iOS 10’s Useful Features You Need to Know!

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Apple has just unleashed iOS 10 into the world. Despite the hiccup during the first hour of release, the adoption rate is one of the best so far. I was happy to not get my phone bricked while updating. Hooray for me!

As I was exploring and testing out the new update, I found some neat new tricks that the iPhone can now do! Apple was not kidding when they said it’s the biggest iOS release ever. I want to share these useful tips with you since these can help with your day-to-day use.

Here’s my list of iOS 10’s useful features:

Markup in Photos

ios 10's useful features markup

In OS X Yosemite, the Mail app had a new feature called Markup. You could do scribbles with words, type text, and even create automated callout boxes! It took a while but iOS 10 now has that same feature when editing Photos!

To enable Markup, tap the Extensions button while editing in the Photos app. It should look something like this:

ios 10's useful features markup how to

This is really useful especially if you would want to point out something in a picture by just using a scribble or text on the picture. I think Markup also works with photos in other apps. I will check that as soon as I can!

Bedtime Feature in Clock App

ios 10 useful features bedtimeios 10's useful features siri uber

Do you have a hard time sleeping lately? iOS 10 now has a Bedtime feature in the Clock app that aids you with your sleeping patterns. You first have to set how many hours you would like to sleep. Next, you have to set which days of the week you would want it to track your sleep.

In case you need to change the initial settings you made, just tap on Options and it’ll take you to this screen where you can pretty much customize the feature to your liking.

ios 10 useful features bedtime settings

Sending Individual Read Receipts in iMessage

ios 10 useful features read receipts

Before this update, you only had two options with sending read receipts: either turn it on or turn it off for all messages. In iOS 10, you now have the ability to turn off read receipts for individual conversations! This means that you can turn it on for your special someone but turn it off for your parents. (Haha. Sneaky!)

Deleting Stock Apps

ios 10 useful features delete stock apps

Since the inception of the iPhone in 2007, Apple included apps that were designed with the touch screen in mind. It was a technological breakthrough back in the day. Now in 2016, some of those apps were now subpar compared to the third-party apps in the App Store. In iOS 10, we are now given the ability to delete some of the stock apps! Note that only the hooks of the apps to the OS are removed. The apps themselves are still hidden in the OS. Still, it’s nice to know that you can finally get rid of that Default folder!

Auto-Emoji in Messages!!!

ios 10 useful features auto emoji

Emoji is one of the big focuses in iOS 10 and it really shows in this useful feature. After you type your message and you switch to the emoji keyboard, iOS automatically highlights words that it thinks you can convert to an emoji! Here’s what it looks like when I was picking the right emoji for “sad”:

ios 10 useful features auto emoji selection

I think that this is a feature that people will use a lot! EMOJI RULES!

Use Siri to Get an Uber!

ios 10 useful features siri uber

Need to get an Uber but having a hard time using the app with your hands? With iOS 10, Siri has been powered up to support third-party apps! The support is limited right now, mostly limiting to ride-sharing apps, photo apps, and 4 other categories. I just used this feature today and it is on point. I just hope Apple opens Siri up to all developers.

Improved Control Center

ios 10's useful features control center


I love what Apple has done to the Control Center in iOS 10. They really changed it up in this version. The Control Center is split up into parts. First is the usual Control Center with the shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, and more. You can even use 3D Touch on the bottom shortcuts for custom actions!

ios 10's useful features control center

iOS 10 now has a dedicated Control Center card for audio and video output! I love this part because they could put more and more functionality in this part in future iOS versions! There is also a Control Center card that’s specific for HomeKit and the Home app. Sure there’s a need to improve even more in the Control Center, but I’m glad that Apple’s working on it more and more.

iOS 10 has a lot of features that I didn’t get to check out because I only have an iPhone 6. Only the iPhone 6s or later can benefit from all the 3D Touch capabilities that iOS 10 brings. I hope to have a full review of iOS 10 as soon as I get more of a handle on it. Check it out soon on the blog! Any more features that I missed out? Sound off in the comments!


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