iPhone VS Pixel: Which Should You Choose?

iPhone VS Pixel Header. Images from The Verge.

For years, the iPhone has been the most dominant smartphone ever. Apple can always say that the integration of hardware and software is what makes the iPhone better than anyone else. In 2016, Google decides to play by Apple’s rules by making a phone themselves. The Pixel is the first phone fully designed by Google. It is the first phone to truly challenge the iPhone the right way. Some reviews say it is a home run. Some reviews say it’s mediocre.

If you want a high-end smartphone and you don’t want it exploding on your face, then you now have an additional phone to choose.

Which should you choose: Apple’s iPhone 7 or Google’s Pixel? I’m here to show you that.

iphone 7 header

Pick the iPhone 7 (or 7 Plus) if:

  • You have an iPhone and you want to upgrade to a new one.
  • You love iOS. It wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t unless…
  • You are tired of the Android ecosystem. Probably because you don’t like the different Android phone makers?
  • You want the latest apps! iOS gets the latest apps first and has more apps just for it.
  • Despite some of its flaws, you just want a smartphone that “just works”.
  • Your personal information is important and you don’t want some “company with four colors” to use your data for their needs.
  • You want a voice assistant that helps you in basic tasks on your phone.
  • You want the best of Apple, Google, and Microsoft in one phone. Think about that for a second.
  • You drop your phone in the toilet or use it in the shower. (Guilty as charged.)
  • You want a really shiny black phone. (Yes, there are people like that.)

madebygoogle pixel colors and sizes

Pick the Pixel if:

  • You love Android to the core and you don’t like what other Android phone makers are doing.
  • You hate Apple. (Duh.)
  • You think Google’s vision of Android is the best ever. (Because they own Android?)
  • You want all your photos to be stored in the cloud for FREE and at FULL RESOLUTION.
  • You want your phone to be ready for VR. Google will be happy to sell you their Daydream View headset.
  • You want a voice assistant that knows more about you and tells you relevant information about it.
  • You are willing to trade your privacy for convenience. Good luck with that when the government asks for data.
  • You want all the Google that you can get!
  • You want a “Really Blue” phone. Get it?

Either phone is good for:

  • taking good photos
  • taking good videos
  • accessing the internet
  • basically anything you can do with a smartphone
  • not exploding in your face (hahaha #RIPGalaxyNote7)

What I’m trying to say is that no matter which smartphone you choose, you’ll get a good one. You get either the best from Apple or the best from Google. I’m glad that they are bringing all the stops in the name of competition. Let us see who wins the holiday season this year! I know which one I’m cheering for. Hehe.

22 thoughts on “iPhone VS Pixel: Which Should You Choose?

  1. Android all the way! HAHAHA. We’ll see what Pixel can offer. If it has a really, really good phone camera, I might just break the bank! Sheessshhh

  2. Definitely choosing iPhone. I love iOS too much but that doesn’t mean I hate Android because Android is still good but iOS weighs more in my heart. 😀

  3. I better not choose among of those two.. I dont like ios or maybe not exploring it.. haha.. but noy definitely picking yet the Pixel since it’s new but the good thing is its from Google.

  4. Haha. I’ve been an Android user for years before I switched to an two-year-old iPhone. Honestly even if the iPhone’s battery could no longer last an hour, I was amazed at how fast and how many apps I could install. (The Android phone I got belonged to the lower end.) I can’t really say which one I truly like although I’m loving my current Android phone right now.

    I’m not sure how Pixel truly differs from the rest. From a dev’s point of view, both are interesting to code but iPhone’s is very painful to the pocket. Haha.

  5. Between the two, Pixel looks more promising. Wish it was waterproof though but I’ve seen tests that the Pixel survived an hour (better than the iPhone) but some problem with the speakers since that’s the only part that is made of cloth, I guess.

  6. I’m loving iOS now so I might pick iPhone. Lol i currently have the 6s+ though . But given a chance I would get the Pixel too. I’m an android user until now and I can say that there are pros and cons in both products and it boils down to preference of the user which to choose.

  7. If the odds were even, I’d obviously go with the Pixel. Don’t really subscribe to the idea of fanboy-ism or anything, but the pure Android experience just sings to my heart more. I guess I don’t have enough “courage” for the iPhone 7. Hahaha.

  8. OMG naglibog na nuon ko! I am an iPhone user but I am not closing my doors to Android since naka Android naman ko before pod. Gosh. Mahala raba sa iPhone 7! Also, Pixel is not bad! And oyure right, bisag asa sa duha, naa juy nindot nga makuha/benefit. Thanks for the info Julz!

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