5 Reasons Why Globe SUCKS Right Now.

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Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A PAID ARTICLE. This is purely my opinion. I sincerely hope you don’t spam the comments section for this. This is completely based on my experience using Globe’s services. Also, all images shown here are from Globe’s website or sites that talk about Globe.

One thing I’d like to say before starting this list: I use Globe’s services daily. My personal line is through Globe. I got a Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi for cases when I don’t want to burn through my monthly data allocation on-the-go. I also got a Globe Prepaid Home WiFi for the house since we are not able to get fiber broadband internet yet. Despite all that, I still think that Globe sucks right now. You want to know why? Here are 5 REASONS why Globe SUCKS RIGHT NOW.

Data Caps on ALL Globe At Home PLANS!!!

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We are in 2017. We are in a time when watching TV shows and movies through Netflix is commonplace. Social media is prevalent in the Philippines. (We’re #1 in terms of social media usage in the WORLD. Think about that.) It REALLY REALLY boggles my mind as to why Globe decided to put data caps on ALL their internet plans. (They actually started last 2015.)

I understand putting data caps on WIRELESS/mobile internet because of the complications of handling such traffic in one cell tower. BUT WIRED BROADBAND? SERIOUSLY? 

FUN FACT: I can consume 1GB in LESS THAN 12 HOURS! That’s 2GB for a day, 60GB in one month! Usually, that’s for 3-5 YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook, and blog stuff. This usage doesn’t include the occasional app or software updates which take more data!

I know that it costs A LOT to build out infrastructure in order to provide internet to more and more places. If that was the case, then why push through with rolling out fiber internet? Look at PLDT Home Fibr! They’re able to provide fiber internet without data caps? So why can’t you, Globe? Hmmph.

Some of Their Mobile Data Caps are STILL NOT ENOUGH!

gosurf plans

Yeah yeah. You think that I’m just whining here. But Globe sucks right now because some of their mobile data caps are really small!

For instance, their GoSURF 299 only has 1.5GB for 30 days! I think these are small for 2017. We are increasingly looking at more photos and videos on the internet. The screens on our phones, tablets, and laptops get better and better everytime. 1.5GB simply IS NOT enough for that anymore. I know that YouTube automatically sets the quality based on your cellular connection but what’s stopping people from watching more? The data cap. Yeah.

I’m not suggesting to remove data caps on mobile internet. I just want a higher data cap. These data allocation figures simply aren’t enough in 2017.

Voice Calls SUCK!

I’m increasingly hearing more and more complaints from my Dad about how his phone calls are getting worse compared to before. As we’re increasingly becoming more reliant with mobile internet (especially LTE), 3G voice calls actually take a hit. This is actually a minor complaint but a really vital one for businesses. Not all businesses actually run through the internet. They would much rather get basic cell phones than get smartphones.

This could be solved if Globe implements Voice over LTE (or VoLTE) sooner rather than later. The inherent problem with LTE is that it’s just using the Internet Protocol (IP) unlike 3G. When you get a voice call, your phone currently falls back to 3G. With VoLTE, you can get those voice calls through LTE now since the network is the one converting those voice call signals to Internet Protocol packets.

Look at Smart, they’re already testing it!

The GServices App

gservices app

The GServices app used to be my favorite thing about Globe. Right now, it’s a mess. Until now I tend to wonder why I can’t view my INTERNET USAGE when I switched to their new plan. It’s INSANE that Globe didn’t update this app to support that! Again, this may feel like I’m nitpicking. I just want their app to be the best that it can be. It shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

Inconsistency with Share-A-Load

This one also feels like a nitpick. Share-A-Load for the most part works fine. I just have minor issues as to when you get charged. At one point, I didn’t get charged for Share-A-Load transactions from the 5th to my cut-off date. Other times, I do. I hope they fix this soon.

Those are my 5 reasons why Globe sucks right now. I know some of them are nitpicks but they REALLY get annoying as time passes by. Do you know of other problems that you encountered that I may have missed? Sound off in the comments section below!

To anyone from Globe reading, I am just simply ranting about things that make me think that way. I just wanted to get my point across. Thanks!

32 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Globe SUCKS Right Now.

  1. Interesting thoughts, sir. Hmmmm. Have you considered switching na lang? If not switching to a different available plan, to a completely different carrier? Many people will say “e limited lang naman ang choices natin, and pare-pareho lang sila!” but then that still doesn’t mean we need to only stick to one carrier, right? If talagang frustrated na kayo, meron namang ibang paraan.

    1. I considered switching, but then again I would have worse signal coverage in where I am right now. Hehe 🙂 I am in no way hating Globe. I didn’t mention that I hate Globe at all. 🙂

      1. I really hate globe when I played mobile legends between 7pm to 11pm. It is very unfair and injustice while we acquired 50 surf for 3 days and it sucks. This is my really big concerns. We wasting our money and they continue market in their good connections while it is not true.

        Please Globe do something about this, many people get anger of your internet connections

  2. mag-iba na lang kayo ng carrier, kuya. nakakapagod na rin yung kadaikot ng ulo, puro reklamo lang ang nakikita. hindi naman garantisado na gaganda or dadali ang experiences niyo kung iba na ang provider niyo, pero kung malaki talaga na ang problema niyo, mas-oks siguro na lumipat na lang kayo.

  3. One thing that also pisses me off right now with Globe is their rewards system. I keep getting these text notifications to use my points, but when I actually try to make use of it, the service is unavailable. Even as simple as checking the points, it’s also unavailable. Really frustrating!

  4. How come my original comment, did not go in. Anyway, I like that you are pointing out their shortcomings. I hope they will taker note and improve their services. Thanks for taking time writing this piece.

  5. It’s funny na ang GoSurf50 is 1Gb then ang worth 299 is only 1.5Gb! It won’t last me two days so gasto kaayo..

  6. And then I THOUGHT that Globe is better than Smart because Globe network has strong signal (like LTE, 3G, 4G) on most places, but then this?! Data caps on all home plans?! Oh no. This is bad. D:

  7. globe sucks! they have this 600-800mb download limit a day. if u want to download 1gb size, it will only waste ur data coz it will stop to 600-800mb, u cant finish a 1gb file size. i hate globe for this.

  8. their gosurf only allows u a very limited usage. i registered to gosurf50 with only 1 site using but after 30 minutes, a message in my inbox tells me i already used all the mbs. take note, mbs not 1gb. it has been like this for 5x in a row that i decided to throw the mobile wifi in thrash and never did i register to them again. i’m planning to switch to other provider coz i need internet for work. they are big time cheater. hope the govt will open the door for foreign co like singtel.

  9. It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks to globe as they are the thief’s that grab your money and laugh all the way to the bank.
    One piss at a time, one minute of your call, or slowing your connection down when you actually use what you paid for, and as globe says, if you don’t like the speed we slow you to, then cancel and reload another promo. How’s that for customer service?

    People say why not just switch, and I say why not just give us what we pay for? We don’t set the prices we just pay what you say but you should give us what we pay for.

    That’s my 5 pisos worth

  10. I just on my cellular data for only 15mins on my fb messenger to check some messages and they updated me with unbilled charges of today like P2k+ which I pay regularly(as in monthly without missed). I just used 36mb..Is that how much the Globe costs on their data? I’m planning to switch actually because they really sucks especially their customer helpline services! I’ve been using their services for over 14years, they still sucks!

  11. You keep on ranting about them however; you keep on using their services. If you don’t like their services anymore, why don’t you just switch? Ranting about them online doesn’t make them look bad but it’s you defining yourselves. Anyways, ignorance is bliss. Happy surfing! ?

    1. If you consider this a rant, wait til you see others do rants.

      Also, I approached this with love. There’s always a part of the service that sucks. No one company is perfect, and I’m sure you didn’t read the 5 reasons why PLDT sucks right now either.

      Calm down. ?

      1. And you don’t consider this a rant? All I’ve read are negative things about them from you. Again, you have the choice to switch over or continue to spread ignorance ???

        1. Ignorance is not calling them on their shortcomings. You really are focused on this one. Why don’t you make an article on why Globe’s the best?

          You’re also too ignorant to read other comments. Goodbye.

  12. I did have a problemto globe they said that 8gb per month but after 3 days my data depleted and returned to 200kbps to 45kbps.
    I do love globe before but now it sucks.
    I read tona of comment ls that they use phones, promos, and free trials to all tons of networks as a click bait to get more subscribers and make more money.

    It’s true that globe has a data capped and depletes your experience and expectations when surfing.

    1. Both telcos (Globe and PLDT) have data caps when it comes to mobile internet! They actually both suck but Globe gives me less reasons to piss me off compared to PLDT/Smart/Sun.

  13. More satellite towers = More reliable internet connection.
    Problem is, 1 satellite tower = Months to get permit to construct.
    Another problem is, 1 satellite tower = Increase chances to get cancer.

    1. If a tower would increase chances to get cancer, a lot of people in the US, Japan, and others who have more cell towers would have died.

      I don’t know how they would solve the permit stuff

  14. Great write up for the most part.. Except I would’ve gone much farther than you in my hatred for Globe, but that’s more coming from a “privileged” western mindset than a Filipino one. Still, why do Filipinos tolerate such crappy internet in the year 2020? Nothing has changed since your write up. Filipinos, for the most part, rely on mobile internet, not broadband, for all of their internet usage. Yet mobile internet here totally sucks balls! How much ignorance do people have to not be mad as hell about this?

  15. We paid for 15 Mbps, most of the days it caps at 1-5 mbps and service is often unavailable and busy. Thanks, Globe. It’s been 6 months ever since duterte threatened to shut you down on the deadline. Never improved ever since and only focuses on getting “k-pop” which is a retarded band to get them sponsored to get the customer’s attention only to realize they chose a disappointing ISP.

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