Utterly Random Challenge 1: No Battery Percentage!

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I recently read a short article from HungryGeeks about how he was glad to hide his phone’s battery percentage. At first I thought,

“Why would I do this? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW!”

I’m one of those people who needs to know exactly how much battery I have left in my iPhone. It’s really not noticeable with my laptop though since it takes a bit of an effort to check it. Due to the nature of the smartphone, you really have to check it more often than not.

Since I’ve become increasingly anxious about my battery life on my iPhone 7, I decided to try out removing the battery percentage. This was Utterly Random Challenge 1!

The one caveat that I have with this is that I didn’t use the Low Power Mode setting. I try to avoid the Low Battery notification as much as possible. (Of course it depends on the situation.)

It’s been around 4 days since I did that. So far, I’m doing great! Yes, I still check now and then how the battery of my phone is. But I didn’t really feel the pressure of doing so! It also helps that I started this during Holy Week. (In case you don’t know, Holy Week is when Catholics reflect on the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.) I still manage to get myself in some weird situation where I don’t have my Power Bank with me.

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This isn’t the end of my challenge though. I plan to stick with having no battery percentage for at least 1 MONTH. It may feel great for me now, but who knows what would happen down the road. I’ll keep you guys posted on social media (@utterlyrandomtechie on Instagram, Utterly Random Techie on Facebook, @UttrlyRndmTchie on Twitter) and a conclusion blog post to see how I did.

Good luck to me! I hope Utterly Random Challenge 1 will do well for me.

5 thoughts on “Utterly Random Challenge 1: No Battery Percentage!

  1. I have no power bank at the moment lol because dili pa keu nako sya needed. Office, home, cafes ra perme akong destination so I can just plug my phone to the sucket whenever I wanted. But soon if mag travel2 nako, i guess i need na to buy one 🙂

  2. Wala koy powerbank ron because di pa keu nako sya needed. Office, home and cafes ra perme akong destination so I can plug my phone to the sucket whenever I wanted to. 🙂 But soon if mag pursue kog travel2, need najud nako mo buy one. 🙂 Aja to your challenge Julz!

  3. Good luck to you with this challenge. Me? I always ran out of batt. I think I even need multiple power banks.

    Hopefully your challenge with not bring you to any unfortunate incident. Have fun!

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