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3 Things Samsung Must Do After the Note 7.

Jullian Robin Sibi 19

Samsung really screwed up big time.

They attempted to one-up the iPhone 7 by releasing the Galaxy Note 7 a month before. Few weeks after it was released, Note 7s started to explode! At first it was just a few phones. Then it reached a point where a hundred of those phones had issues. Samsung issued a worldwide recall for all Note 7s at the time and handled it poorly. Last week, the already bad news got worse when a replacement Note 7 was on fire in a plane. After a series of misfortunes, Samsung has decided to kill the Galaxy Note 7 once and for all.

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Even with that, there are things that Samsung should do to re-establish trust with the public. These are 3 things Samsung should do:

Do a Special Press Conference

Remember Antennagate? It was an issue where the iPhone 4 would get a bad signal by just holding the phone. Even though I think that was overblown, Apple decided to hold a special press conference. Steve Jobs explained what caused the issue and how many people were actually affected. On top of that, Apple gave free bumper cases to every iPhone 4 owner at the time.

Samsung should do the same and do a special press conference. They should apologize for everything that’s happened with the Note 7. I think they need to explain what happened with the batteries. I also think they should explain why they had a problem with their recall strategy. Some countries had no problem with the recall while the US had an insane experience. One more thing, I think the CEO of Samsung Mobile should do the talking.

Show the Manufacturing Process

This one is a bit tricky to do. Normally, companies don’t like to show their manufacturing processes mainly because the competition could copy it. In this instance, I think they should show it. I bring up the iPhone 4 issue all the time, but I think Apple did a lot of things right in that issue. What they did was show the place where they test the cellular signal inside their campus. It was a nice gesture that they did it. At this point, I think Samsung should at least just show how the batteries were made.

DON’T RUSH the Galaxy S8!

The tech industry is really, really bad at containing leaks (or really, really good at planning them). Of course we will see the Galaxy S8 next year. I just hope Samsung won’t rush it too much like they did with the Note 7. They really have to establish trust with the consumers again. They have to really make sure that the batteries in them don’t just explode or set on fire. Most of all, they should NEVER EVER rush for the sake of getting ahead of Apple. I know that taking advantage of a mild iPhone refresh is a great opportunity. Too bad that plan fell flat on Samsung’s face.

I think that these 3 things Samsung must do to gain trust again will work. It’s all up to them if they’ll do it or not. I hope they’re not too late in doing this, otherwise it’s going to be a hard road back to the top. With Google trying to take advantage of this situation, I really hope they do something soon.

What do you think of the 3 things I presented? Do you think these are enough? Do you think they should do more? Sound off in the comments below!

  1. I was a die-hard samsung user way back then and I really love their products. I was really impressed with their marketing strategy and their flagship products who really can deliver as expected and that made them gain the momentum. But lately I had no idea what is happening in the tech world , all I know is that they are recalling the units. It didn’t cross my mind that the situation was really worse. Well, basing on what you had put up in your article, I would say that Samsung should have a better damage control on the way else they will lose some of their market share. And hey, don’t get me wrong I’m an apple user anyway. But I still love samsung. ??

  2. I agree with the press conference, their communication boils down on how they can replace it via authorized retails like telecommunication companies. That was hell week for customer service assisting customers how to replace the devices answering the whys without any official statement from Samsung.

  3. Rea Rea

    Public apology via special presscon is good. There’s nothing better than going after the hearts of every Samsung user (myself included but that was before). But of course, it shouldn’t be all talk only. A quick follow up most especially about reimbursement of funds I guess should take place. Definitely people want their money back and they have to know Samsung still cares. Not sure if that’s already happening now. Each country may deal with it differently.

    Poor Samsung. I hope they will bounce back with a big bang, not with a ball of fire.

  4. I saw one screenshot from amazong bay that some buyers who bought samsung 7 also purchased a fire extinguisher. Hehe. 🙂 I hope they’ll solve this issue as soon as possible.

  5. Samsung must have been really humiliated after the Note 7 fiasco happened. Maka bawi unta sila sa S8. hehe

  6. I hope Samsung would able to read these suggestions of yours for their own sake. I actually like how you come up with this idea. After this case, I trust they will be going to get back their reputation and the trust of their loyal customers.

  7. I’m really a tech junkie and are not always enthralled my flashing new gadgets in front of me (okay, my pocket isn’t tempted) so things like this…they just really pass in a few weeks or months. People have short attention span and technology changes every minute. Then again, an exploding phone might not be something you can easily forget.

    Wait…what were we talking about again? Haha.

  8. Yeah, Samsung really needs a lot of covering for the Note 7 issue. I’m waiting for their next move. Soon 🙂

  9. actually they can do an 8 but they just to be so sure that it is a perfect product. No excuses anymore. I am sure they fired some people after the debacle. I want them to succeed coz they are pushing your favorite brand to do a lot of innovations.

  10. Kat Kat

    I totally agree Julz! The presscon is a good idea and also, they should not rush things especially now that their Note 7’s exploding issues are still on. I hope they’ll do what they need to do!

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  11. I wish that before samsung released the note 8 they will check it and try it before they released it nationwide.

  12. Pretty much all they can do now is damage control, really. I really do hope this isn’t the end for them and they can make up in due time as I don’t want the competitive field to thin out.

  13. You are so on point with the 3-things that Samsung should consider. They should have a closure of what had happened to their flagship phone, and they should not rush the release of their flagships. 🙂 I think they were too excited for the Note 7. hmmmmm

  14. On point. Need to say more?

    Anyway, I think I’m buying an older version of their flagship kay cheaper and stable na. Hehehe. 😀

  15. I totally agree with what you’re saying Julian especially with the special conference. They need to apologize not just for the product, but for failing their supporters. Too bad, I’m not one of their supporters since I’ve always been an Apple kind of guy. ?

  16. I like the “Don’t Rush the Galaxy 8”.. haha.. but it’s true.. they must fix of what happen to their previous version of Samsung smartphones.. exploding everywhere…

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