iPhone 8 Gets USB-C?, MWC 2017. (TechBytes)

TechBytes is a weekly dose of tech in one post! I put the relevant tech news, podcasts, videos, and more that you need to know!  This week, it’s about if the iPhone 8 gets USB-C, MWC 2017 updates, and more!


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iPhone 8 Gets USB-C?!

The tech news outlets exploded in the past week! It’s all because of a simple port change.

A report from the Wall Street Journal shows what to expect from Apple’s next iPhone. It includes the rumors that we’ve heard countless times. Those include wireless charging, a curved OLED screen, and the much-awaited redesign. What’s shocking is that the report also included the change to USB-C! The report itself did not outright say that Apple will change the iPhone’s port from Lightning to USB-C.

In case you’re not aware of what USB-C is, watch this video from MKBHD:

When I first read this, I was in shock! This was a move I DID NOT EXPECT Apple to do. It was too good to be true! Even John Gruber from Daring Fireball doesn’t believe it. It was doubtful to begin with.

A few days after, it really was too good to be true. A report from the reliable KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that the next iPhones would NOT have the USB-C port. However, Apple is implementing the “Type-C Power Delivery” technology on ALL new iPhones this year. This means that the batteries of those new iPhones will charge faster! FINALLY.

This also means that Apple still takes the inherent advantages of sticking to the Lightning port. Apple still gets to EARN MONEY from the Made for iPhone (MFI) program. It still gets to take control of what’s inside the iPhone.

The possibility that the iPhone 8 gets USB-C IS SMALLER than future iPhones having NO PORTS at all.

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OPPO Kills Camera Bumps with New Dual-Camera Design!

If you thought OPPO had nothing to show during this year’s Mobile World Congress, you’re so wrong. What they showed was not a common thing to show though. If you notice the trend lately, dual-cameras usually

OPPO unveiled a new camera technology called “5x Dual Camera Zoom”. What this does is to do the same things that the iPhone 7 Plus can do without the big camera bump! This technology can do 5x OPTICAL ZOOM without the said bump! This amazed me a lot because a company not named Apple or Samsung made better use of its resources!

No phone has the technology yet but hopefully we’ll see one sooner rather than later.

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The Future of Cellular is 5G.

During the Mobile World Congress this year, 5G cellular technology was on full display. Many companies in the telecom industry gathered to discuss and show off demos of 5G technology. Here’s an article stating some examples of that.

Although I’m excited for this too, I think it’ll take a few more years until 5G is ready for normal users to use. Most people here in the Philippines don’t even know what “4G” or “LTE” means. I just hope that 5G will be more than just an increase in internet speeds.


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Honestly, I may just be bitter. But I think that tech companies should have events in Cebu! Here are 5 reasons why THEY SHOULD.

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Stories from the Web

Thanks to the shocking “iPhone 8 Gets USB-C news” this week, my theme for this week’s stories is tech trends from Mobile World Congress 2017. For good measure, the Nintendo Switch was just released and I added links about it here.

The headphone jack ain’t dead yet

I’m not sure if Apple made the right move to remove the headphone jack.
Phone makers are still relying on the good ol’ jack for audio. It may be a good thing for this year.

Imagine a world where every Android phone has the Google Pixel’s camera

Yeah, imagine that. If that happens, I would be picking an Android phone based on what I prefer rather than which has a great camera.

MWC 2017 was a marvelous fair filled with underwhelming phones

Welp. This is quite harsh. If you think about it though, there wasn’t a standout phone from MWC 2017. It’ll suck even more when the Galaxy S8 will eventually steal the show this month. Oh well.

Google Pixel 2 confirmed for later this year and it’s staying “premium”

Sucks for people expecting a cheaper version of the Pixel. I guess I’ll be relying on Lenovo and OnePlus to bring great budget smartphones to the table from now on.

Lenovo does a 180 and will use the Motorola brand again

It’s never too late to admit mistakes. Good thing they did this. I agree that “Motorola” has a better standing in the industry than “Lenovo”.

5G: Super fast data, throttled by reality

Reality bites. The truth hurts.

AA interviews Qualcomm on 5G, Snapdragon 835, and more

This should clear up some misunderstandings on 5G technology and some details on the Snapdragon 835 processor that is found on the Xperia XZ Premium and the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Polygon’s Nintendo Switch Review!

Pretty straightforward, if you ask me.

The Verge’s Nintendo Switch Review!

Again, pretty straightforward.

Nintendo kindly advises Switch owners not use their Joy-Con near aquariums

This is one of the most random and weird article titles I have ever seen. Good luck with that, Nintendo.

IGN’s Nintendo Switch Review (In Progress)

The rating given to the Switch isn’t final yet.

New Podcasts

Not only am I going to tell you new tech podcasts you should listen to, you can listen to them right here!


On the latest episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete, Walt and Nilay talk about the ways that tech companies can reinvent the PC as we know it. Here’s the companion article from Walt Mossberg.


On the latest Vergecast, the gang talks about the Nintendo Switch, the Galaxy S8, and those odd rumors on the iPhone with USB-C.

On the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Lauren and Kara talk about the impact of drones in our lives today.

On the latest edition of the Apple Byte Extra Crunchy podcast, they tackle the iPhone 8 Gets USB-C rumor and comments from Apple’s annual shareholders meeting. Boy, those shareholders need to get a grip on reality.

New Videos!

That’s all for this edition of TechBytes! Excited for all the phones that were announced during MWC 2017? Did you want an iPhone with USB-C? Do you want to get the Nintendo Switch or not? Sound off in the comments section below!

12 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Gets USB-C?, MWC 2017. (TechBytes)

  1. Well the USB-C sounds promising. I like the reversible feature and the fact that yes, you’ll get it the first time you plug it in. Haha semi-struggle. I guess it’s too soon to find out if Apple will indeed incorporate it.

  2. Well no matter how Apple changes its products, people will still buy it because of its quality. Also, I’m excited with the 5G technology. I hope our service providers can keep up as soon as possible when this is released!

  3. I am more interested in the 5G internet 😀 But Apple to implement USB-C, is uhm… Let’s just see. If it so happen that they will implement that, then it would be better (and shocking haha). Oppo is also trying to keep up with technology. Sila najud. haha (Y)

  4. It’s kind of hilarious that the new iPhone getting USB-C is actual news, because once again, Android phones have already done this years ahead. But, I’m still happy for it because I loathe proprietary stuff. And if it somehow gets the headphone jack back, I will really flip out. Hahaha!

  5. Well, I cannot fathom why apple has just recently decided to add fast-charging on their next iteration when in-fact, the technology was already available even when iphone 6 was not yet released.
    I’m pretty sure “fast-charging” will be one of the frontiers of marketing strategy on their next release. *then the fans starts screaming…hurrah!!!*
    I’m not a hater though, I just don’t get Apple’s ways.

    On the other hand, hopefully our “sucky” service providers here in PH can catch-up with the 5G technology. The Social Networking Capital deserves faster connections.

  6. Wow, USB-C. This move is indeed too good to be true haha. All the same, kung muabot na ang iPhone 8, it will surely raid people’s bank accounts once again. LOL

  7. Hmmm… USB type C to be implemented on iPhone 8? Well, USB – C was there already since 2014 and many android and few windows phones have that already the year after like the Lumia 950, android phones from LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and even Huawei and Asus. I can’t feel much of the hype about it to be implemented in the next iPhone iteration though. Curved OLED and fast charging? another long overdue (kind of outdated) features that were already implemented by the competitors. In terms of these features and redesign, it seems apple is not doing a good Job and seems playing catching up to its competitors.

    Anyway, no matter how little the addition or a piece of old tech added to new iPhone iteration, apple still treat it as revolutionary. Bottom line, people will still buy the product not because of the few additions / upgrades but because of the quality of the product itself. And that is what I love about apple products.

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