3 Reasons to Get a Pre-Owned iPhone.

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There are some aspects of tech that we tend to ignore sometimes. One of those is refurbished or pre-owned phones. They are phones returned or brought in for repair and sold for a discounted price. Apple is one manufacturer that takes advantage of this by selling pre-owned iPhones to third-world countries like the Philippines.

Motivation for selling a Pre-owned iPhone

Despite the negative vibe that pre-owned phones usually bring, I think that Apple is just playing out a different tactic to the same old strategy. Apple is selling these because it wants to bring more people into their ecosystem.

This is the scenario that I think Apple is foreseeing:

  • Apple sells you a pre-owned iPhone for a lower price.
  • You buy accessories for it (most probably a case and a screen protector).
  • You love the experience of using an iPhone.
  • Eventually, you save more money to get a brand new iPhone.
  • Apple earns money from you!

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If you think that Apple is not thinking about third-world countries, then you’re wrong. I know that Apple under Steve Jobs might not do this sort of thing. The iPhone business is already so big that they can afford to do this.

In the end, it is the consumer who decides whether he or she should get a pre-owned iPhone. I’m here to show you 3 reasons to get a pre-owned iPhone:

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Apple’s Quality is Present

With a Certified Pre-owned iPhone from Apple, you are sure that they use a mix of old and new parts. Apple also checks the quality of the finished product through stringent tests. In this way, you are assured that Apple takes care of these phones as much as the brand-new ones.

One Year Warranty

Like a brand-new one, Apple gives a 1-year warranty for a pre-owned iPhone. A pre-owned iPhone is given a new serial number so in case the phone gets broken, you can bring it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider like Power Mac Center. I have really good experiences with how they handle broken iPhones, so this has always been my biggest selling point in purchasing iPhones over other phones.

A More Affordable iPhone!

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As I mentioned earlier, pre-owned iPhones cost less than a brand-new one. You get the same love and care that Apple and its partners given to all iPhone owners. You can get the same accessories. The latest iOS software updates are available to you! You get the best that Apple has to offer at a more affordable price!

Those are my 3 reasons why you should get a pre-owned iPhone. I like the fact that Apple is trying new things with diversifying their iPhone lineup. Despite the high price of admission for new iPhones, these are good alternatives if you want to get the best smartphone experience in my opinion.

Are you convinced? Despite what I said, are you getting a cheap Android phone anyway? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section below. 

25 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Get a Pre-Owned iPhone.

  1. The idea that Apple/iPhone is expensive has been etched in my brain. I don’t know why. Perhaps because I’m allergic to many things expensive. HAHA. I rarely buy a phone actually. I’ve purchased Samsung and Nokia. Also Asus (although I’m not using it). So basically, my whole world revolved in Android all my life. LOL. It’s great though that Apple does this. Pre-owned and pre-loved for a cheaper price but same quality. Why not.

  2. I like Apple because find it very user friendly unlike Android. I have an ipad but my phone is android because it is cheaper. Maybe I am going to try a pre-owned phone from Apple.

  3. I like Apple because find it very user friendly unlike Android. I have an ipad but my phone is android because it is cheaper. Maybe I am going to try a pre-owned phone from Apple.

  4. I really like Apple compared to Android phones because for me, the functionality is simple. My current iPhone is slowing down and I might change phones soon. I will certainly consider getting a pre-owned iPhone. 🙂

  5. I bought my iPhone from a friend who has used it for two years already. I just wanted to get a feel of how it is to use an Apple product plus the terms were very friendly so I didn’t mind. The battery was already losing power but it still does its job and, coming from a very low end Android phone, I was amazed with its memory and fast processing capabilities. Haha. I wouldn’t mind getting a pre-owned iPhone the next time. Or maybe I’d get a brand new one in cash if I can already afford it. Haha!

  6. Hahaha pre-owned or not, I still stick to android. I just don’t know why I am so allergic with apple products, possibly because I can’t afford. I merely don’t see myself investing so much money in cellphone where in I only after with the basic usages of it.

  7. Businesses are becoming more focused to consumers than they were decades ago. It is so evident now that consumers can easily buy online and are much more demanding; consumers control businesses now and not the other way around.

  8. it’s great the Apple sells pre-owned iPhones that is cheaper than the usual. I’d like to ask – are there differences with the specs and performance with the pre-owned and the brand new?


  9. I love android phones and I still do but this limited internet offers from TelCos had made up my mind to get a new iPhone plan from smart postpaid. I am a power user when it comes to internet that is why I chose iPhone 6s over Samsungs’ or Sonys’ flagship phones.

    After few days of using my iPhone, I found it more efficient in terms of processing and memory management. I had still my android phones and tab right now but I seldom use them for other things, just for calls and text nalang.

    I learned to love iPhone and other apple products now even if I was really allergic to these things before. Given a chance to have another phone, i will probably chose an iPhone, a refurbished one is good enough as stated in your post.

  10. Why not just open an Apple Pre-loved Store? I think you are good in selling Apple stuff. I am sure that it will have lots of inventory in 3 months when people start ditching the older units for the new iPhone 7.

    Keep those Apple stuff coming!

  11. I’m thinking of getting a pre-owned iPhone this December too. It’s more economical for me and as much as I’m tempted to get that Huawei P9, nothing beats the comfort of using an iPhone.

  12. I sold my iPhone 4s to my friend and until now, she is still using it. I guess what makes Apple great is its durable quality. Im also planning to buy a 0reowned 6s but still thinking about it. #moneyissues. Hahhaha!

  13. I’ve been using my iPhone for a year now and it’s still functioning very well. But having a pre-owned one is also something that I consider. It doesn’t only cost less but also, as what you said, we get the same benefits that Apple gives to iPhone users. Maybe soon I’ll get a pre-owned iPhone 7 (or 7s) nalang hahaha

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  14. I definitely think this would be the way to go if you’re still on an older version of the iPhone, looking to upgrade, but just don’t have the budget to opt in for a 7. It still has some decent enough specs, and with the now lowered pricing, are probably worth getting now!

    1. The ones offered by Globe and Smart are still Apple CPO units. If you don’t mind being telco-locked, then go for the ones in telcos. If not, buy a plain Apple CPO unit from cellphone shops. 🙂

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