Looking Forward

So it’s 2015. A lot’s about to happen this year including the visit of Pope Francis and the ASEAN Integration. For me though, it’s all about two things: GROWTH and BEING PRODUCTIVE.

Why did I say those two things? It’s because I realized how much I have gained in the past year that all I wanna do know is cultivate what I have right now and expand my horizons. I wanna explore the possibilities of what I can do. I feel like the only thing that’s holding me back from doing a lot of things is: ME. I wanna change that.

One person that inspires me to do the things I wanna do is my girlfriend. She really changed my outlook on love and life in general. She gave me hope. I won’t post about her a lot here though. It’s something I wanna keep more to myself for now.

On to what I wanna do in 2015:


I really wanna blog. Not like before that I do it once in a while. Maybe once or twice a week. I wanna post about tech stuff. They will mostly be about thoughts on what When I get the time, I wanna share my personal experiences here. I might start with a review of a product I have with me right now. (Clue: it’s a phone.)

  • TRAVEL!!

I really don’t travel much. Probably because I have no one to travel with due to priorities. I hope to travel with friends this year. Maybe check on bargain places to stay and cheap plane tickets. To do that, I have to…


Yes. Although I actually do save money, I’m doing that for my long-term plans. For other things? Not so much. Maybe I should set aside a travel fund. This should be fun.


This is one I really wanna do for some time now but alas, my current job makes me tired when I get home. I really hope to learn more iOS and Android development so that I would be able to create even one app that can change people’s lives. I’m sure there are still more untapped ideas that are potential game-changers.

I don’t wanna stay lazy all the time anymore. I wanna be a more productive person and grow not just in the field I’m currently in but as a person. In 2015, I can claim it!

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