incident had cause them a lot already from sales to their reputation. I am positive that they would offer their next flagship phones with lower prices, half the current price maybe to gain back the momentum as one of the top smartphone provider.

  10. Well this is what happens when they try to beat the iPhone. Samsung should stop comparing themselves and focus on what makes them a unique to be an authority on mobile devices.

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