5 Reasons Why PLDT Sucks Right Now.

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Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A PAID ARTICLE. This is purely my opinion. I sincerely hope you don’t spam the comments section for this. This is completely based on my experience using the services from PLDT, Smart, and Sun. Also, all images shown here are from the PLDT, Smart, and Sun Cellular websites.

Did you think I stopped with complaining about why Globe sucks right now? Nope. I’m here to do the same with PLDT. And since both Smart and Sun Cellular are part of the PLDT Group, I’m lumping my problems of their services here as well. Here we go. The 5 REASONS why PLDT SUCKS right now.

Smart Recently Improved Their Signal in Cebu.

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This is more of a nitpick than a complaint. I just find it odd that Smart lagged behind in terms of coverage in Cebu for so long. I just think that a delay like this could affect their overall strategy. If word got out that people shouldn’t go to Smart because of their signal issues, people wouldn’t even dare to try even though they fixed it! I just hope their Network Modernization Plan in Cebu works out well for them.

Sun Cellular Feels Like NOTHING.

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I used to like Sun Cellular! I even defected to Sun because Globe got too expensive with their unlimited texts. (It was P80 for 5 days! INSANE!) I really loved the fact that I got 4 HOURS of Sun-to-Sun calls when I get their Text Unlimited for just P150! The problem is that ever since Sun Cellular got bought by PLDT, Sun feels like nothing. Sun postpaid subscribers don’t get the latest smartphones. (Smart always has it now.) I get that Smart feels like the flagship mobile network of PLDT and Sun is relegated as a cheap option.

Playing Catch-up with Content Deals.

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Like the first one, this is more of a nitpick. Ever since Globe jumpstarted the mobile game with having content deals with the big internet streaming services such as Spotify, NBA, HOOQ, and even Netflix! I know that iflix is a strong competitor to HOOQ and Netflix, and PLDT Home just got Netflix for their Fibr plans. Besides those services, the PLDT group doesn’t have more services to offer than Globe does. I think this is one of the factors as to why Globe managed to overtake PLDT as the leading telco provider in PH (as of 2016).

Why have BOTH DSL and Fibr?

I know this is because not all areas have PLDT Home Fibr. If you think fiber internet is the best possible internet connection you can offer, then why on earth would you STILL offer DSL? A good sign that fiber will be more available is this recent news of PLDT having 80% footprint of fiber internet this year. I would rather have PLDT focus on getting fiber internet to more Filipino homes than offer DSL. (Again, this is another nitpick.)

Not Sharing Cell Towers! (Globe too!)

Don’t get me wrong, this ALSO APPLIES to Globe. I really don’t think the PH government can remove all the red tape in putting up a cell site right away. I suggest that Globe AND PLDT share the cell towers around the country while waiting for the government to reduce the amount of red tape. I think it would be a win-win situation since both telcos can join forces in strategy-making. Two heads are better than one, right? They can join forces in alleviating the problem. (I probably think this won’t happen but I’m hoping for the best.)

Those are my 5 reasons why PLDT sucks RIGHT NOW. My suggestion to both telcos is to work together. There’s always a way where you can share something and both can still benefit. (Just look at Marvel and Sony with the Spider-Man thing. It worked out okay!) Did I miss anything? Am I just complaining too much? Leave a comment down below!

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why PLDT Sucks Right Now.

  1. I have PLDT at home and service really sucks sometimes. 🙁 I’m only putting up with them because I’m allergic to Globe’s data capping. Oh well.. tsk tsk

  2. I used to love Sun. I’ve used it for so long but when it got acquired, the “rules” of my postpaid plan changed. Sucks.

  3. Our home is using PLDT Dslr for the past several years and man, the connection totally suucks bigtime! Nindot na mubalhin sa Fibr kay everyone in the neighborhood is using it naman. But naka connect ko sa Fibr sa silingan, usahay pas2 usahay hinay? Wth. 🙁

  4. just switched to PLDT Fibr, and I think I’m beginning to regret it. I feel my DSL connection was faster than Fibr.

  5. pldt stands for phone line disconnected telephone with nobody to compete with equals incompetence dont worry soon pldt will be offering free wifi at 250kbps their fastest yet lol

  6. Lol the only thing good about these two are the prices. I’m not happy with the strength and speed of these two but I can’t argue with the great prices they offer. At least I get connected to the internet but seriously though, even their fiber plans suck but at least they’re cheap.

  7. Pldt sucks in all aspects. Even their customer service doesn’t know how to handle or even trouble shoot minor issues rooted on the servers. I am not an IT graduate but know how to address the problem that needs a systematic and long-term solution. They should be held liable for every subscriber that doesn’t receive a reliable internet service. If this continues, the government needs to probe this internet provider.

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