Apple March 25 Event Preview.

Apple March 25 Event Preview Header

Apple just had one of its worst earnings in recent memory. iPhone sales are dropping and they have nothing much to counter that drop. The iPhone XS is the least interesting iPhone I’ve ever seen. The iPhone XR didn’t really move the needle in a way that Apple expected. It is now finding the “next big thing” that will get them back in their good graces? Will this Apple March 25 event help? I sure hope so, for Apple’s sake. Here’s everything you need to know.

Really? An Apple News Subscription Service?

Apple March 25 Event - Apple News

The first news I heard for this event was this premium version of Apple News. It would basically be an Apple News subscription service where you pay a monthly fee (probably $10-12) to access premium news content from various publishers around the world.

It sounds great and all but the problem is that Apple News is only available in a handful of countries. People also get a lot of news from sites that are FREE (but probably are struggling thanks to decreasing ad revenue). Apple needs to find a good reason for most people to get this besides being in the Apple ecosystem. It’s NOT ENOUGH to just use the ecosystem play.

Apple’s Video Streaming Service… Okaaaay.

Apple March 25 Event - Apple Video Streaming

Apple might also announce a video streaming service for TV and movies in the March 25 event. This will also be a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee. This is also big for Apple since they’ve been putting in $1 billion for its original content.

Again, this is great and all but this will most likely be available to a limited number of countries. If it wants to compete with Netflix and Amazon here, they NEED to come out swinging. It has to be way more compelling for people in order for them to get Apple’s service.

Will There Be Hardware At All?

There were rumors flying around that Apple would be launching the next generation AirPods in this event. Rumors also popped up for new 9.7-inch iPads. No one really confirmed this to be part of the event, but I am seriously hoping there will be. Otherwise, I’m gonna call this one of the most uneventful Apple events in a while.

What do you think? Should Apple just spread the love with their news and video subscription services? Do you want to see new hardware? Sound off in the comments!

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