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Galaxy S8 First Impressions!

Jullian Robin Sibi 4

Unless you live under a rock, you already know that Samsung just started shipping the Galaxy S8. They started their global rollout last Friday in South Korea (Samsung’s home turf), US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. People in the Philippines don’t get it until May 5. Good thing the preorder phase started last week!

Because of that preorder phase, I managed to take a look at the Galaxy S8 up close! (Albeit in a Samsung store and hooked up to a security wire.) Here are my Galaxy S8 first impressions!

I’ll get this out of the way: I am a HARDCORE APPLE FANBOY. Despite that, Samsung does a really great job tempting me to get this phone. It is INSANE that we’re heading to a world where smartphones are all screen now! I know that companies like Xiaomi and LG started doing this. If there’s any company that can take it mainstream (that is NOT Apple), it is Samsung. It also helps that Samsung manufactures their own displays.

I like the new software home button. I like that you can press on the area where the software home button is to wake the phone up. (I’m pretty sure that Apple could copy this aspect of the S8.)

I really like that Samsung put a big screen in a phone that’s nearly the size of an iPhone 7! (Like I said, I AM REALLY TEMPTED.)

I REALLY REALLY HATE the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the S8. It’s BESIDE the FREAKING CAMERA! I really really love the design EXCEPT for this INSANE FLAW. Samsung added two new ways to secure your phone: the Iris Scanner and Face Unlock. Let’s dismiss Face Unlock since we all know a photo can trick that feature. The Iris Scanner is okay but you would have to hold the phone in a certain way. I guess if I get the S8, I’ll have to get used to the fingerprint reader.

The software is pared down, so it’s okay. I’m surprised as to how “Samsung” the software still is. I always prefer pure stock Android but I can live with this.

I hope that the battery life of the S8 is okay since they didn’t put a lot of battery inside. (Thank you so much, Galaxy Note 7.)

All in all, I really really love Samsung’s phone this year compared to previous ones. If given the chance, I hope Samsung sends an S8 in so that I can do the rounds and do a full review on it.

How about you? Do you want a Galaxy S8? Are your Galaxy S8 first impressions the same as mine? Leave them in the comments section below!

  1. Christoeffer John Christoeffer John

    S8 looks great! I hope it does not blast like the Note 7. Furthermore, I’ve heard and read more featured on the internet for S8. It can even serve as a mini-computer!

  2. After being able to personally try the S8 at the Globe store, I must say that the phone really is a thing of beauty. The phone surprisingly feels great on my hands, despite its humongous size. And the beautiful edge-to-edge display is just remarkable. All in all, I also think this a great phone compared to its predecessors, and one that will surely bring Samsung back on track.

  3. I guess this is the best Samsung software yet. But, full stock Android is way better though!

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