Blogging on a Smartphone?!?

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I am amazed at how far we’ve come in technology. We’ve reached the point where even a device as small as a phone can do a lot of things including blogging!

Have you ever tried blogging using your smartphone? I know it may seem like a harder task but it’s actually not that difficult!

Why blog on a smartphone?

  • You can put out your raw thoughts right away.
  • Depending on the topic, its relevance is still fresher compared to a normal post
  • Sharing is super easy thanks to the easier access of social media through your smartphone

Although blogging on a smartphone is easy, there are some features you lose when you do so:

  • Custom URL slug for posts
  • Custom post for social media
  • The ability to do even Basic SEO

Yeah, you can still access the full version of your blog editing tool on the web browser of your phone. It’s a different feeling though when you type something using a keyboard on a laptop.

Despite the features that you lose, I believe it’s a nice idea to try blogging from a phone. If you’re still a skeptic of this concept or you think this really won’t work, maybe these ideas could help:

  • Try writing a draft or an outline of what you want to post on your blog on your phone. You can improve the content when you get a hold of your laptop.
  • Take some random pictures until one of them actually gives you an idea of what to post! (This one actually works for me.)
  • Read stuff from the web while you’re on your commute and write about it when you get to where you need to be.

If you need to get that idea out of the head but don’t have your laptop with you, consider doing some blogging on your phone!

If you didn’t notice at all, I am actually posting this from my phone! Here’s proof:

I hope this inspires you to blog more and more!

17 thoughts on “Blogging on a Smartphone?!?

  1. I tried this once using my old blog and I don’t like it. I can’t barely think of a sentence. I managed to post an article, though. When I reviewed it using my laptop, I cringed at my errors. HAHAHA! Well, preferences can vary between bloggers. 🙂

  2. I pretty much do this in some capacity already. Whenever I’m out and suddenly have a great idea for a post popped into my head, I immediately grab my phone and take note of the idea and maybe even start typing away a rough draft of the post. I’ve only tried actually writing and publishing a post once though, and probably will never try it again because it was just too…claustrophobic for me, for the lack of a better term. There’s just too many features that you lose out on when you’re not in a computer. I’d prefer to just take notes so that I don’t forget about them and then when I get on a computer, transfer those and formulate it into a full blog post. 🙂

  3. “Try writing a draft or an outline of what you want to post on your blog on your phone. You can improve the content when you get a hold of your laptop.” Haha I do this sometimes! I actually have a Blogger app on my phone so I could draft my posts right away without forgetting my thoughts. Thanks for sharing this post Julz!

  4. Believe it or not, all my blogs from the very first article I have published was drafted on my smart phone and published in my smart phone even until today. I have nearly 70 articles published using my smart phone. I just don’t why I’m really comfortable using my phone than my laptop. From my pics to my content all are done using my phone. I simply try using my laptop when I have something to check on a technical side where I badly need using a laptop.

  5. I used to blog using my phone when I was still using Tumblr. But it’s not that easy now anymore because it is so hard to insert photos using my phone. Haha

  6. I installed WordPress to blog on my smartphone. Another reason is why I installed since most of the pictures taken using my phone so I can just upload directly without transferring the images from phone to PC. After posting, I directly share it since Facebook, Twitter is available in smartphone.

  7. I have blogged through my phone several times! Haha. One was when my computer got busted and I had to wait weeks for a replacement. Recently was just 2 weeks ago when I was in Vietnam and I received an email for paid posts I had to complete in 48 hours. I have to say it’s very convenient but it kills me inside because I’m very OC. Hahaha.

    It’s difficult to insert photos (because I usually resize first) and to edit the formatting because the tool bar is too small. I use the browser, not the app. I ended up giving instructions to my husband back home so he could edit my posts. I’d still prefer desktop or laptop for blogging but mobile phones are good when you’re on the go. I just type my ideas on my notes app.

  8. I used to do this with my old phone (Xperia) . Indeed, it has its advantages but i still prefer doing it with my desktop because I am doing a lot of videos nowadays and I am using my Sony A6300 for my photos.

    I would probably do this more once the Telecom companies roll out a reliable, fast, and affordable wireless internet.

  9. We’re just moved to our new home and our internet provider needs 3 WEEKS to transfer our service to the new address. So I started blogging on my smartphone. I get to resize and enhanced my photos on my computer saved it and upload it using mobile data.

  10. I work full-time with Tripzilla and once, during our trip in Mindanao, I had to write my assignment on the phone while we were on a bus on the way to Bislig City. It was fun and dizzying (and also surprisingly one of my best posts for the month). However, I wouldn’t trade blogging on the laptop over blogging on a phone. I guess it’s also because I have a dev mindset so I want everything on the screen and I want to easily access it. I don’t even not want to use a laptop without a mouse.

  11. Personally, I don’t want to blog on a smart phone. I did blog using my iPad. I just downloaded the WordPress App and use it if there is an urgent need for a blog post. It is convenient in a way that we can publish a blog post as soon as possible but there’s no substitution for the sensation of typing the words on a keyboard, hearing the words being typed, the sensation of our fingers touching the keyboard, the sound our typing makes.

    Yes, you are right about the cons. Before I want to publish a blog post, I want to optimize it for Yoast. But in general, blogging with a smart phone is very doable.

    Am I going to blog using a smart phone very soon? As soon as I have an iPhone 7 in my hands! Haha!

  12. Sometimes I make drafts on my smartphone but I end up finishing it on my laptop. Never tried publishing any blog post using my smart phone yet. I am not comfortable with inserting photos using my mobile phone. Besides, most of my photos were from my DSLR. But it really boils down to preference 🙂

  13. Not ready to blog via mobile. I tend to overlook a lot of things on web pa man gani, how much more mobile? I can’t imagine doing this, too. I just wanted to become an influencer para Instagram post na lang. Hahahaha. 😉

  14. When I’m travelling, I usually write down some important notes like the itinerary and budget so that I won’t forget anything once I’m seriously writing a blog post. When there is also enough time, I try to write down the main points I’d like to incorporate on my post. But I want everything finished using a laptop. haha There is really a different dynamics when you’re typing on a physical keyboard than on a touchscreen. Lol

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