Merry Christmas! :)

merry christmas family 2015

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting lately. I have been super busy with Christmas preparations that I simply do not have time to conceptualize a  topic worth blogging about. Don’t worry, I will put out those Travelogue posts since I’m going to do new ones for a new trip. So instead of that, I’m just gonna do a post greeting everyone a Merry Christmas. And maybe talk about some stuff that has to be mentioned, like:


Image is owned by Disney and Lucasfilm.

The new Star Wars movie just came out! Luckily, I won 2 tickets to a private screening during the Christmas party in the company. Yay! So last Sunday, I got to see this movie. Wow! Even though I kinda sorta like the prequels (but only because of the spectacle; the story is so forgettable), I really LOVE this movie! I love how relatable and likeable Rey and Finn are. I didn’t faithfully watch the original trilogy, but I’m glad I get to see the old favorites (Han, Leia, and Luke) doing so well in this movie. Maybe because of this movie, I might have to rewatch the original trilogy and THEN watch this movie again. For the record, I saw this movie twice already. I wanna watch it AGAIN! Great job! Congrats to everyone involved. 😀


Now I got Star Wars out of the way, I just simply wanna say Merry Christmas to everyone! May you have a wonderful life ahead!


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