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Globe Prepaid Home WiFi Unboxing!

Jullian Robin Sibi 176

We recently moved to a new place and we could not bring the fast PLDT Home FIBR internet with us. Since it might take a while to process the transfer, I decided to get a temporary solution for the lack of internet in the new place. Good thing Globe had an option for this.

If you thought Globe stopped doing anything, you’re dead wrong!

Globe recently came out with a Prepaid Home WiFi kit. They claim that it has 50% stronger WiFi than any pocket WiFi device that Globe sells today. I’m here to show you what they’re offering up close!

This is the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi!

Now let’s start the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi unboxing!

globe prepaid home wifi contents
(From bottom left to bottom right) Power adapter, LAN cable (RJ-45), Manuals, Globe Prepaid Home WiFi device

First Impressions

It didn’t have a lot inside though. It looks like a typical pocket WiFi unboxing experience (albeit the power adapter and LAN cable). Just remember that this device should be plugged at all times.

globe prepaid home wifi device

I really didn’t expect this device to be as small as it is! They went for the white color like the Tattoo Mobile WiFi. Unlike the pocket WiFi, I think it’s a better look for something that has a permanent spot at home.

 Like most devices using the cellular network, the quality and speed of the internet connection depends on where you live. If your phone gets an LTE connection from Globe, then this device utilizes its fullest potential. Despite the claim, I really had my doubts whether the internet speeds are worth it.

Quick Speed Test

I did a quick speed test using my iPhone 7 and color me impressed:

globe prepaid home wifi internet speeds

The speed impressed me. Despite the fact that this can change depending on how many people use the network, I can say that the speeds are good enough for my blogging needs and some video streaming. Maybe not in HD though since that can kill your data cap.

Speaking of data, a Globe Prepaid SIM is in the device. This means that when you run out of load, you can easily purchase load from the same places you buy your Globe Prepaid load for your phone!

Thanks to its new postpaid plan, Globe updated their GoSURF plans:

  • GoSURF 299 – 1.5GB data for 30 days
  • (NEW!) GoSURF 599 – 4GB data for 30 days
  • (MORE DATA!) GoSURF 999 – 8GB data for 30 days

I have to ask Globe if you can replace the SIM card inside the device. In case you want to swap it for a postpaid SIM, it can be done if you are allowed to replace the prepaid SIM.

There you have it! That was the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi unboxing! Like what you see? Have any questions I can answer for the review? Let me know in the comments section below!

  1. I had this in my house last few months but I let my friend assume it because I rarely use the connection. T’was fast yeah for 2 users (me and my sister).
    But I’m more dependent to my unli mobile data now. Hehe

  2. Qwert Qwert

    Mabilis to kahit na wala kaming signal ng lte dito sa lugar namin. Lte parin ang bigay na signal. Nakakatuwa naman. ๐Ÿ™‚ Supersurf ang gamit namin load.

  3. xyyy xyyy

    na-ask nyo na po if pwdeng palitan ng sim?

    • May sticker nakalagay sa lalagyan ng SIM na “Do Not Tamper”. Kung wala yun, pwede palitan.

      • DJ DJ

        pinalitan ko sim nya dahil nawala yung sim nya na original tapos nung nag register ako nang homesurf ayaw niya pati sa app nila hayss any po ba jan???

        • Naka link sa SIM yung pwede mag homesurf at saka sa pag gamit sa app. Hindi lang pwede sa kahit anong Globe SIM…

  4. If your change the sim the warranty will be voided. If your unit is under warranty you better not to alter any of its parts. But if you don’t mind the warranty, you can change it anytime. Just remove the sim cover with the warranty sticker and replace with other globe sim card. The original unit is sim locked to globe.

    • Yes this is true. Thanks for the tip! Probably will get a SIM-only internet plan for this.

  5. jarrel jarrel

    Paano po ba pa register ng sim?

  6. Lester Lester

    Gagana ba yung free fb pag nakaregister sa GoSurf?

  7. Dencio Dencio

    parang lahat naman po ng unit na bago meron sticker na do not tamper. Pera sa sim po ba na kasama dun sa unit pwede ka mag register ng SuperSurf?

  8. Dencio Dencio

    ano nalang po mga available na unlimited?

  9. Dencio Dencio

    How sad to hear that sir. So Pwede ko na i removed yung sim from the Router and register my own promo rather that registering using the browser?

  10. I wish PLDT’s Fiber would be available everywhere already. It’s annoying that we still don’t have it even if our house is right beside commercial establishments. Grrr.

    On the plus side, this is interesting!

  11. Kat Kat

    Nahimuot ko sa sticker nga Globe haha. Anyway, basta mapul-an najud kos pldt lage, I think I’ll consider this!

  12. So does this mean they’ll discontinue the old pocket wifis from now on? And how do you access and configure the wifi settings? Is it still the same as with the Tattoo Mobile Wifi?

    • They’re not. This is more suitable for the home since the pocket wifis are mainly for on-the-go use. Settings are the same except for accessing the router portal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Good to know that Globe has this new offering. I was a Globe user before but now I switched to Smart.

  14. Will consider this one. Badly need a temporary internet source at home. Thanks for this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Oh! Nice offer from Globe. I haven’t known much about globe offerings lately since I switched to smart.

  16. Wow! I might consider having this if we will disconnect our DSL line. The internet speed is awesome! I would love to have that Jullian! Hahaha!

  17. Wew!!! Naa nako’y laing option aside sa pocket wifi nga dali lang muinit. I just hope nga paspas siya bisan asa man nimo siya ibutang, especially sa province. I will buy this after my first pay. Lol.

  18. You’re phone’s wifi or this? I might prefer the former. Hahaha!

  19. Breg Breg

    Hi! Is there a way to hide the ssid using this? I recently purchased it and got a postpaid sim. Di na sya tulad nung postpaid na tattoo wifi na gamit ko dati, cant figure out pano matago tong ssid nya. Thanks!

    • Actually, same lang yung process nya. Pareho lang kase yung menu nya sa Globe Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi.

  20. Jayr Jayr

    Hi bakit nagregister ako ng free10gb walang confirmation ang globe? Pahelp naman kakapurchased ko lng today

  21. Mark Mark

    Hi. You tried changing the sim to regular LTE postpaid sim? Gumana po ba?

  22. Sunny Sunny


    will the new (ThePlan) mobile postpaid sim work?

    • yes. But know that the warranty on the device will be void once you change the SIM on the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi.

  23. Dencio Dencio

    ok lang naman kasi 2k lang naman ang value ng wifi na ito.

  24. grace grace

    Ilang MBPS po ang Speed ng Home Wifi na ito? Hindi kasi nakaindicate, di kagaya sa Modem or Pocket Wifi nakasabi na 2MBPS or 54.0 something. Salamat po.

    • Hindi nga nakaindicate sa device pero same lang ang speed nito sa any LTE device na galing sa Globe. Up to 42 Mbps ang speed.

  25. I like to use TM sim. is it locked to Globe only sim or Globe network sims which includes Globe, TM, Abs-Cbn, Cherry?

    • I think only Globe and TM sims can be used, but you’re free to try since ABS and Cherry Mobile use the Globe network. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Thanks sa reply..Ganun ba so parang ordinary lang sya na Globe tatto mobile wifi..hirap sa signal..

    • Hindi yan sa device. Kung mahina ang signal sa lugar mo, baka walang malapit na cell tower jan.

  27. Marilou Dela cruz Marilou Dela cruz

    Ano po ang pinakamataas na mbps na kaya nitong ibigay at magkano po ito?

  28. Kurt Conrad Cablarda Kurt Conrad Cablarda

    Meron pala neto edi sana hindi na Globe pocket wifi LTE binili ko eto na sana para mas mabilis net ko sa pc ๐Ÿ™

  29. lyn lyn

    yung free 10gb eh one time lang? ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Ana_ilime Ana_ilime

    Hi! Pwede ko ba cyang gamitin or dalhin sa ibang lugar? Like pag nagbakasyon ako? I know need lang nakasaksak sa wall outlet. Thanks!

      • Lian Lian

        Thanks for the info! Got my new Home Prepaid Wi-fi box but cannot register to FREE10GB. I tried as in a lot of times. Do I need to put a load first before registering and before it gets activated?

  31. Already tested the device and the speed is pretty impressive. And yes, we can even register for the old Supersurf promo on the Globe Prepaid Home Wifi. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Really? Hehe. I don’t like the Supersurf promo though because it might interfere with other things.

  32. Rizalyn Rizalyn

    Wala namang Free10gb,registered many times still no confirmation.so dis appointed,i had to return it to the store.

    • There is. Sorry you had to return it but it only arrives around 24 hours after you turned on the device.

  33. Jhaycee Jhaycee

    sir may antenna port po ba yan?.. mababa ksi yung lugar ng bahay nmin.

  34. Nkhl Nkhl

    Bought this unit, was able to redeem and FREE10GB, used it for about 2hrs and speed was impressive, kaso bigla nalang di makaconnect, nagblink nalang red ang modem, checked it and no network services na sya. Any idea how to fix this?

    • Have you tried resetting the router? Baka slight glitch lang. Kung hindi, ibalik mo sa Globe para i-explain yung problem mo.

      • Nkhl Nkhl

        Tried resetting the router several times, same output, blinking red light parin. Out of dismay, I took the sim out thinking baka simcard problem, pero 4G signal sa phone ng sircard nung nilipat ko. Gumamit akong ibng sim sa router, no luck at all.

        • Baka may problem sa unit mismo. Try going to Globe and see if you can get it replaced. I hope you don’t end up like me. ๐Ÿ™

          • Nkhl Nkhl

            I’m thinking of a fried antenna sa unit ko. Hope they will repair my unit, sayang pinambili ?. What happened with your unit ba?

          • It’s not my unit that has the problem. It’s the adapter. VERY ANNOYING TBH.

          • Nkhl Nkhl

            Will ask for aassistance from globe store na siguro. Maayos ba policy ng globe when it comes to this scenario? Repplace kaya? What happened ba sa unit nyo?

          • Even though the adapter I had was broken, they only checked it and they didn’t do ANYTHING. :/

          • Nkhl Nkhl

            Visited globe store yesterday, and was able to receive a replacement unit. Router is working fine now. Busted talaga unang nabili ko! Kaso, FREE10GB, wala, di ko maredeem, selected users promo daw ?

          • Just wait lang. Aku din I had to wait for 24 hours just to get the promo.

  35. Globve User Globve User

    May brand po ba yung router to check lang yung specs sa net???

    • Nkhl Nkhl

      Based from the unit box and receipt from globe store, Youwin R01 wifi modem ang gamit na hardware

  36. Kim Kim

    Bakit ganon walang confirmation yung free10gb? ?
    Ang reply lang available lang daw yon for selected customers, I thought there was a free 10GB wala naman pala.???

    • Huh? Meron sa lahat ng Prepaid Home WiFi nila. Just check FREE10GB STATUS to 8080. Baka wala lang confirmation message.

    • Nkhl Nkhl

      Same problem

  37. Jules Jules

    yah 8080 is not confirming the free10gb.

    • Go to any Globe store or go to Twitter and rant about their inconsistencies. And try again. Weird talaga yung system nila.

  38. Tungsten11 Tungsten11

    same here.. purchased the product from globe store and tried to redeem ung free10gb but still no luck. i even called customer service and they have admitted na madami daw ngkaka ganun. you can also try free5gb instead.. kung ayaw ng 10gb

  39. inhin_yero inhin_yero

    Hi Jullian, were you able to try if you can lock it’s network setting to 3G only? This is under “network mode” or “connection mode” settings. I know this will lower the speed. Just curious.

    • I think you can since you can also set it to 4G only. I don’t use it since I want the fast speed.

      • inhin_yero inhin_yero

        Thanks Jullian. I was at the store a while ago but they cannot answer my query. So this is just like the pocket wifi wherein you can lock it to 3G or LTE?

  40. bong972 bong972

    if you change the Home Wifi Sim with a Postpaid SIM, do you need to change any of the settings to make it work? or will it work automatically without the need to change anything?

  41. Maru Maru

    Hi, can you confirm if it is 700mhz capable?

  42. Jeth Jeth

    Pano ireset yung router?’ Ayaw gumana nung admin na username at password eh…

  43. cha cha

    hellow po, mas mabilis po ba talaga siya kesa sa 4g pocket wifi na 888,

  44. cha cha

    hellow po maw mabilis po ba talaga siya kesa sa 4g pocket wifi na 888.

  45. cha cha

    ah ok po thank u ?

  46. Era Era

    After visiting the nearest Globe store and talking to its staff, I ended up going home with a Globe Prepaid Home WiFi instead.

  47. anung sim ang pde na ipalit sa home bradband.. globe lng ba tlga… hmd pde tm

  48. Mariejene Mariejene

    Hi! Paano po kung upland ang pagkkunan globe dto smin at d p rn lte. And as i know 2mbps ang speed ng tower nmin dto. Kaya ba un? Kapag bumili q nyan item na yan?

  49. Lester Lester

    Pwedi po ba to palitan ng TM LTE SIM?

  50. Julie Julie

    Pano po reset GUI ng GLobe Lte home broadband…

  51. Justin Justin

    Kabibili ko lang ng Home WIFI ko sa Globe kanina at hindi ko parin maregister yung FREE10GB na yan. Ilang hours na. Hopefully, bukas ng umaga makapagregister na ko since malayo yung pinagbilan ko neto at isa yung FREE10GB sa binayaran ko talaga. sad.

  52. Marc Marc

    As I don’t speak Tagalog, maybe the question was asked already ?
    Anyway, I lives now in Romblon, Romblon, and we have only wifi 3G, and the connection is so slow with my Globe Tattoo Pocket wifi
    Does this Home Globe Tattoo works with 3G and does it will improve my connection here in Romblon ?
    Thank you for your answer and help

    • If you only have 3G then expect it to have the same performance since you don’t have LTE in your area. The Prepaid Home WiFi works better with LTE.

  53. Mark Manimtim Mark Manimtim

    bakit ayaw gumana sa akin? naka ilang subok na ako ng FREE10GB pero ayaw pa din talaga di daw available, available lang daw sa mga selected customers tangina

      • Mavic Mavic

        What about kapag naka register naman kaso wala parin internet?

        • Baka need lang ng restart. Kung wala pa rin, contact Globe about that. Mas madali mag asikaso kung tumawag ka ng 211 ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Melvin Melvin

    My data capping din po kaya ito ?

  55. aj aj

    nakalimutan ko yong usernme & passwrd.
    may paraan pa ba! pra mka Login..??

  56. Johnsann Johnsann

    Siguro naman sir may 5ghz band eto? Bumili kc aq pocket wifi ng globe 1499 youwin din ang tatak sa likod kaso 2.4 ghz bandwidth pala di ko tuloy mailayo sa iphone6 ko kc mapuputol wifi connection beyond 3 meters. Late na noong nalaman q 5ghz antena pala gamit ng phone q

  57. reynante surbida reynante surbida

    ano size ng sim nyan? nano, micro o yung normal? pede ba gamitin yung sa hwawei tatoo @home globe lte sim ilipat dyan kung sakaling gusto ko ng net outside home. .

  58. Rich168 Rich168

    Can you use the Home Wifi SIM card in your phone or pocket wifi??

        • Mark Mark


          How to use the sim to pocket wifi.. ano po setting? thanks

          • Since regular SIM lang ang kaya ng mga pocket wifi, make sure to have the tri-cut SIM case before inserting the SIM.

  59. Martin Martin

    Clarify ko lang.
    I understand from your testing na yung ibang globe sims will work with this device, how about the home wifi prepaid sim nito gumana ba sa ibang device(smartphone/pocket wifi etc).

    Considering yung sim card nito lang ang pede gumamit nung homewifi promos and be registered sa app, baka kasi may iba pang lock or authentication na ginawa si globe sa sim.

    Useful kasi yung homewifi promo and if on the go ililipat ko sa existing pocket wifi ko.
    I tried said promos sa regular sim via SMS pero ayaw.

  60. Froilan Froilan

    May kabitan ba siya ng antenna?

  61. Mavic Mavic

    Bakit hindi nagana ang internet even I tried to registered the free 10GB.

    • Please contact Globe about that. Usually dapat ka maghintay ng up to 24 hours after nag power on ka sa prepaid home wifi device.

  62. Jomi Jomi

    Hello tanung ko lang po kung pede kunin ang sim at isaksak sa ibang device sim lang po kase habol ko dahil sa homesurf15 na 1gb for 15 pesos which is cheaper compared to gosurf at yung expiration nya kaya papatong sa ibang promo

    Ang databalance po ba ng homesurf nadadagdag din pag ng gosurf status or separate sila ng pagcheck ng status

    Kasi kung nadadagdag yung data ng homesurf sa gosurf baka pwedeng iextend gamit ng Gotscombogbbff108 para maging one month

    Parang sa gosurf50 na yung data ay nadadadagdag sa gosakto promos

    Sorry if mahaba at daming tanong ?

    • Batchie Batchie

      Same question. Sana may makapag try. Hehehe

    • anonymous anonymous

      Hiwalay ang data balance ng homesurf at gosurf. Natry ko mag Gotscombogbbff108 + gosurf50 + homesurf15. Sa homesurf balance na-add yng 1gb (homesurf15) ๐Ÿ™

  63. Jomi Jomi

    Pano kaya to iturn off sir wala sinabi sa manuals safe kaya na hatak lang plug?

      • Neddy Neddy

        Hi sir nakaka Connect ba dito ang desktop?

  64. An An

    Hi, I’m confused with the load promo. I registered to Gosurf 50 to add the HOMESURF 15. Then after I consumed the data of gosurf I can’t browse the net na. Then I check the status of my homesurf, wala nmn nabawas but I can’t use it. I called Globe befor this happened ang sabi maaadd anh data ni gosurf sa data ni homesurf,seems it didn’t add up. how can I use the homesurf data? ???

      • jp jp

        sir may 2 port po ng anthenna ano kayang anthenna pede ilagay?

  65. nike nike

    may slot po b ito para sa outdoor antenna.. bakit kasi ung harap lng ang pinicturan. ung likod ung mahalaga dahil ng makita ko kung anu anu ang pwde isaksak dyan. pls reply asap

  66. Joel Joel

    Pwede ba gamitin yung sim ng globe home prepaid wwifi sa phone?

  67. khen khen

    sir . tanong ko lang kc 3g lang samin tpos ung pocketwifi n youwin gamit ko, yung signal nya hindi stable minsan 1 or 2,3bar lang .. tanong ko lang if kapag yan gamitin namin stable ba 3g namin like other than pocketwifi n hndi stable ? kc savi 50% stroger eh .. hindi ko alam if ung 50% n un eh ung signal.mg WIFI papuntang cp OR 50% STRONGER PARA SA SIGNAL NG GLOBE

    • Signal ng WiFi ang stronger po. Baka hindi mag work kung mahina ang signal ng Globe sa lugar ninyo.

  68. Shiela Rebusquillo Rebancos Shiela Rebusquillo Rebancos

    Tanong q lng po ginamit q kz s cp q ung simcard s prepaid home wifi tpos nung binalik q n hndi n gumagana ung simcard tiningnan q s ung setting nia abaent simcard bkt po ganun?

  69. Lhian Lhian

    may option po ba na pede syang gamitin as wifi extender katulad ng pocket wifi nila?

      • Lhian Lhian

        ah ok thanks.. need ko din kasi ng wifi extender eh eto na lang bibilhin ko para 2 in 1 na

  70. Raquel Raquel

    Hi! I’d like to ask how to remove the SIM Card from the modem? I can’t remove it no matter how I tried, can you tell me the proper way of removing the SIM cover? I need to remove it because I purchased globe prepaid reload card and it requires to dial *143# to proceed on loading the sim, the problem is the dashboard doesn’t have a feature wherein you can dial a number directly and my bad for not thinking before buying the reload card ๐Ÿ™ I’d appreciate the effort if you could be of any help ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thereโ€™s a SIM tray at the bottom. I think you can open it. Thereโ€™s a newer model of the Prepaid Home WiFi so I donโ€™t know if you can open that one.

  71. JV Abellar JV Abellar

    i changed the sim card to another prepaid lte sim card. i am still using it for the free fb, viber and 50mb. will i still be able to subscribe to the homesurf 599 prepaid plan?

    • I think you canโ€™t since the SIM is paired up with the Home WiFi. But I havenโ€™t tried that yet though.

  72. jephoi23 jephoi23

    hello sir.. kakabili ko lng po ng device.. try ko sana mag supersurf999 after ko maubos ung 10gb.. pwede po kaya ang supersurf999 dto? thanks in advance


        discourage? kasi alam nila na unlimited browsing ang supersurf kaya it discourage you to slower ur browsing speed…hahaha alams na

  73. Khrystian Khrystian

    Kaya ba nitong maka connect kahit na 3g lang ang signal ng area namin?

      • Dennis Dennis

        pano po pag expired na yung sim na kasama ng prepaid wifi


          makakatanggap pa ba rin tayu ng love letter from GLOBE SAYING Hello! We noticed that your data usage today has been really high. We’re now reducing your browsing speed to maintain quality service for all Globe users. Please be guided by our acceptable terms on fair use for browsing promos, which you can read about at surf.globe.com.ph/fup. To browse at normal speeds, you can unsubscribe from your current promo by texting STOP to 8080. Regular browsing rates will apply. Try GoSURF50 for 1GB of surfing + freebie. Send GS50 to 8080…. if hindi na, bibili na ako nito


    discourage? kasi alam nila na unlimited browsing ang supersurf kaya it discourage you to slower ur browsing speed…hahaha alams na

  75. jonathan siason jonathan siason

    ask lang. anong brand at model?gusto ko kc malaman what supported nyang frequency.like 700 mhz

  76. Mark Mark


    Modem (Model: RO1 (Youwin Brand)) only performs well during the first few weeks or months. This issue is very common among owners/purchasers of the said brand/model of the modem.

    After that, the mother board will fail. This is indicated by a red light (instead of blue) in the “e” icon/indicator.

    There is a 1 year warranty, but you will have to secure a warranty certificate/letter from a Globe Representative first (at their official Globe Stores located in malls). Then after securing the letter/certificate from Globe, you will have to present the said letter/certificate to an IntoGadget store/branch and surrender your modem for repair or replacement.

    The said repair/replacement process will take 2-3 weeks for all other IntoGadgets store. 1 week if you will surrender it at their Trinoma Branch.

    Be warned.

    P.S. I am disappointed at Globe for not having an integrated procedure as to the repair/replacement of the modem. Outsourcing the after sales/service to IntoGadget is not the issue. The ISSUE here is, Globe should have received the items returned by their customers for repair/replacement, INSTEAD of instructing their customers to go to InfoGadget themselves. This is a waste of time and indicates laziness, and poor customer service on the part of Globe.

  77. DK DK

    Hi guys,

    Just want to share to what I have done /experience with my Globe at Home Prepaid… The router they issued was a Huawei B310As-938. Unit was bought in Boracay. Not available in Tablas, Romblon. I bought “at Home prepaid” package to find out if it will work where I stay most of the time. If the prepaid will work, I assume a postpaid will work also…

    1. The sim won’t work if used in another router or pocket wifi. Have tried it on a Huawei openline router and pocket wifi. I think there are some changes on the settings to be made on the router, APN maybe to make it will work. Have tried changing apn using โ€œathome.globe.com.phโ€, based on some other articles I have read. It shows has “internet connection” but does not really transmit or receive.

    2. If you use globe at home unit in a location (Boracay) where there is “real” LTE signal not HSPA+, the speed is really good, up to 30MBPS DL during non-peak, peak hours could go down as low as 2MBPS. However, in a location (Ferrol, Tablas, Romblon) where there is only HSPA+, speed is only up to 3-4MBPS. But still manager still says itโ€™s โ€œLTEโ€. In the pocket wife only “3G”.

    3. In Tablas, Romblon, I have used a regular globe tattoo prepaid sim on the router, and I set my router to use only HSPA, and the router management indicates DC-HSPA+, and the speed is at 7MBPS. (You can google what is DC-HSPA+ vs LTE). Using the Globe at Home Prepaid sim with the only HSPA settings, it will not connect the connection will be โ€œUMTSโ€ and โ€œCannot connect, Profile usedโ€ฆโ€

    To summarize:
    Using the globe at home with not โ€œrealโ€ LTE will only have give a low DL/UL speed. But advantage is no daily cap of 800 mbps or 1gb per day. This is good if you are normally DL/UL huge files in a day. Just have to monitor your load, which is not really hard with the App.

    I normally use it for work, and sometimes watching Netflix, etcโ€ฆ , so far, quality is good, and no buffering. Most of the time itโ€™s only 2 computers, 2 phones, tablet, and a tvbox connected, but not used at the same time.

    It would really depend on the requirements of the user if Globe at Home Prepaid is the right product for them.

    Hope this help specially those people who are at the provinces….

  78. Kelly Brown Kelly Brown

    Here is an update as of today Monday Aug 27th. I took this unit to another Globe at home post-paid computer on Saturday 25 August. I could duplicate exactly the same issues there. It fails on these sites:

    AMPLIFYING INFO If you disconnect the yellow Ethernet cable and use a smart phone connected to this unit then you still cannot can use the sites above. There is a problem with the Globe at home prepaid unit. It works fine for email and SOME secure sites but the sites above all time out during TLS handshake.
    Usually you see SSL Errors and it will tell you that the server is too busy and 2 other excuses.

    Unit LTE number 09661254151
    S/N 7CP7S18404007564
    IMEI 8644340317633774
    Full 3 bars of signal strength

    I went back to GLOBE this afternoon 27 Aug and sat with Neito at counter 4 for at least 90 minutes maybe more. The symptoms described above were repeatable on ALL prepaid units right out of the box. Globe has a substandard product in the market place that either needs recalled or an immediate update / patch issued to rectify this problem. In 14 days I will take this issue to DTI. Letโ€™s hope there is a FIX real soon.

    One final note….. the sites listed above can be reached no problem via the TATTOO Pocket WiFi.

  79. Kelly Brown Kelly Brown

    These units right out of the box will not connect to some TLS handshake required websites involving security certificates . You will get SSL time outs. Globe is aware of the issue. Globe customer service was able to duplicate the problem on units right out of the box 27 Aug 2018.
    I also emailed Huawei 28 Aug 2018 about the same issue with the B301As-938 units being sold by Globe.

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