Realme PH Innovates with Livestream Selling!

Thanks to the situation we are in now, companies are now starting to take advantage of more digital solutions. Realme PH is no different! It’s been consistent in its efforts to engage its employees, fans, and customers while staying safe. Here are two of its initiatives!

Livestream Selling

Since malls are closed, the company needed to find a way to cater to their current and potential customers. With that in mind, realme Philippines pioneered its own live streaming sessions. This is in partnership with dealer stores nationwide that cater to online orders and deliveries.

Realme PH - Livestream Selling

These sessions provide its employees with a unique avenue to showcase its products and engage with customers. I’m glad that the company did this. It would give them a new platform to interact with their customers. Realme sellers can answer questions from customers, give advice on what phone to buy, or simply talk to them!

Realme PH Showcases Its Online Content Series

Realme PH Launches Online Series Header

To further encourage people to stay at home, realme PH deployed its online content series to engage and inform its fans and followers. The series consists of:

  • realme Squadcasts – an interactive livestream series hosted by content creator and realme Philippines’ Marketing Lead, Eason De Guzman Jr. This series aims to entertain and educate the realme Squad community by featuring experts in different fields. During the first 10 episodes, the focus was on how to be more productive while staying at home.
  • realme MasterShot Series – The series highlights the potential of photography through realme’s own resident photographers. This aims to inspire mobile photographers to maximize their smartphone camera’s capabilities.

Realme Philippines has become an avenue for content that promotes positivity—something that is needed especially in today’s trying times. We are much delighted to see our audience actively engaging in the content we have rolled out for them. We are looking forward to curating more in the future as we spark hope in the eyes of the youth—that there will be a better tomorrow. We will never stop innovating and inspiring our employees, fans and the rest of the Filipinos to spread positivity and remain optimistic.

Austine Huang, realme Philippines Vice President for Marketing

What’s In Store this May from realme?

You can expect more series of content related to mobile gaming and moving to the rapidly popular social media platform TikTok. You can check out what they’re up to over at its TikTok accounts @realmePH and @realmemePH!

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