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Have you ever been in a slump as to what to watch on a random Saturday? Was there ever a time when you just don’t want to watch movies or TV shows on your usual cable TV? A solution has popped up in the last couple of years: streaming and on-demand services. One of those services is iFlix, and I was fortunate enough to attend the iFlix Hotspots Cebu event last April 20, 2016. The event showed me how iFlix has flourished since its launch last year.

iflix hotspots cebu venue
So much chill and laid-back vibes going on here…

The event was really chill and laid-back. The chairs there were really meant for sitting back and relaxing. It’s the kind of feeling you want to have when watching movies. There was even actual popcorn! (The popcorn you see in the picture? Yep. Actual popcorn.) The setup there was so nice. If I could, I would really sleep in the venue. Hehe. This was a lot of fun! There was laughing and games! Just look at this!

iflix hotspots cebu hilarious
Now we have one lucky dude right here! Hahaha!

After the shenanigans that happened, Mr. Sherwin dela Cruz (iFlix Country Manager for the Philippines) showed us the progress that iFlix has went through from last year. It is so amazing to know that iFlix has over 1M subscribers here in the Philippines in just over a year! He also mentioned that they have signed on 90 content partners to bring quality content from first-run exclusive shows such as Mr. Robot and Fargo to award-winning movies like Pulp Fiction, Chicago, and The Godfather.

iflix hotspots cebu country manager
Sherwin dela Cruz, iFlix Country Manager for the Philippines.

A cool feature that iFlix is proud to have in their mobile apps for iOS and Android is the “Download and Watch Offline”. In case you didn’t notice, this means that you can download your favorite movies and TV shows and then watch them later even though you don’t have an internet connection available! This is really convenient especially for us Filipinos who don’t really have the internet around us all the time.

All in all, I really had fun at this iFlix Hotspots Cebu event. I had fun with the iFlix Philippines team and they were really accommodating throughout the whole event. I may have made some new friends during this event that I will feature on the blog soon! Thank you so much to iFlix Philippines and Cebu Blogging Community for letting me attend this event!

iflix hotspots cebu event

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