It Sucks To Be Huawei Now.

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Huawei started on a high in 2019! It just put out the P30 Series a few months back. The Mate X was a standout gadget during MWC 2019! It also got away from the EU banning it for 5G. Thanks to the ever-growing trade dispute between the US and China, Huawei got banned from making deals with US companies.

What Happened To Huawei?

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This means that Huawei can no longer get anything from any US company. In response to this, Google struck first and stopped providing its services and access to the Google Play store to Huawei. Other companies that followed Google are Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Xilinx. These are significant since they provide chips to the Chinese smartphone and telecommunications maker.

What Does This Mean?

Huawei P30 Series

It mostly impacts their smartphones thanks to the loss of Google services and the Play Store. This includes the Honor line of smartphones. The company said in the past that they already built software for this very reason. All existing devices will continue to get security updates from Google, but all bets are off for future devices.

It can also provide its own chips through its subsidiary, HiSilicon. European companies such as Infineon Technologies AG and Austria-based AMS AG will continue to supply chips to Huawei.

I honestly don’t know what else would happen as a result of this ban. There are a lot of Chinese tech companies dealing with US companies and this would set as a precedent for future bans. ZTE already felt this last year when they too got banned last year. Here are popular brands that could be in trouble:

If that ban will last for a while, then those brands would have to be careful. I know that the US government banned Huawei due to spying accusations with their telecom hardware but it doesn’t mean that others won’t be affected. The biggest loser of all of this is the consumer.

What do you think of the latest in the war between Huawei and the US government? Do you think this is getting too far or is it actually justified? Sound off in the comments!

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