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Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi Review!

Jullian Robin Sibi 177

[UPDATE]: This is the review of the previous Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi that Globe released.
For the new one, click HERE.

Globe has been on a roll lately. While letting people get a postpaid plan without strings in the myLifestyle No Lock Up Plan, they gave a price cut to their Tattoo prepaid WiFi devices. I already did a review on the Tattoo Mobile WiFi and a big negative for me was the lack of LTE. I can’t blame them though. At P888, it’s a great deal for your money if you want an affordable pocket WiFi with you. Now I managed to get the better prepaid WiFi device: the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi.

From the name of the device itself, it has LTE. I was really excited to try out this device! I’m glad I did because I think that it is a great partner for a digital nomad! I’m also glad that it is now at a more affordable price of P1995! You want to know why? Here’s my review on the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi!


Let me start by saying that I’ve been using this device on and off for almost 3 weeks now. (From this review forward, I will be specifying how long I’ve used a device for review.) Despite my busy life at work, I do some light browsing to pass some time. When I’m not at work, I use the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi primarily to be online when I’m outside the house. I take advantage of using this when I know that there’s no WiFi. Even when there is WiFi, it is so slow so I also take advantage of the device. I use this for posting to my blog, reading a lot of news, and watching YouTube videos.

I won’t go into detail about the look of the device since I covered that in the unboxing of this device. My focus will be on how it performs, how reliable it is, and most importantly: how fast the internet is. Let’s begin, shall we?

globe tattoo lte mobile wifi

Performance and Battery Life

The device performs really well. Despite the random reboots that happen, I am happy with what it provides me. (I have to admit, I was really annoyed by those random reboots). I can’t say the same for its battery life though.

After around 4-5 hours of continuous use, I have to plug the device to an outlet or a computer through USB.  LTE consumes a lot of power compared to 3G or HSPA+. It’s a bummer but I’m fortunate enough that it can actually last that long. Some devices last even less than that.

Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi Reliability Test header.

Reliability Test

One thing I don’t like about WiFi devices is when they tend to lose their connection while walking around. I decided to test if the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi can do that thing less. What I did was go around IT Park while using the LTE Mobile WiFi. I then checked whether Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube would work fine.

Around 5 to 10 minutes after walking around, I found out that it can hold up well in that aspect. Despite going through the elevator and walking around, I only experienced a few problems and they just involve going up an elevator.

I also found out during the Cherry Prepaid event that the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi can connect up to 10 devices without any loss in connection speed! LTE is really capable enough to handle the sharing of internet connection to multiple devices.

All in all, the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi is a good device you can rely on.

globe tattoo lte mobile wifi speed test

Speed Test

I always put this part last because this is mostly what people care about most in a pocket WiFi device. You want it to provide the best internet speed it can offer. Without further ado, here are the speed tests!

Before anything else, I want to mention the speed that Globe claims is up to 42 Mbps. In real world use, you can only get like 40-50% of that speed if we account for the cell site and the number of users near the said cell site.

I won’t go into too much detail as to what I was doing before performing the speed tests. Just the results and the average download and upload speed.

With that out of the way, here we go!

Location 1: Starbucks Coffee, eBloc 2, Cebu IT Park

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Average Download Speed: 14.8 Mbps
Average Upload Speed: 3.46 Mbps

Location 2: Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Average Download Speed: 9.35 Mbps
Average Upload Speed: 11.88 Mbps

This is a miss on my part, but I didn’t get a chance to take note of the speeds of the other places where I was using it. Sorry about that. All I can say after almost 3 weeks of using it is that the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi is more than capable of providing fast data speeds to people who need it.

Take note that you should judge based on your cellular signal coverage when picking between getting Globe or Smart. Globe is generally great in IT Park, Ayala, and at my place. What may work for me may not really work for you.

globe tattoo lte mobile wifi promos


This aspect doesn’t involve the device itself, but the telco provider that sells the device: Globe. As much as I appreciate and like some of their promos such as GoSurf50, I can’t help but feel that it is lacking.

LTE brings more data faster than 3G so my data consumption actually goes up. I easily get disappointed when I run out of data since I feel that it is gone so fast. Globe should provide more affordable promos to consumers who use the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi. Despite the speed that it provides, it can only go so far if the promo runs out right away.

A great positive though is the fact that Globe gives you FREE 5GB of data when you buy the Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi! It’s already a great deal on top of the affordable price of the device.

Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts on the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi

Despite my negatives on the promos and the random reboots, I can personally recommend the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi. Anyone who is looking for the best mobile internet experience from Globe can surely get it with this device. If you’re looking for a reliable and fast way to connect to the internet on the go, you surely can’t go wrong with this! Since it just costs P1,995 and you get 5GB of data right away, it’s really really affordable! Get one now from your nearest Globe store!

Do you plan on purchasing the Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi? If you have one, what do you think about it? Do you want me to do more speed tests? Sound off in the comments below!

  1. ac ac

    how will you monitor your data usage?

  2. I think the device is great with its features and stuffs. However, I’m looking for data packages that would suffice my needs as a heavy user. Can you suggest one?

  3. Anj Anj

    Hello can i see the battery of your lte wifi? Thank you ?

  4. seb abejo seb abejo

    more pictures pls… and specs! and lte? whoow… talaga lang ha! fairview,Q.C poor signal. 2G/EDGE maniwala pako.

  5. Gail Mendoza Gail Mendoza

    To the author,

    Please also take note that the reason why Globe signal is strong in any place where Ayalas put their name because they own Globe, or they own parts of it. It is part of promoting the products you own. Makes sense?

    Better update your article with speed test of places not within Ayala’s territory so as to have a balanced point of view.

    • I understand. I have tried doing speed tests here at home and the device holds up well. It really really depends on where you live.

      If Globe’s signal sucks in your place, then why bother buying anything from Globe? 🙂

      Thank you so much for your views. I will take note of this.

    • Sam Sam

      In all fairness, I am a heavy user of this device for months now and even on non-Ayal owned areas, the coverage and speed are great. Malapascua Island? Bantayan Island? Full LTE signal! Even in the city, going around is not a problem like it used to a couple years ago. SM City and Seaside, even in srp.

  6. Okam Okam

    Is it really made by Globe or Huawei again? Hahaha…………..Globe is not manufacturing any gadget they’re just having the name “Globe” printed on the device…..boom!

  7. Rea Rea

    Is this the one that Carlo has? Hehe. I’m glad he’s offering a test drive. I’m a VERY HEAVY user too (internet user, haha!). Still thinking if 4-5 hours will work for me. I have wifi at home so that’s no problem. I only need it when going out and there’s no wifi so I guess 4-5 hours will do. I’m cutting off my postpaid soon because it’s useless. Haha

    I’m also very disappointed with the lack of good promos or packages from telcos. I hope we’ll have better access soon.

    • Yes it is! He actually told me about his purchase. He doesn’t use it much anymore because his internet connection’s back up. 🙂

  8. Sherwin Sherwin

    I’ve been alternately switching Smart (at work) and Globe (at home) sim on my phone.. so instead of buying a dual sim phone,Im considering this LTE wifi but i would like to know if in using a prepaid sim.. do you need to remove the sim just to send the gosakto combo code? thank you

    thank you for the review.. if not i may have end up buying the P888 one 🙂

    • You’re welcome!

      You don’t need to remove the SIM just to send the gosakto combo code. You can access the dashboard of the device through the web browser! Just go to this link ( to access it. There’s an SMS feature where you can send the code 🙂

  9. We have wifi on the place I rent so I’m not yet considering buying pocket wifi, I’m still weighing down my options whether to get the other telcos offer but with this post I think I might consider globe. We are globe user back at home 🙂

  10. Yey! I’ve been waiting for this review. Based on your review, I will be buying the Globe LTE WiFi device. Since I am mostly in Cebu, this will work for me pretty well.

    But I am planning to put it to the test outside Cebu though. Will be travelling and hope it can keep up with our mobile internet needs.

    I like the design too! Just a simple black device with no fuzz or whatsoever. ”Why do you think LTE devices have dropped in prices Jullian? They were very expensive when they came out and now are pretty much affordable.

    • They’ve found ways to make it cheaper like picking an unknown device maker for this. LTE has been up for around 4 years in PH so they can comfortably put prices down without risking their bottom line. 🙂

      • Sam Sam

        Lol it has been 1995 for quite a while now… Smart has a similar device too.

      • Hahahah! You got me at “They’ve found ways to make it cheaper like picking an unknown device maker for this.” They made a lot of tipid siguro that’s why it’s cheaper? Anyway, I am planning to buy one because all my 3G devices from 3 companies don’t work as well as I expected.

  11. Jay Jay

    I am looking for a new device like this since my old one was no longer working and it was not an LTE. I am satisfied with the review and I want to buy it ASAP! HAHA Thank you for this!

    • You’re welcome! I might be doing more speed tests though to check the availability of Globe’s LTE in Cebu.

  12. Wow, Globe is kind enough to offer this kind of tattoo wifi which comes with LTE. I’ll certainly check this device when I get the chance. I would likely change my old pocket wifi.

  13. This is actually only better if you’re using this device in a LTE powered areas. In Cebu, only some parts of Cebu City and Lapu-lapu City is powered with LTE, if you’re living in the province such as the south, there’s actually no need for this. A 4G mobile wifi is fine . I have 4G Globe pocket wifi which I am using as backup at home and whenever I travel. So far so good.

    • Sam Sam

      Globe’s LTE coverage has jmproved significantly. I have been a globe lte user for a couple of years and trust me they have better coverage than smart.. even in rural areas.. and if there is no lte the device can still connect tonregular 4G or 3.5G

  14. I’ve never tried Globe LTE mobile wifi but reading this post gives me enough hint. I might consider this when my LAN or Mobile data fail me. HAHA. Thank you Jullian!

  15. Sam Sam

    Been using this for a while now.. Using my postpaid lte sim… speed is consistently above 10mbps… I am a heavy user.. I consume more than 10gb/month. My plan does not have data cap.

    • Hi, what plan do you have exactly? I would like one with unlimited data as well. TIA!

      • Sadly, Globe got rid of their unlimited data a few years back. The biggest data promo Globe has is GoSurf 2499 which gives you 15GB for 30 days. It costs P2499.

        • Sam Sam

          I am still on unlimited data. I am on a globe business plan with globe. The author needs a significant amount of good research and not just rely on his common knowledge.

          • That’s because you haven’t renewed your plan with a gadget. Once you do that, say goodbye to your precious “unlimited” data. 🙂

        • hm hm

          how bout the gs50?
          is this work?

  16. Sam Sam

    Why were my comments gone?

      • Sam Sam

        Comment moderation shows insecurity and lack of confidence of the author. What’s to hide? Can’t handle the truth? Trying to protect the brand so you continue to get sponsored even if you have to lie to readers? lame.. shame!

        • It’s called not wanting any spam to go through the comments section. Better safe than sorry. And for the record, I bought this WITH MY OWN MONEY.

  17. I would love to get this but I’ve yet to find a plan that does not have a cap in it. Hard to be living as a digital nomad when your Internet suddenly goes off at 3PM. Huhuhu.

  18. Resident Tech Blogger. Getting cool reviews from users na ha. Next stop: island adventure with Globe Wifi! 🙂

    • Hayahaya nimo oy! Mawala ra na puhon! HAHAHA. Once mag renew kag plan kay byebye unli data. Hehehe

  19. Thanks for posting this comprehensive review. I’m travelling to the Philippines and am considering getting this while I’m there. I’m confused with the information on the Globe Tattoo website, though. Do I need to have a Globe cellphone to avail of the Tattoo Prepaid Mobile LTE?

    • No need to get a Globe cellphone to avail of the Tattoo Prepaid LTE Mobile WiFi! Just to go a Globe store and ask for one. 🙂

  20. I use this for work whenever I travel. Globe has really fast speeds but I just hate the capping. Hahaha.

  21. Good follow-up! Still, Globe’s capping is just a bit stricter than the other alternative, although there are quite a few areas here in Cebu where that network’s service stops functioning while on the other hand, I’ve yet to experience that with Globe. I guess it would just come to weighing out the pro’s and con’s between the two and figure out which will fit your needs better. But I actually have recommended that exact device to a couple of friends looking for a decent pocket wifi device and so far, I think it’s been doing good for them.

  22. This is what I’m using when I’m in Cebu and so far I’m one satisfied customer. yeyyy =)

  23. Im hearing a lot of good words about globe tattoo LTE mobile hotspot. Thanks for giving a detailed post covering all FAQs..

  24. Thank you for this post. At least for sure, I know how does this works 🙂

  25. I’m not much of a fan of WiFi mods but I’ve tried both Smart’s and Globe’s WiFi devices. Both have devices with short battery lives (and it’s true that LTE consumes more power), both are robust to signal shift and immediate cellsite handshake most of the time (rural areas have slow transfer rate). Despite the devices’ great features, telco promos bums the most. DATA CAP. Why?

  26. Sarah Sarah

    Just bought one now.

  27. Kat Kat

    I’ve been thinking of getting a pocket wifi device myself as there are times na mukaon jud ug too much battery sa akong phone when I use data and I’d wish to relieve it of that kind of usage, specially if wala koy ka-charge-an nearby. Anyway, this looks like a pretty decent option man gihapon since Globe is pretty okay ra man around the city. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it Julz! 🙂

  28. I used this device and boy, I was really happy with it ! I even gave my device away to a friend.

  29. Zhai Zhai

    I bought this and 2 days after it does not charged and wont open. I just use it for 10 to 20 minutes turn it off then when I want to use it again wow the device wont open i thought it was empty soI decided to charged it then to my surprise the device wont charged. Well, i wont be surprise anymore since jt is made in china.

  30. Rrzhanron Rrzhanron

    How to change the APN?

  31. Keanupy Keanupy

    Why does my Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile Wifi have a rather higher battery capacity than yours? It has 3000mah battery 😀

  32. CInderELLA CInderELLA

    hi i live in cainta and my area isnt LTE capable yet and i just got the 4g a month back, was hoping you can enlighten me if i should upgrade it to LTE or stick with the 4g device i currently have?

    • If that’s the case, then don’t upgrade yet unless you travel often to places that have LTE already. 🙂

  33. Johnandrei Johnandrei

    Hi, just wanna ask a few questions.. like for example I am using globes promo the supersurf 250. Does it have a cap of 1 gb per 24 hours then renewed every 24 hours? That means to say that every day for 7 days I may enjoy 1 gb? Thank you in advance.. Happy Holidays!

    • First, I don’t think they still offer SuperSurf. GoSURF has been the main internet promo. Second, GoSurf doesn’t really cap you per day anymore.

  34. Jinny Jinny

    Hello paano po alisin yung used gbs at i-back to zero? For example is kung magloload ka again then back to zero yung magagamit na mbs.

  35. karizza karizza

    hi, I’ll be going to the Philippines in a few days and I’m thinking of purchasing the globe tattoo lte. do you just load it as you go? it’s prepaid correct? no monthly plans?

    • Yes! It’s prepaid! There are postpaid versions but the one I feature here is Prepaid! 🙂

  36. Lennie Lennie

    Wala kwenta ang globe, dami hidden charges. Got DSL Plan 1299 bundle daw sabi ng agent, next bill mo iba na charges ng modem at handset. Pati signal napakahina lalo na sa area ng project 6. 3mbps nagiging 0.49 or 1.13 lang, Nakakapagod tumawag ng tumawag sa hotline nila, paulit ulit. Ssabihin, we will receive feedback daw within 24 hours… Khit isang linggo ka maghintay, wala feedback na tatawag sayo. Next tawag mo ulit, ssbihin ng agent, I’m sorry for the I convenience, gagawa kuno ng report tapos un ulit ssbihin. Useless kausap.. Nakakapang unit ng ulo. Haysss….

  37. Bkit ndi ko ma access IP nkalagay sa manual khit sa or ndi tuloy mabuksan message saka mapalitan ang password.pano ko mabubuksan IP address nla?

  38. Vhanex Vhanex

    Hi po, Ask ko lang po bakit wala pong signal kahit po pumunta nko sa ibang area. Kakaload lang nmen nun isang gabi but still hindi pa rin kmi mka access hanggang ngayon. Maraming salamat po.

  39. Tina Arenas Tina Arenas

    Globe eats up my load! I’m sure I haven’t reached the cap but they are charging more. Thinking of getting a separate mobile wifi. I hope this is the solution to Globe Pac Man

    • I’ve heard that a lot. If you use a lot of Facebook, maybe Globe removed the Free Facebook. Sometimes that’s the cause of using more load.

  40. Mawon D. Mawon D.

    Hi. Ask ko lang po kung paano maayos ang connection nito? Nasasagap naman po siya ng phone ko pero laging may exclamation point sa signal. Please help me.

    • Paki-search lang po sa Utterly Random Techie sa Messenger para mas mabigyan ko ng pansin ang problema mo. Salamat po! 🙂

  41. Mhar Mhar

    Hi, Do you think here in Davao maganda ang signal ng Globe tattoo LTE mobile?
    Mahina kasi yung postpaid ko dito. Plano ko nalang na isurrender at kumuha ng Globe tattoo if ever na mas mabibigyan ako ng maayos na connection. any suggestion please. Thank you.

  42. Rham Rham

    Hi, Can i ask? Connected yung laptop ko sa Tatto LTE MOBILE wifi. pero hindi ako makapag log in sa portal .. Saan ko ba makikita yung username at password para maka log in? sinubukan ko na yung GLOBE_LTE MIFI_0983 Then Pass ng WIFI. INVALID daw eh. Salamat.

  43. Rham Rham

    Thank you!

    Btw, Saan ko makikita if ever naubos na yung data ko? ano ba yung pinaka best way para ma check yung data usage? Salamat ulit =)

  44. Jezeus Jezeus

    I’m using supersurf 50 right now.. At this moment… I put a lte sim in a globe home broadband.. Sa speed test i got 21 mbps.. Is lte is coverage in data cap?

  45. Kim Kim

    huawei brand po ba yung pocket wifi, anong model po? thanks.

  46. asdasd asdasd

    hahah i got 55mbps yesterday using this device

  47. asdasd asdasd

    is there any app like huwaei or zte para ma check yung dashboard much easily and mga txt message. hirap kasi pupunta ka pa sa site

  48. me me

    Have to take the good comments with the bad! Do agree, once you renew contracts with Globe they do not tell you things changed! Please remove my email address from your database once (if) you post this comment.

  49. Jaspher Jaspher

    Mabilis po ba talaga consume nang bet if naka LTE, nag register ako sa globe nang 1gb internet for a week. Wala pang 1 oras ubos na ung 1gb ko nag lalaro lang naman ako nang mobile legend at nag Fb ?

  50. Khris Khris

    Nasa P1495 nalang sya this time. Thank you for this review. Will consider this as my back up WiFi. 🙂

  51. iron59 iron59

    Thank you for this review. Will buy my unit tomorrow 😉

  52. onliner onliner

    i bought 1 unit globe lte wifi yesterday and have tested it overnight.. it worked well.. im satisfied with its performance despite the weak mobile signal at my location 😉

  53. madelle madelle

    can i just buy the device outrigjt or globe wilk still ask for requirements before i can have one?

  54. Flora Flora


    I went to a Globe store few days ago to ask about having wifi without lock-in period (I’m travelling to the Philippines for internship). They proposed me this device with the time-based rate 5ph/15min. When I asked if data was unlimited, they told me “yes” but I read in the comments that it was not. So what’s the truth?
    I need wifi for my studies and my work so I’m a heavy user (there’s no wifi in my apartment), is this device really the best option?
    Is it possible to use it with a prepaid sim? Actually I have one in my phone, I just reload what I need and take an offer if need be, then I’m sure to manage my budget.

    • As of now, there are no more unlimited data plans in the Philippines. This device is good for on-the-go use. This device also comes with a Prepaid SIM so no worries there.

  55. Andriane Andriane

    bakit yung ganyan ko pag nagoopen walang logo ng globe. and iba yung screen. di rin nakikita if open or close yung pocket wifi. 🙁

  56. rham rham

    Hi, Undermaintenance ba ang globe? kasi last night nagpaload ako twice na pero walang dumating na load. IDK kung ako lang naka experience nito. 🙁

  57. rham rham

    Yap! Autoload sya. magka ibang loading station na ko nagpaload ee. Nag check din ako balance ko, 0 parin 🙁 Wala talaga ako idea kung saan may prob e. I’ll try again later mag load.

  58. Julius Andal Julius Andal

    Ano po magandang unli for prepaid sir? Yung good for 1 month po.

  59. Julius Andal Julius Andal

    Okay rin po ba yung GoSurf 999?

    • Recommended na yan sa akin kasi 8GB ang allocation nya. Pero if kulang yan sa’yo, pwede ka naman mag add ng extra 1GB for P99. 🙂

  60. rham rham

    Salamat sa pag address ng mga concen.. 🙂 Keep it up. GB

  61. Bianca Bianca

    Hi! I’m an on tutor and new in the business. I am looking for a back up internet connection and I’ve been wondering if Globe pocket wi fi is reliable to become my back up. Power outage and poor internet connection are hindering me to become a reliable teacher. Please help me with my concern. Thank you.

  62. Kyozerokyosake Kyozerokyosake

    I know a package for globe lte. 800mb per day cap good for 1 mnth. P750 may sukli pa.

  63. mark mark

    sir tanung k lang kakabili k lang ng lte wifi nakalagay sa guide is m022 lang and hindi katulad ng nasa pic?

  64. Mark Mark

    Sir so anu mas ok? Ano ba pinagkaiba ng dalawa? Gulo kasi kala k yng sa globe mo23j yun pala m022 lang my pagkakaiba ba about sa speed yng mo22 or m022t sa m023j? And un ba yng pinaka latest model?

  65. Tester Tester

    Paid review to at bagal ng lte, tried several location. Sabihin mo kung paid ka ha.

    • For the record, HINDI to paid. Saang location ka nakapagtest? Maganda naman ang lte dito sa Cebu.

  66. hi po I need answer, bago ko lang po nabili tong pocket wifi worth 1, 495. Di ko pa ito magamit kasi hindi ako pwde maka register sa free5gb. ang reply po kasi this promo is only available on LTE sim, etc. So, paano po maka start using it?

    • Wait ka lang ng around 24 hours. Kasi may kabagalan ang pagregister ng FREE5GB. Make sure na ma.send mo sa 8080 ang code. Hintay ka lang, ganyan din ang nangyari sa akin.

  67. thank you. is it okay to use another promo instead of availing the free5gb ?

  68. sana po magamit ko na bukas 🙂

  69. Luthmag Luthmag


    Does this switch automatically to 3g if lte reception is poor? Can it be locked to lte only?

  70. Kyle Ocenar Kyle Ocenar

    does it work if you leave it plugged in without a battery? really curious because i generally love to download things overnight and i dont want to destroy the battery

    • I plugged it in with a battery and it works. Haven’t tried it without though. Will keep you posted!

      • Kyle Ocenar Kyle Ocenar


  71. Pat Pat

    Hi, so I just bought the LTE unit last April 19. Wala ba talaga siyang icon sa Desktop kagaya nung lumang Broadband na stick? Kasi ang hirap mag change ng settings niya kung kailangan palagi ng internet connection para ma-access yung sim at SMS function. Laging “device driver software was not successfully installed”. Thanks.

    • Nasa laptop ka ba? Or desktop? Kasi may installer included yung LTE mobile WiFi. Anung version ng Windows ang ginagamit mo?

      • Pat Pat

        Naka laptop ako, tried it on mine (Windows 7) and on my sister’s (Windows 8 or maybe 10), parehong ayaw mag install. So I called Globe, and they said na wala raw talagang shortcut icon or whatever yung LTE mobile wifi. Sa browser lang siya ma-a access. So now I’m wondering if the representative just said that so I’d finish the call, or kung wala ba talaga XD

        I also managed to discover that the only way to access the sim offline aside from putting it inside a phone is if it is attached to a tablet/laptop/desktop via USB cable.

        Have you tried making calls using the browser? Parang SMS option lang nakikita ko.

  72. Girlie Girlie

    Whats the app for this Lte broadband? It doesnt work on the app of Huawei. Thanks

    • I don’t think this has an app. It’s not made by Huawei or ZTE. It’s an unknown brand named Youwin.

  73. Adrian Adrian

    Hi! medyo annoying yung random reboots, paano ba mawawala yun?

    • Hello. As far as I can tell, wala pa akong nakikitang solution sa problem na yan. I experience it too

  74. Teng Nam Oh Teng Nam Oh

    For heavy users. I have a solution for you. There is no unlimited promo for prepaid but the solution is here. I can download with unlimited data. Please search “gamersph.legit@gmail.com” in facebook.

  75. Marz Marz

    Hello, Sir. Ask ko lng po bka alam nyu kng pwd ba maging openline itong lte pocket wifi ng globe o hindi? Looking forward to your reply. ?Thanks!

  76. andrian andrian

    Hello po good morning
    Hmmp. naranasan ninyo na po na nagrerestart po yung Tattoo LTE Prepaid Mobile WiFi ninyo? Dahil po ba sa bundok kami nakatira at mahina ang globe doon kaya nagrerestart po siya kasi po sa akin nagrerestart po every 30mns or 1hr?

    Note: Adeline near mountain height.. medyo bundok po kami nakatira

    • Oo. Weird talaga xa kasi walang araw na hindi mag restart yung Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi ko.

      • Andrian Andrian

        Sa gadget raw po may problem kaya nagrerestart siya sabi ng globe telecom di raw basta basta magrerestart yung globe tattoo lte mobile wifi chinat ko sila sa globe website official ayan sabi nila sa gadget ang may problem

      • Andrian Andrian

        Sa gadget lang talaga may problema kaya nagrerestart sya every mns or hrs -_-

  77. Begz Begz

    Im from US and i wanna purchase this when i go home for vacation. Sanay kasi ako ng unlimited surfing thru my phone. Accdg to your post i really wanna buy it and from other feedback reviews ive read too. Tanong ko lang meron bang load na unlimited surf for this globe tattoo? Kasi yung iba kong nababasa. Parang 5gb for 7days lang. how about unlimited for a couple of days meron ba? Thanks.

    • Globe and Smart currently don’t have truly unlimited data anymore. Smart has SurfMax 85 but you can only use full speed for 800MB a day.

  78. Martin Martin

    Been asked previously but not answered yet.
    Im planning to get one for my internet needs at work.
    Usually may outlet malapit sakin pero ayoko naman laspagin yung battery. Pede ba siya gamitin without the battery plugged lang sa usb charger or pc?

    • You can’t. The device won’t boot up without the battery. Sorry for not getting to your question sooner 🙁

  79. jon jon

    sir tanong ko lang ano po exact model ng pocket wifi na ito? meron ba sya app na pwede gamitin sa android o ios para ma access ang device features/sms features tulad ng sa zte models? thanks po

    • Unfortunately, walang app ito unlike sa mga zte or huawei models. Random pocket wifi from china kasi.

  80. Jon Jon

    What is the specs of the device, e.g. WIFI A/B/G/N/AC, WiFi Bands (2.4 or 5 GHz) , LTE Bands, Unlocked, etc. Can I bring this back to the US and use a US SIM card?

    • I cannot determine the specs of the device itself since it’s from an unknown Chinese company named Youwin. :/

      • Dan Dan

        Hello nag rrestart parin ba yung device kahit bumili ka ng bago ngayong 2017? thanks

        • Dan Dan

          i mean yung random reboot

  81. Bernie Manso Bernie Manso

    If I were you guyz, switch to SMART… Globe connection is totally crazy… I don’t know what happen to them. I am paying my bills on time, however their connection is totally a big disappointment…. They are just good when it comes to ADD-ONS but when you purchase it, I tell you, you wasting your MONEY!!!!! DAAMMMMNNNNN you GLOBE!!!! better close your company…..

    • Really depends where you live though. Smart’s connection is still worse than Globe’s in Cebu.

  82. Bernadeth Bernadeth

    I just bought thi kit yesterday. So far so good with the FREE 5GB at work but not at home. Anyway, my query is about the display of the LED indicators. They are not always visible. Is it also like the “stanbdby status” of our cps? Thanks.

  83. Rheigne Rheigne

    I’ve changed my SSID and password and unfortunately I forgot it. How will I be able to retrieve it please? I can’t log in to the Device Management website. I’m planning to restore its default setting.

    • There’s a reset button there. I think you have to hold it for a few seconds to reset. If you can’t then ask for help in the Globe Store.

  84. Ricky Ricky

    I was gifted with a Globe Youwin pocket wifi but without the box.

    I don’t understand most of icons in the display screen.

    Can yoy help me on this please.

    Thanks for your nice post.

  85. Sarah Mae Genon Sarah Mae Genon

    Bago palang tong globe tattoo lte ko . Hindi oa nag 1week tas nka register nako png 30days pero ang hina . Ilang beses ko ng ni reboot pero wala pa ring nag babago . Mas malakas pa nga data ko eh . I need an advice . What to do po ? Sa may mandaue cebu po ako

  86. Blane Blane

    Hmmmn. Di ko mabasa yung mga sms sa pocket wifi… Error msg nalabas, full dw ung inbox ko… Wala nman ako nkikitang msgs, tapos nailaw nman ung sms icon sa wifi…

  87. ken ken

    pa help naman po kakabili kolang po nito nung august 3 then i register the FREE5GB send to 8080 tpos yan po yung nareceive ko ee ayaw naman mag register!
    Hi! Natanggap na namin ang iyong request. May makukuha kang text message para sa status ng iyong request sa loob ng 24 hours. Thank you!

    Sorry, but this offer is available to selected customers only. To know more about Globe promos, dial *143# for free. Thank you.

  88. Elma Elma

    Where to buy LTE globe tattoo? Near my location, I am from Marikina City

  89. Hi. normal ba na sobrang init ng pocket wifi kahit na 30 mins palang ginagamit?

    • Sa model na to, opo. Normal lang yan. Parehas lang yan kung gagamit ka ng LTE sa phone mo.

    • Hi Jullian, Do you have any idea kung saan ako pwede maka buy ng Battery? kailangan ko lang for back up sana. Salamat

      • May brand ang device: YouWin. Kaso lang walang binigay si Globe kung saan makakabili. Baka may mga gray market na battery.

  90. Melnard de jesus Melnard de jesus

    Is it normal that my globe lte pocket wifi has no led indicator during standby mode? I need to push the power button to see the led indicator, and to know that my device is active..

  91. Kurimaw Kurimaw

    Sir.. Bakit hindi na nag sell ang Globe ng youwin mo22 wifi ?

    nag search kasi ako nyan. matibay daw at mabilis ?

    sabi sa chismis naman ng iba.. hindi daw totoong LTE? kung hindi totoo..bakit naman gumagana ang LTE sim. pag naka salpak na ?
    ano ba talaga ng yari sa mo22 wifi ?

    • Mahirap mag replace ng device na hindi naman known. Unlike sa Huawei na mas madali maghanap ng replacement.

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