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What’s in PLDT’s Home of the Future?

Jullian Robin Sibi 10

I recently went to PLDT’s new Concept Store at the 3rd Floor Cyberzone of SM Seaside City Cebu. Despite being invited to their opening, I couldn’t go because I had to catch up with work. Because I had free time shortly after, I decided to go to their store. They said that the store has PLDT’s Home of the Future. Which begs the question:

What is inside PLDT’s Home of the Future?

Well, I’m here to show you just that! Here’s my video of a short tour of their concept store!


For starters, PLDT really puts its products front and center in the store. It mainly showed off the PLDT Home Telpad, the Smart Watch, and their broadband internet products!

pldt's home concept store

You can try them out when you enter the store, watch some channels that are available on Cignal! Most channels like HBO, CNN, Basketball TV, and NBA TV are available in HD on PLDT’s partner satellite TV network.

pldt's home store broadband visualizer

You can also try out the Broadband Visualizer where you can know how fast a video can load or a video file can be downloaded on PLDT’s different internet plans!

Speaking of PLDT’s internet plans, the PLDT Concept Store also has Smart TVs that connect to the various internet choices that PLDT Home offers.

Of course, I was really excited to try out PLDT Home Fibr! Ever since I knew that PLDT was putting up their internet lines through fiber cables, I REALLY REALLY want to have one!

The best way to check the internet speed of Home Fibr was through YouTube videos, and I was really amazed!

pldt home fibr mkbhd
Shoutout to MKBHD!


The video rarely shows buffering issues, even at 1080p resolution! Even when watching 4K videos, I can definitely say that PLDT’s Home Fibr service is one of its best internet service yet! If only it’ll be available in our new place next year. Hmmm.

The PLDT Home Internet Speed Test!

Another thing I tried in the Smart TVs is to do a speed test of each of their internet plans!

pldt home fibr speedtest
Here’s the speed test result for Home Fibr! (Sure the download speed isn’t much but LOOK AT THAT UPLOAD SPEED!!!)
pldt home dsl speedtest
Now here’s PLDT Home DSL’s speed test result. It’s roughly the same but I don’t like the upload speed. Bad for blogging, to be honest. Haha.
pldt home ultera speedtest
Look at this bad speed test result of PLDT’s Home Ultera plan. This is just so sad. Maybe it’s because of the indoor setup.

After that, I checked out the service area of the concept store. One thing that I find to be cool is their Video Call Customer Service Hotline. You get to talk with a PLDT representative about the available internet plans and value-added services that come with it.

pldt concept store video calling

Another thing that you can use is the touchscreen customer service device called “InfoTouch”. Here, you can ask for your account and billing information, available plans for upgrade, and more!

pldt concept store one-touch customer service

All in all, I like what PLDT is doing by having a Concept Store. Although I think this isn’t an original idea (try to guess why), I think it is good for PLDT to do this so that its current and future customers get to experience what it feels like to be in the Home of the Future. I just hope that PLDT offers more and more reasons for us to get our internet connection from them.

Visit the PLDT Concept Store at the Third Floor Cyberzone, SM Seaside City Cebu!

  1. Rea Rea

    I planned to visit when we went to Seaside last Wednesday but turned out we just went home right after dining at Patty Pie. Lol

    I have to say that the concept store is a nice thing to show people what PLDT offers. Fibr sounds promising and I’m really hoping it can help me make my life easier should I decide to get it soon (if it’s available). Or if I can afford it. Haha

  2. Their new concept for customer service is great. I’d love to try the vid call if it’s not awkward hahaha! PLDT home’s offering for Smart Homes would really get PH’s house tech to the next level. Kudos!

  3. It’s great that they have a concept store now. It helps that we get to see what they are offering. 🙂

  4. And yes! finally! PLDT nasad amo internet.. great to be part of PLDT na. haha…

  5. Sounds promising but I hope they will fix their customer service because my friend had a bad experience with PLDT. 🙂

  6. I’m so happy that PLDT is now really trying to make their best to reach to their customer by providing them good service. This will surely be a good thing for every PLDT clients.

  7. Nice concept again from PLDT but i just hope that what they promised is what the customers can get. There are a lot of customer feedback about their crappy service though.

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