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5 Reasons to Choose NSS Group!

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— This post is a SPONSORED POST. Enough said. —

There’s always that time in blogging where you need to step up. It’s the time when you want to be more serious with it. One of the things you need to consider is getting a hosting service and a domain name. Most of the time, you get your domain name and hosting from a provider in the US. When you get one there, the site gets slow since it is stored in the US as well. Good thing I know a hosting provider that can offer better services at an affordable price: the NSS Group!

You may be wondering: Who is the NSS Group?

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It is a Taiwanese company that existed for over 15 years and served over 30,000 clients from USA, Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Despite being relatively unknown here, it is known as Taiwan’s leading web host server provider. As it expands to Indonesia and here in the Philippines, it also wants to be a well-known web hosting provider.

Why should you choose NSS Group over other hosting providers? Here are 5 reasons why:

Your Site is Stored in the Philippines!

Unlike most big hosting providers, NSS Group has hosting plans that store your website in the Philippines. If your main audience is the Philippine market, then this is a big thing to consider.

Unlimited Traffic and Bandwidth

This may seem so technical, but it’s important that your site is always up and running. What if a client approached you and he/she wanted to see your site? It’s embarrassing for you if your site is down at that moment. Even with the Linux Hosting Economy Plan, you can feel safe knowing that your site has unlimited traffic and bandwidth.

24/7 Live Chat and Phone Technical Support Service

It’s nice that the plans they offer have 24/7 Live Chat and Phone technical support. You never really know when you’ll have a problem with your site. With this, someone is available to help you with anything in your site.

Bigger Website Space!

Most cheap hosting plans give you only 10-50GB of storage for your website. With the NSS Group, you can get 500GB of storage space with the same price as the plans from other hosting providers! It’s nice to know that you can store more stuff even when you’re just starting out.

You Can Try It Out for FREE!

Yes! You heard that right! If you are unsure as to which hosting plan you’ll get, you can try out their services for free! Go to THIS LINK for more info and avail of the said free trial now!


Those are the 5 reasons why you should choose the NSS Group as your web hosting provider. Are you convinced? Need more info about their services? Check them out at n9s.com!

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