March 2019 Life Update: Homebound!

March 2019 Life Update

Hey guys! This is probably the second to the last life update I’ll be doing for the Japan stuff. Here’s my March 2019 life update. Enjoy!

March 2019 Life Update

Last time I wrote a life update, I felt afraid but at the same time excited! I was afraid to feel too much homesickness because of being away from home. The thought of exploring a whole new country by myself is exciting to me as well! After 7 weeks of being here, I feel like I’ve spent enough time here to get to know myself a lot more.

Japan is AWESOME!

I am not gonna lie: I really enjoy being here in Japan! Work is okay for the most part, but I’m loving every other aspect of being here. Discipline and cleanliness is a top priority here! Despite how expensive it may be, not once did I taste bad food here. Transportation is super convenient here thanks to the multitude of trains and the IC Card! (I even talked about that on an episode of The Japan Life over on The Creator Life podcast feed!)

Alas, this trip is coming to an end soon. I didn’t wanna write this as it ends though. In this March 2019 life update, I’ll share what I’ll be up to when I get back to Cebu!

Busy for The Creator Life Season 2!

FINALLY! After putting that on the back burner, I can work on putting up episodes for The Creator Life Season 2! If all goes well, I might have a guest on that you wouldn’t really expect! Until then, just know that I’m gonna be hard at work on this as soon as I get back!

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Reviews Incoming!

I’ve also been putting some reviews on hold simply because I can’t put too much effort into them while I’m here. My day job requires me to focus on it 200%, so I can’t even think of other things while I’m there. When I get back, I’ll make reviews one of my top priorities in this blog. I hope to go beyond phones as well since I wanna be aware of tech outside the usual phone grind.

#TheTechBehind Continues!

The Tech Behind Camie Juan Header
Check out #TheTechBehind Camie Juan!
The Tech Behind Ron Does Things Header
Check out #TheTechBehind Ron Does Things!

I was really fortunate to do two features on creators that I think are doing great work! Though both are on different time zones, I hope I was able to capture their passion for content creation in this series! With that in mind, I wanna work on more of these and I hope to find a diverse set of creators to talk to! Either they do the podcast or do this feature! (Doing both would be great!)

What Does The Future Hold For Me?

March 2019 Life Update

I honestly do not know what I want to do besides being a creator at this point. There are some things in my life that I want to change and I hope I get to do it and not regret it. I really just hope it works out and I could get through whatever challenge I face.

That’s it for this March 2019 life update. Until the next one, enjoy your tech!

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