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Globe GoWiFi Long-Term Review.

Jullian Robin Sibi 7

We now live in a world where people can do a lot on the internet. It used to be a place where we find and know random stuff. Now we can basically talk to people, share our thoughts, post and share pictures, and even change the world with it. (Thank you, Tim Berners-Lee!)

Have you ever been in a situation where you NEED a fast internet connection but you’re in family affair? Normally you would use your mobile data but YOU RAN OUT! WHAT CAN YOU DO?

This is where Globe GoWiFi comes in!

It’s Globe’s public WiFi service that provides wireless high-speed internet in malls, coffee shops, airports, train stations and more! With the service, you also get free data for watching videos under the YouTube Accelerated service! Since 2015, Globe rolled out GoWiFi to LGUs in provinces in the Philippines, Starbucks branches, Ayala malls, MRT stations and more.

Is the service any good though? Here’s where I come in.

globe gowifi scenario

I’ve been using Globe GoWiFi since it popped up in the Starbucks near the office early last year. I usually go here whenever I need to catch up on my posts. (Like now: I’m writing this review in my usual blogging spot.) I also tried it in Ayala Center Cebu in spurts when I run out of mobile data. Since I use this a lot, I figure to do a review on this. Unlike most gadget reviews, I’ll just give the things that I like and don’t like about the service. Here we go.

What I Like About Globe GoWiFi

When Globe said that they would offer high-speed internet, they were not kidding. The internet was fast when I first tried it last year. It’s been around a year since I tried it, and the speed has slowed. To be honest, it’s still faster than most internet connections at home. Here’s the speed test I took just earlier:

Speedtest Results from the Mac app! Download HERE!

As you can see, it’s still fast for most basic internet uses: social networking, uploading photos, streaming music. There was a time though when it would reach around 20 Mbps. I hope Globe continues to improve their internet infrastructure to have better speeds. It’s enough for me though.

What I DON’T LIKE About Globe GoWiFi

My current beef with GoWiFi is Globe’s INCONSISTENCY with what they offer. After the free trial in malls, Globe decided to put a 30-minute limit on free internet browsing. When you reach the limit, you can extend it by purchasing additional data in the GoWiFi portal page. These were the rates:

  • P20 – 500MB for a day + FREE 250MB for YouTube Accelerated
  • P50 – 1.5GB for 3 days + FREE 500MB for YouTube Accelerated
  • P99 – 1.5GB for 30 days + FREE 1GB for YouTube Accelerated

In Starbucks stores, it was still under free trial so basically you get unlimited internet access while staying in the store.

JUST THIS YEAR (at least in Cebu), Globe completely changed it. Now I only get 1 HOUR of access in malls and 2 HOURS of access in Starbucks stores! What makes it worse is that once the limit is up, I CAN’T CONNECT ANYMORE!

What is up with that, Globe? Can you please clarify why you did this? I was actually OKAY with paying some money for additional data. Maybe the limit is fine in malls but STARBUCKS STORES? Please. People actually study in Starbucks stores and they usually stay LONGER than 2 hours. Maybe this is an attempt to get people out of the store but that’s just my rant about this. It would have been better if you kept the rates for adding data.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think that Globe GoWiFi is a good service. Despite my big qualms with Globe’s inconsistencies, you can’t deny that the speed is good enough for basic usage and even do some blogging. Don’t expect to get a good quality connection for gaming though. You should try using GoWiFi where it’s available!

  1. They’ve done the same here in Metro Manila. 1 hour in malls, 2 hours in Starbucks.

  2. Rea Rea

    Is this the one where they ask you to rate it after using? Like there’s a survey that will pop up? Not sure if it’s the same thing but for sure it’s Globe. I’ve used it in malls and Mactan airport. Right, it does have a limit but quite fast nonetheless.

  3. This is good for emergency cases and if you don’t have data anymore. How do you sign up for it though? And where do you pay for the service?

  4. Everything goes downhill the moment they put caps. At least, you got to enjoy it at its best.

  5. I dont usually avail the free internet on public wifis. First, its pretty slow and second, its a game of luck whether you can connect to it. Just heard of this GoWifi here and it seems interesting, I just hope it can serve the public longer and hope this service will get better

  6. Have tried Globe’s free WiFi on the malls.
    Didn’t bother to continue though.
    I knew before hand that the connection will be limited, plus the thought that there are hundreds of people sharing the bandwidth. Better use my private data connection then and have my stuff done fast than to hassle myself with slow loading time.
    Thumbs-up to Globe’s effort though.

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