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What Powers You, Jewel Delgado?

Jullian Robin Sibi 10

What Powers You? is a new post series featuring people from different walks of life. It’s been months since I featured someone on my blog. This will be my alternate post series along with TechBytes. I want to feature more and more bloggers and more creative people here. On this one, I talk about Jewel Delgado!

I was only aware of the work that Jewel Delgado has done when I found out that she won 1st Place in the Best Photo Blog Category of Best Blogs of the Philippines 2016! It wasn’t until the Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0 that we actually met in person. My first impression of her was that she’s fun and has a bubbly personality. Hehe. Before she arrived in Cebu for the summit though, I got a chance to do a short interview with her.

Her photos are really really good! Because of her having a photo blog, I will be showing her recent photos to Japan along with the interview down below!

Q&A with Jewel Delgado:


Jewel Clicks is a photo blog I started in 2011. I came up with the name by combining my first name “Jewel” and “clicks” because I love clicking the button of my camera. I thought it would be great to share the photos I have taken in a blog. Multiply and i.PH was already dying that time.

I posted more photos of my life experiences and share the story visually and wrote some short stories about the photos. Also, I talked about about travel, food and dining, lifestyle and events.

I believe that you don’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures.


A Millenial that loves adventures and walking the wire between work and enjoying life. One of the things that I share in my blog is how millennials like me can enjoy their lives.


I get my ideas from traveling alone or with my friends! Also, I love to share my experiences and read my favorite blogs that keep me inspired to update and share valuable information to my readers.


jewel delgado gadgets

My 3 years old (dying) MSI Laptop, I am running out of storage now because of my photos. My old camera Canon A220 – loving the HD video and high MP. Fujifilm Instax (upper left) for instant photo, I only use it on special moments because the film is expensive. I also have a Nikon digital camera (touch screen) (lower left) I don’t know the model unit. For mobile phones, I used my Samsung Note 3 for taking photos and at the same time I can use it for my freelance job, by checking emails, documents and many more. And recently Huawei P9 dual camera (rightmost) co-engineered with Leica, so freaking awesome!


Technology has made my life more enjoyable and easy. I am able to capture sceneries from the places I’ve been to and share it with my family and friends by posting all the photos I took on my blog.


I am currently using Huawei P9! 🙂 Like I mentioned above it is awesome, all the settings of the camera is like in a DSLR and all I have to do is to explore the settings to capture good photos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my interview, Jewel!

Check out her awesome photos on her blog and social media!

jewel delgado - jewel clicks

Blog: Jewel Clicks

Facebook: Jewel Clicks

Twitter/Instagram: @jewelclicks

  1. Rea Rea

    I really wanted to get the P9 because of its camera. But I still have a DSLR and promised myself not to spend too much on gadgets this year. Lol. Love Jewel’s photos!

  2. Jewel is one of the bloggers I really love talking to. So down-to-earth and makalingaw gyud kaayo. 🙂

    Her snapshots are really great, especially now that she is using P9.

  3. P9 is really an awesome smartphone for photographers. It really does show DSLR qualities and I love it! Jewel is an awesome photo blogger and as well as her shots.

  4. Makasuya iya phone.. I really love the photos of her.. I thought she kinda strict man.. haha 😀

  5. Ka cute gyud aning Jewel uy. I miss hanging out with her. She is just one of the best photo bloggers who knows me hahahahahaha.

  6. Haven’t met her in person but I already knew her in Multiply days! I really like her a lot because she’s very bubbly and it clearly shows in some of her photos and vlogs.

  7. Wow, I’m glad that you have featured Jewel in your blog. it was also during the Blog summit where I get the chance to meet her. I’m happy that she recommend P9 which is what I am using as well.

  8. I really love the P9. I witness its capabilities and features. It is a pretty descent phone that is at par with entry level DSLRs, well this is slightly debatable but yes, it can!

    I love Jewels work though.

  9. Jewel is one of the best photobloggers we have today. Good thing we know her personally. More power!

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