Clip2Fit Health Pedometer Watch Review!

Health and fitness have been aspects in our lives that we tend to ignore until its too late. This has been the inspiration for a lot of tech companies who are venturing into solutions that improve our overall health. One of those companies doing that right now is CLIPTec. It is a global company that wants to be the go-to brand for optimistic and futuristic products for your digital lifestyle. Last March 12th, they had their Cebu launch of the Clip2Fit line of products. It was interesting to say the least, as the attendees were even asked to do some exercises with just a face towel! (I wish I had pics but I was also occupied with the exercise! Haha!) One of the products they launched was the Clip2Fit Health Pedometer Watch! After using it for a month, I’m here to give my overall thoughts about it.

clip2fit products header
The current Clip2Fit product lineup (from top, then left to right): Health Pedometer Watch, Body Fat Analyzer Scale, and Smart Glass Body Scale.

What is the Clip2Fit Health Pedometer Watch?

clip2fit health pedometer watch

The Clip2Fit Health Pedometer Watch is a device that tracks your steps, calories burned, kilometers walked, and distance taken per day. It also helps monitor your sleep! It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 LE (LE means Low Energy).

All data from the pedometer watch is synced to the Clip2Fit app. The app is where all health-related data collected from all the devices in the Clip2Fit line. It can store your blood pressure, weight, BMI, steps taken, and other metrics that aide in helping you understand the overall picture of your health.

clip2fit app screenshot
The Clip2Fit app.



I used the device full time for a month since I got this from the launch event. The device actually tracks your steps fairly well though you have to account for its accuracy rate of +/- 20 steps for every 500 steps made with the device. One flaw with pedometers like these is that it will count steps even though you are just holding on to something in a moving vehicle. I hope there’s a way to remove this problem in a future version of this device since I’ve been using this in my everyday life. Reliability of the Bluetooth connection between the pedometer watch and the smartphone running the Clip2Fit app is sometimes spotty and a first-time user may need to read the instruction manual in order to get the basic operations.

Looks and Ergonomics

The Clip2Fit Health Pedometer Watch really feels comfortable on my wrist. Even though I wear the device in tandem with my normal watch on most days, it doesn’t feel annoying at all. The device came with two size bands so people with bigger wrists wouldn’t need to worry about it not fitting you. The black color looks plain though and I wish it came in different colors so that there would be some sort of personalization involved in the device.

The pedometer watch is also splash-proof and sweat-proof so you can safely wear it as long as you have no plans on swimming with it.

Battery Life

I was really surprised to find out that the Clip2Fit Health Pedometer Watch lasted for around 3 weeks before it gave a low battery notification. I only charged the device ONCE throughout my entire usage. It helps that the display on the device is just a simple LED s
creen that didn’t draw much power.

Final Thoughts

clip2fit health pedometer with watch

I really like this device. It offers a basic way to track your steps, calories, distance, and other related data. The integration with the app is good but needs more work especially with the interface. The accuracy and battery life are great for a basic pedometer watch. Black is always good but different colors could help its appeal to a lot of people. Even with the complaints I mentioned in this review, the device is still great for a P2995 price tag. Overall, I can recommend it to people who are just starting out on their journey to a better and healthier life!

Thanks to CLIPtec, Fine Upgrades, and CBC for the opportunity to attend the Clip2Fit media launch! This is it for the health pedometer review! Until the next one!

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