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Starbucks or Coffee Bean?

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Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been juggling with work, lovelife, and living my life without talking about it too much on the interwebs. I have been slowly and surely working on the last of my Travelogue posts and hopefully I could get them out before the end of the year. Maybe another tech post too? Anyway, on to this post.

So it’s this time of year again: Christmas! People here in the Philippines already put up their decorations as soon as October (yes, that early) and Christmas songs are already being played on the radio. Yes, radio is still being widely used here.

Since I don’t do this often, and it’s Christmas, I’m having another GIVEAWAY! This time I’m giving away gift certificates! Thus the question raised in the title: Starbucks or Coffee Bean?

Both coffee shops are in the middle of their holiday promotions now and these are perfect complements in order to get their respective planners! I’m actually giving away 3 sets of P200 worth of gift certificates (GCs) for each coffee shop. So that means 3 people get to win P200 Starbucks GCs and 3 people get to win P200 Coffee Bean GCs. The question now is: how do you get a chance to win one?

Simple! Just like and comment “Done!” on the Instagram post of the GC you want to win. It’s that simple!

Like and comment on this post for the Starbucks GC:


Like and comment on this post for the Coffee Bean GC:


You have until December 15, 11:59PM PST (Philippine Standard Time) to accomplish the task! I will announce the winners on:

Facebook (www.facebook.com/utterlyrandomtechie) and

Instagram (@utterlyrandomtechie).

Share this with your friends and who knows? If they win, they might treat you to some Starbucks or Coffee Bean because you let them know about this. What are you waiting for? Go like and comment NOW!

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