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5 Reasons to Use ShopBack for Online Shopping!

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I’ve never been a big online shopper. In fact, I still buy most of my stuff at malls (like these headphones). For me, there’s nothing really extra special about online shopping besides not going to a mall. A lot of online stores offer free delivery and even credit card installment payments recently! Sadly, I don’t really care about those. Good thing I found a way that can encourage me to do more online shopping: use ShopBack!

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should use ShopBack for online shopping!

Get CashBack from Online Shopping!

Despite how weird it sounds, you can get cash back when you use ShopBack! This is because they get a commission from the merchants whenever we purchase something. Instead of keeping all of the commission, they share a part of it to you! To me, that in itself is amazing already! The best part of all that is that’s not all!

ShopBack Has Deals!

Not resting on the strength of CashBack, there are also deals exclusive to ShopBack! One such example is that you can get more savings with eBay coupons plus CashBack. You can also get more Top Deals from various brands in the ShopBack website!

use shopback top deals

Speaking of brands…

Use ShopBack on A LOT of Online Stores!

From ride-hailing services like Grab to online stores like Lazada, ShopBack can be used on over 300 online stores! Whether you’re craving for some Krispy Kreme donuts or looking for those nice pair of pants, that merchant probably works with ShopBack! You can even enjoy CashBack on Cherry Mobile Phones! It’s good that there are a lot of choices when it comes to where I shop. Knowing that some merchants offer up to 9% CashBack on certain deals, I know that buying online will be worth it.

ShopBack has a Mobile App!

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In case you’re mostly on the go, ShopBack has a mobile app! Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can be sure to take advantage of getting your CashBack! You can download the app in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store!

Enjoy CashBack Day!

September is fast approaching and you can get MORE CashBack when you use ShopBack on 9/9! They will have a lot of secret deals that you won’t get to have on any other day! There are even special travel deals from sites like Booking.com when you use ShopBack! This is truly amazing in my opinion.

For more information on 9.9 CashBack Day, go here!

And those were my reasons why you should use ShopBack! Are you into online shopping? I hope you’ll be convinced to use it after citing those reasons. If you want to sign up for ShopBack, click in this link!

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